What To Wear On A First Date

Most often men develop a certain attitude toward a woman following the first date. And first of all due to the clothes she is wearing. When preparing for your first date, it is important to think about every detail of your closet so that you make a positive impression on the guy.

First Date

It is not for nothing that a girl worries that she may lose her future with the man of her dreams because of a small thing. Guys can seem inattentive to us – they will easily forget what the future wife was wearing on the first date. But if a woman wore something wrong – they will definitely notice it and will always remember! It is not as if a serious man is more relevant to the content than the shell. Then, yes (although not yet), but on the first date the most relevant and decisive factor for any man is the appearance.

Dress for a first date

And the look is made up of details. The way you picked up different things, shoes and accessories in a single style. In addition, whether you came up with a twist in the look, shows your taste. It is extremely critical for guys to make sure that the girl looks neat. Additionally, clothing should conceal flaws and accentuate advantages. A man will get an idea of your character according to your clothes – if you are humble, provocative, cheerful, sad, romantic, aggressive, gentle, etc. So, what to wear on a first date?

What Kind Of Clothes Men Like

Men are different, and they have different tastes. But there are basic things that most guys like. They like feminine clothes, which subconsciously carries a message of warmth and joy. The trends for this season are always dresses, skirts, simple T-shirts in light colors, blouses, lace, tight jeans, not too high heels, coats. Simple clothes “they haveout frills” and harmony of things they have each other as if telling the guy that they have this girl will be easy and pleasant.

First Date

First date outfit

What Kind Of Clothes Men Don’t Like

I do not like eclectic or modern fusion styles. So, shorts with a sports jacket and heels do not make a single picture for a man. They do not give him an image of a girl, because they talk simultaneously about the beach, and sports, and solemnity. Guys do not like pretentiousness, artificiality and excessive dressiness. By the way, both in clothing, makeup and accessories. Even if you wear a very fancy jewelry, you will match the clothes. However, there will be a lot of them, so in terms of men it will look vulgar. Bright wide headbands, giant bags, small dogs under the armpit, gum, a fur collar indoors – all this will not set you up for a serious relationship. No matter what fashion dictates, men do not appreciate too high heels, platforms, or stilettos, especially if they cause a woman to fall.

This outfit is less suitable for a first date.

Matching The Closet To The Date

Ask the man where he will take you. Or at least let him give you a hint. Because when choosing clothes, you need to consider the specific surroundings – a cafe, restaurant, dance club, theater or park. Evening gown is suitable for the restaurant, but will be out of place in a cafe, where it is better to wear a casual dress or skirt. Ripped wide jeans will not accentuate your femininity. You should match your shoes with your clothes, combining styles and colors.

First date outfit

Outfit for the walk

For a walk it is better not to wear high-heeled shoes, but to choose ballet shoes or, in cold seasons, stable shoes. Choose clothing in which you will feel at ease for a walk. In this case, at ease does not mean cute and feminine. For example, a coat looks better than a jacket, and it is very at ease. Dress warmly in the winter – will you look attractive shivering in the cold? If after a walk you go to a cafe, jeans with a warm sweater will also be appropriate, but certainly a beautiful one! Such an image can be decorated with beads of the right colour, style and size.

First date outfit

Jeans with a shirt for a first date

You should not dress too simply during the summer, whether inside or outside. And do not think that the scorching heat excuses you. Man subconsciously perceives a woman clad too candidly, as a girl of easy virtue. Especially on the first date, because the first impression is formed. That is, it is better not to be clad in a short top with a short skirt. You can wear a light dress or sundress, a skirt to the knee with a short-sleeved blouse. With pastel colors and a thin belt strap, you will create a delicate airy image that will cause a man to want to protect you.

First date outfit

Cute outfit with a hat for the first meeting

Analyzing A Man’S Type

If you are a little wiser and follow non-standard advice, it is worth looking closely at the specific man who asked you out on a date. It is clear that you do not communicate with him well, but you can make a preliminary portrait of him at least by his profession, appearance. He may be able to learn something from his page on the social network, or through friends. What’s his age, intelligence, position, salary, hobbies, type of character? If you know more about the guy, you can guess what clothes he likes. A romantic will love the lace and bows. The rocker will appreciate a leather jacket and jeans. A wealthy man will like a fitted dress or a suit with a well-cut. A young student will “fall in love” with the fashionable and playful clothing. In any case, do not forget the main thing: in the image everything must go together.

First date outfit

Sexual Innuendo

Do you want to look sexy on the first date? There’s only one way to do this without being branded promiscuous: choose just one detail about sex. Then it will be a hint, but not vulgarity. Men, on the other hand, always remain hunters: yes, you can throw in his mind the idea of sex, but do not do it too directly and frankly. For example, choose a skirt with a slit and a closed turtleneck. We cover our legs after selecting a cleavage. Wear high heels and a simple dress. But do not forget about the date’s place: maybe the environment will not allow even a little liberties. There is also a very hidden hint from the collection of tips from psychologists: choose stockings with lace. From the outside, it appears that you are in pantyhose. But you will know that you are chooseing stockings! And from you will emanate invisible charms of seduction.

First date outfit

Additional Nuances

If you’re on a date, think not only about clothes, shoes, and accessories. Update your manicure so that there are no chips. Apply not bright makeup. Style your hair naturally. Wear comfortable underwear that doesn’t rub on anything. Remove plaque from your teeth. Choose an unobtrusive perfume scent that smells fresh and clean. And wear confidence for the rest of the evening.

Bright outfit for a first date

Outfit for a summer date

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