How To Wear Red Ballet Flats

Ballerina flats are comfortable, practical shoes that can be worn every day. They are suitable for long walks, visiting universities and courses. It is especially convenient to wear ballet flats at work, where you have to walk or stand a lot. However, red ballet shoes are not combined with all clothes. Today we will talk about correctly picking up outfits under this shoe.

Jeans, Skirt Or Pants?

Let’s determine which “bottom” will perfectly harmonize with the ballet shoes.

  1. Lacquered ballet flats are great under classic pants. It is best to choose black or white bottom colour. Especially well with dark pants will be combined with ballet flats made of suede fabric.
  2. Under jeans, this kind of shoe is perfect. It is better to choose skinny models that emphasize the figure. Flared jeans are not the best option for red ballet shoes. The colour scheme is blue, white or black jeans. It would be best if you did not buy bottoms in red, green or yellow shades.
  3. There are also certain nuances with the skirt. Choose models of medium length in white colour. The skirt should be made of light fabric. Short versions will not suit ballet flats. You can wear a denim skirt of the same medium length. Poorly combined with red ballet flats are classic, skinny models.
  4. The only unfortunate option for red ballet shoes is sports pants. They look tasteless with elegant shoes.

Choosing The Right Top

  • For the summer season, you can wear stylish T-shirts. In colour, they should harmonize with the shoes. It is better to choose white, blue, yellow or black T-shirts. Models with sequins and jewelry will be suitable.
  • T-shirts, especially sporty ones, do not go well under red ballet shoes. If you make an exception, then only for elegant, skinny models.
  • The shirt is perfectly combined with this kind of shoe. It can be worn with lacquered ballet shoes to work or a business meeting. Preferably, the shirt should be of light shades. Against it, you can wear a red tie. You will get a stylish, business-like image.
  • Delicate blouses are a good solution for red ballerina flats. Only they should be with medium or short sleeves. You can choose a black or beige blouse.
  • Short tops are an unfortunate option, even for a summer look. They will not go well with red ballet flats. Try to choose a more closed version of the top for a walk or a date.

Dress Or Sundress?

A light sundress for summer walks will be ideal under red patent ballet flats. If the shoes are not monochrome and have a pattern or ornament, try to choose an outfit with a similar image. Choose a sundress of medium length, even if it reaches the knees a little. This is especially true for girls with a low height. Without a heel, too-open legs will be disharmoniously combined with the shoes.

It is better to choose gentle, pastel shades of sundresses. Avoid green, blue and pink colours. A monochrome red sundress is a good solution for such shoes. The fabric should be light and airy.

Not all dresses will go with red ballet flats. Too flashy and expensive outfit will not suit them. And a light evening dress without extra fittings is quite a worthy combination.
You can wear a long floor-length dress, but so that the red ballet flats are slightly visible. Avoid short models, which are not suitable for such shoes at all.

Choice Of Accessories

  • Glasses. You can choose elegant sunglasses. Avoid models with too large frames. The colours are white, black, beige and red variants. Plastic, not metal frames, will look ideal.
  • Jewelry. You should not wear too many accessories. It is best to choose one bracelet or earring for a perfect image. Under the red ballet, shoes do not suit too expensive jewelry made of gold and stones. Choose simpler versions which will emphasize a casual image. Try to have jewelry in a neutral, metallic colour.
  • Handbag. Sports backpacks and massive bags are a terrible combination of red ballet shoes. It is better to take a small handbag on a thin chain. A clutch for a successful image will also be suitable. Only it should not be decorated with a large number of accessories. If the shoes are lacquered, try to choose the same accessory. Red suede ballet shoes are quite a suitable handbag made of similar material. Choose models of red, black, beige or white colour. It is best to take a monochrome handbag without any inserts.
  • Belt. For a summer sundress, jeans or dress, it will be appropriate to wear a belt. It should be thin and monochrome. It is desirable to avoid a large number of ornaments in the belt. It should look neutral, not “argue” with the shoes and only emphasize the figure.
  • Makeup. To complete the perfect look, you need to choose a successful makeup. Forget about all the dark shades. Makeup should be casual and natural. Under such ballet is erroneous to choose pink, brown and red shadows.

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