What To Wear To The Club: Current Looks, Selection Of Accessories

The night is the best time to reboot and relax from the day’s worries. Clubs of various themes and orientations allow you to find the perfect place for yourself to demonstrate your taste and individuality. The primary task is to choose the right outfit. Club clothes for girls are very different from everyday dresses and suits. It should be not only bright and bold but also comfortable. Before going to a cafe, concert, karaoke or rock party, you must decide what to wear to the club and how to choose clothes.

Some Rules To Follow

If you are an infrequent guest of nightlife, but you will soon be a trip to the club, follow these simple recommendations and feel at your best:

  • Choose light materials to feel free and relaxed. Thick garments with long sleeves are not the best idea for the evening;
  • If you want to stand out, do not dress in dark colors. Pay attention to yourself with bright and catchy clothes, attractive ornaments, rhinestones, and sequins. But your look should not look too variegated;
  • Pay attention to the selection of accessories. A woman’s image can be refreshed with the help of unconventional jewelry.

When looking at yourself in the mirror before going out, try to assess the overall impression: you should not look frivolous. You should not wear flashy clothes only when you want to have a one-night stand.

How To Dress For Club

Before you get dressed in a club, you need to consider that there may be a dress code to pass. It varies depending on the institution and the event: a solid restaurant or a small cafe, a youth party or a poetry night. You can dress softly and modestly, passionately and playfully. Guided by personal taste and mood, pay attention to jewelry, hair and makeup. Everything must be harmonious and go together.


Strongly exposing the body is not the best option for a girl’s outfit. It is much better if the clothes reveal only one part of it and show all the advantages of the figure. Here are some useful tips:

  • If you have a beautiful chest and somewhat full arms, choose clothes with long sleeves and a spectacular neckline;
  • With a small chest but a beautiful posture, look stylish cocktail dress with an open back.

If you want to wear a short club dress, it is better to choose a product with a closed top.

Appropriate colors for the club

Going to the club, you can choose clothes in any shade. But we recommend you pay attention to white and black colors. White will certainly attract attention to your figure, as it looks very effective in neon light. However, it should not be chosen by girls in the body, as it will make you look fat. In light shades should be only fashionable garments, not shapeless, baggy things.

As for the black color, on the contrary, it slims the figure. However, with a black dress, you are unlikely to stand out in a gloomy atmosphere of a nightclub. But you can successfully combine it with jewelry or choose a model with sequins.

Clubwear fabrics and prints

Pay attention to the texture of the fabric:

  • Products made of large knits are very plump. In addition, they will be hot;
  • The flowing fabrics will best fit into the nightlife. It will not be superfluous to complement them with sequins and sequins;
  • Leather and lace things are a good effect option.

As for prints, the fashion changes almost every year. In no case do not buy clothes for the club with a large pattern, for example, plaid or stripes. Animalistic and floral prints do not lose their relevance. The brighter the pattern you choose, the simpler the style should be.

Decorations for the club

Accessories are an important part of the image. They should complement it, shine and shimmer. Give preference to the jewelry that will shine in the light of the club spotlights. But do not need to hang yourself with them – two or three accessories are more than enough.

Club shoes

If you watch the photos of girls in the club, you notice that most of them are wearing heels. The most successful and attractive fashionable shoes slim a woman’s figure. Take into account your physique so that the shoes do not spoil the silhouette:

  • Full girls should opt for a stable heel, as stilettos will emphasize a massive top;
  • Tall, slender ladies should not wear a heel of more than eight centimeters.

If you like to dance to music, you can combine the image with sneakers or model shoes with stable heels.


Modern designers have developed a great variety of women’s handbags you can take to the party. The best is a clutch bag, which will fit the phone, mirror, and lipstick. Clutches on chains or thin straps are trendy.

How To Do Club Makeup

Having decided on the clothes, it’s time to move on to the right makeup. Here you can let loose and make it very expressive and bright. Choose a shadow with glitter, powder with glitter particles and highlighter. The color of your lipstick should match your club outfit.

Remember that it is not necessary to paint everything brightly – the eyes, lips and cheeks. It is enough to emphasize only the eyes with a saturated makeup, complemented by a muted shade of lipstick.

Hair For The Club

Going to an evening event is not without a stylish hairstyle. Your hair should complete the image, but it should not be very complicated. It is best to leave the hair loose or arrange it and twist a little. In recent years, the fashion trend has been considered a slight sloppiness of the hair. You can also make a ponytail or braid.

Perfume For The Club

Don’t think that choosing the right fragrance is an easy task. Perfume will emphasize your whole image, attract the attention of others, and show that you take care of yourself carefully.

In a hot club atmosphere, too rich scents can seem sentimental, so it is better to prefer fresh and light perfumes. Floral and citrus fragrances will go well with the image of a young girl or a grown-up lady. Do not forget the rules of applying perfume: splash a great fragrance composition on the wrists, neck and bends of the elbows, and you can put a little perfume on the hair. If you go out to a club or bar with a man, he will feel a pleasant fragrance while dancing.

Plus Size Looks For A Club

Before choosing an outfit, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your figure: what area would you like to emphasize or hide? Club clothes should not interfere with free movement, constrain you or make you feel uncomfortable. With a stable heel and a stylish handbag, dresses with sequins and rhinestones will look good. This is truly an evening option.

Do not choose “baggy” clothes, which will further emphasize your fullness. Highlight the silhouette and proportionality of your figure, even if your waist is not 60 centimeters in volume. Elements of white on clothing will look favorably in neon lights. However, a purely white outfit will only make you look larger.

Choose a skirt that tapers to the bottom. The length should be slightly below your knee. A good solution would be to choose a top with a deep neckline. Complete the image with massive jewelry – earrings and bracelets.

What To Wear To A Club Plus Size

If you are far from 18, but life is full of bright moments and the soul demands entertainment, you are probably interested in options images in a nightclub. The standard and always successful solution is a smart dress in black, which will hide your knees and probably can be found in every closet.

Couldn’t find the perfect dress? No problem! You can go to the club in pants or a skirt. The skirt should also be medium length, on top you can try on a blouse or T-shirt. The pants should be different from the ones you wear to work. You can dilute a simple image with accessories – bracelets, earrings, rings and chains. You can accentuate the modest bottom with a spectacular neckline.

Examples Of Beautiful Outfits For The Club

For a friend’s birthday party, it’s best to wear something that won’t overpower the birthday boy’s outfit. This can include tight jeans, a blouse with sequins, or a monochrome evening dress. If going to the club on the occasion of the weekend, you can try on something more elegant. For example, a shiny outfit that will shimmer in the neon light. And if the party will be themed, you can even work on creating a costume. You can also wear a leather skirt: combined with a T-shirt, blouse or shirt, it’s a win-win.

We have tried to tell you how to dress for a party and look spectacular. Stick to the general recommendations you read in the article, but be guided by your taste. And remember that even the banalest image can bring a twist!

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