What To Wear Polka Dot Dress With

If you want to feel extraordinary every day and be modern and elegant simultaneously, dot dresses are a perfect choice that will adorn almost any image. Polka dots will reign among other prints this summer. We saw it on the runways in the shows of Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera, and not only. I’ll show you an example of what to wear in a polka dot dress in 2022 in different styles.

What to wear a polka dot dress in 2022 – image ideas

The polka dot dress is a piece that is easy to wear but allows you to look very glamorous. This romantic pattern has been in vogue for years and is adored by women worldwide.

A white airy dress with black polka dots is a timeless classic

The polka dot dress can be worn on almost all occasions. In everyday combinations as well as for evening outings. Retro pieces have a special place in the lines of all brands so polka dots will be an even bigger hit this year. You can choose a polka dot dress in silk and satin, which will be perfect for evening outings.

Midi model in beautiful purple is a 2022 fashion trend.

It is better to choose simple, natural materials for everyday combinations – cotton, viscose, or poplin. In a dress made of cotton, you will feel comfortable but also very well-groomed.

In a dress made of cotton, you will feel comfortable but also very well-groomed.

Chiffon with deep neckline – very feminine and beautiful.

About the cut, there are models of oversize, which will be ideal for pregnant women and all women who like clothes a little wider. But some models repeat the body line for the followers of a more elegant cut. You can’t go wrong whatever you choose, because this dress can always be worn.

Bright blue sundress with thin straps in white polka dots – stylish and feminine.
An airy dress in a brown pea
Green is the 2022 fashion color.
Classic combination – black and white.
Midi length, polka-dot, and slip dresses are always elegant and stylish.

White Polka Dot Dress

The secret of a good fashion item usually lies in its simplicity. Therefore, a white dress decorated with playful dots and a decent ruffle is quite striking and, on the other hand, is suitable for different occasions, from casual to festive.

White dress.

The neutral combination of white backgrounds and black dots leaves plenty of room to play with the colors of fashion accessories, so pastel or bright shades of shoes, handbags, or jewelry will complete the look.

The fluffy flared dress is a style that remains in fashion.
Sleeve model for cooler days.
Plissed and asymmetrical – for special occasions.
With tiers and ruffles – for lovers of lush models.
Crotch and fringe are two fashion trends.

Black Polka Dot Dress

Because of its versatility, the black polka dot dress can be worn in any situation and any combination. It has found a place in thousands of closets around the world. For polka dots to stand out properly, without overloading the image, accentuate the accessories: bags, shoes, jackets, jewelry, hats, and scarves, which should complete the picture but not distract attention from the dress.

There are a thousand options for one dress! Combine a polka dot dress with a wedge heel and a woven bag, perfect for lounging and beach vacations.

Wear it with black, gold, or red sandals at noon and when it’s nighttime. Red and fuchsia are perfect with the print, plus a chain bag and a leather jacket in case it gets chilly.

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Red Polka Dot Dress

The main rule is to match the color of the accessories with the polka dot color to create uniformity without distracting the dress. Please do not overdo it with the accessories: there should be a maximum of three, not counting the bag and shoes. The shoes should preferably be simple and without jewelry. In addition to red, you can add a third color – yellow, which is fashionable and perfectly combined with black and white.

The red dress with white polka dots can be accessorized with mustard, purple or black.

Blue Polka Dots Dress

The most popular color combination is navy blue and white. For a casual look, wear a polka dot dress with white sneakers. You need to wear heels for a night out, and you’ll be ready. The sky blue models are a classic summer option that can be worn with sandals, wedges, or sneakers.

Green Polka Dots Dress

Green is perfect for spring and summer. If you’re going for simplicity and retro style, complement it with a burlap bag, espadrilles, or mid-heeled sandals.

If you’re betting on simplicity and retro style, complement it with a jute bag, espadrilles, or mid-heeled sandals.

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Brown Polka Dots Dress

It’s reminiscent of a dress from the retro era, the kind worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Wear it with white sneakers or heeled sandals. Either way, you’re sure to pull off a look with it – it’s easy.

Pink Polka Dots Dress

If you are a brunette and like to go beyond the ordinary, the pink colors will suit you perfectly. For blondes, light pink and dusty pink are perfect.

Beige Polka Dots Dress

The dress in beige and brown tones seems to be the most elegant option. It is suitable for weekdays and special days, such as weddings. With the appropriate accessories, such as a hat and shoes in the same color, you can assemble a fashionable image in a retro style.

Beige Polka Dots Dress

The Yellow itself is bright and eye-catching. It suits both brunettes and blondes. Accessories in gold and white, jute, and crochet look good with a yellow polka dot dress.

In Small Peas

Concerning prints, we must consider our height and body type to choose the right “polka dot” size. Large images can “eat you up” visually, taking up your entire figure, giving the impression that the print “hid” you rather than the opposite – emphasized. Small polka dots will add sophistication and fragility to your figure.

Large Polka Dots Dress

The size of the polka dots depends on what you want to end up with. Too large peas will make your figure look more puffy and voluminous. Be aware of your body type and the areas you like to highlight or hide.

Long And Midi Polka Dots Dress

Mini models have fallen into oblivion. They have been replaced by below-the-knee and intermediate maxi and midi models – ankle-length dresses. This is the perfect fashion model for warmer days. They guarantee comfort and, at the same time, a chic look.

Short Polka Dots Dress

The short polka dot dress is perfect for hot days. It can be worn with heeled sandals or ballerinas with no problem, and it works equally well with the now-unfamiliar pairing of sneakers, whether the simple white models or the voluminous ones are still at the peak of popularity.

Dress With A Polka Dot Smell

Patterned dresses help hide the tummy. The cut is similar to a robe, and it is very comfortable. These models usually have a V-shaped neckline, which emphasizes the neck and cleavage.

Strap Dresses</H2

Thin strappy dresses look very delicate and feminine. Polka dots print only complements this model and make it even more beautiful.

For Plus Size

The polka dot dress for full women should have a V-neckline. This will advantageously emphasize the silhouette and elongate the neck. Models with round necklines are suitable for women with no round faces. If you want to look modern and feminine, wear the dress with platform sandals or a small graceful heel. Combine a polka dot dress with plain accessories, whether shoes, espadrilles, sandals, belts, or bags.

For Women 50+

Many stylists believe that polka-dots make a younger look, which is why mature women love them. Polka dots exude style and charm; if you know how to wear them, you can create a chic and sophisticated look.

Shoes And Accessories That Go With Polka Dot Dress

Patterns with polka dot dress for your inspiration.

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