What To Wear Knee High Boots With: 109 Fashionable Looks With Photo

If you want to know what to wear knee high boots with, then take a look at a selection of 109 photos with fashionable looks. And you will have a clear idea of what models of such boots there are, with what clothes they are best to wear, and what accessories to choose.

What are pipe boots

Pipe boots are women’s boots with a wide, straight cuff. They look like pipes: hence the name.

The shoes are excellent for a basic closet. They are successfully combined with literally everything: skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, sweaters, blouses, jackets, a variety of outerwear.

Suitable for business and casual style, as well as creating original and fashionable looks.

This model of boots is much easier to pick than boots, which must fit perfectly on the foot. They are usually made without a zipper, so they are easy to put on and take off.

How should boots fit

Ideally, there should be space between the foot and the boot’s shin. The shoe should fit loosely, as if it were slightly too big. Not too tight, but not too loose either. There are different heights: ankle boots, knee high boots and over the knee boots.

Who should wear knee high boots

Practically to everyone. Knee high boots look great on women with an hourglass figure. Suitable for girls with a slim athletic figure.

Ladies with a body shape of “pear” they will help to balance the heavy hips. Models on heels will stretch the silhouette and lengthen the legs for ladies with small height.

Boots without a heel look stylish on slender tall girls. Women with the figure of “inverted triangle” with the help of oversized boots will balance a large top.

If the lady for some reason is not quite happy with the shape of her legs, she will love the pipe boots. They will hide ankles and calves, so a girl will feel confident in any situation.


Today you can find knee high boots, perhaps, of all colors. But especially popular are the basic ones, which easily fit into the closet and always look appropriate.

Black knee high boots

This is a classic that never goes out of fashion. With black knee high boots you’ll get stylish looks for different occasions.

White knee high boots

White shoes are gaining popularity and are gradually beginning to compete with black. White knee high boots go well with light-colored tops.

Many girls avoid this color, considering it a marker. In practice, it is worn almost the same as the others. But with white shoes you get interesting and noticeable outfits.

Light knee high boots

Boots of light shades are popular. They go equally well with light and dark tops.

Beige knee high boots

Boots of beige shade are in great demand, almost like black and brown. This is a universal color, with which it is convenient to create different images – casual and dressy.

Brown knee high boots

A stylish option for fall and winter. In warm autumn weather brown boots can be combined with a cream knitted dress and a clear-shaped brown bag. Complement the image with a spritz scarf in reddish-brown tones.

In cooler weather suit beige trench coat or coat, in winter – coat.

Blue knee high boots

Boots of bright blue color is a fashionable option, which is harmoniously combined with clothing of related or light colors. Dimensional shoes of such a rich color is a bright accent in the image, which attracts attention.

Bordeaux knee high boots

Wine shades look very juicy and noble. They are especially in harmony with the color palette of colorful autumn.

But they also look no less spectacular with basic shades in clothing.

Types of boots for women

Today, boots have a lot of interesting models: high, low, with or without heels, accordion, on a platform, with a different shape of the nose. Therefore, the choice for fashionistas is as wide as ever.

Knee high boots

With what to combine knee high boots? With literally everything. They look great with skirts and dresses of any length. Outfits with mini look restrained.

In the case of jackboots the top should be chosen more carefully, so as not to weigh down the image.

High boots are also good with pants and jeans in a variety of styles.

Ankle boots

Wide-cuffed boots are combined with dresses, narrow pants, as well as very stylish are combined with culottes.

Knee high boots on a heel.

Knee high boots have a variety of heels – from a stable to a stiletto. Or they can be without a heel at all.

With a stable heel

Universal option that goes well with skirts and dresses of different lengths. But maxi should not be floor-length: it will weigh down the silhouette and completely cover the boots, hiding the individuality of their style.

High stable heels are especially good for spring and early fall, when the weather allows you to wear them.

Low heel

Low heel will suit tall girls who appreciate comfort. In warm weather you can wear such boots with a light top. This will add a feminine image.

Or you can combine it with skinny jeans and a light blouse.

In cold weather as outerwear suitable jacket, coat, fur coat.

On a stiletto.

A feminine option for bright spring and fall looks. Some fashionable women choose models with heels even for the cold period, combining them with coats, jackets, sheepskin coats and fur coats.

On a tapered heel

A good alternative to the stiletto heel for spring and autumn: the model combines style and comfort. Can be worn with feminine dresses, skirts and comfortable jeans, pants.

“Shot” heel

Boots with a small heel look neat and elegant. The model goes well with skirt variants.

Shapely heel

Unusual shape of the heel will suit lovers of original things. These boots will be a bright accent of the image.

Without a heel, on a platform, with an embossed sole

Models for those who prefer comfort. They are well suited for everyday looks for the cold season and will not let you down even in the rain and ice.

They can be worn with a loose top, or with a knitted and crocheted dress to fit, and top with a jacket. It will be cozy with skinny jeans or pants.

Wedge heel

The wedge heel models come in different heights. They are quite versatile and look equally good with dresses and pants. In cool weather, you can throw a jacket or coat on top.

Accordion boots

This model is suitable for tall girls with shapely legs. This is the main condition. Otherwise, accordion boots are quite universal. Interesting combinations are obtained with narrow pants and shorts.

With a square nose

Boots with square noses are being flaunted at fashion shows.

But they also look stylish and attractive in life. The shape of the toes goes well with the straight shirts of the boots.

With a pointy nose

Models with pointed toes are not inferior to square ones, neither on the catwalks, nor in life. The pointed shape gives boots grace and sophistication. Plus, it makes the legs look even longer.


Boots are easy to fit into a closet. Therefore, difficulties with the selection of clothes usually do not arise.


What kind of coat to combine the boots with? Such boots will suit half coats and coats of any length. Good sets with skirts and pants.


Combinations with dresses are great. Suitable are knitted, crocheted, made of thick fabric. Look stylish with loose silhouette dresses made of light, flying fabric, which can be complemented by a jacket, cardigan, coat or sheepskin coat.


Boots with a wide cuff look chic with skirts of any length and cut. The exception is the godet style, which should not be combined with trousers.


A great solution if your age and figure allow. High boots give an image of restraint.

If you want to make the legs visually longer, you should wear tights to match the shoes.


It looks elegant. The length can be different: slightly above the boots, coincide with the edge of the cuff, or go lower.


It looks great with trumpets. It can be straight with a slit, with a placket, free cut, with an asymmetrical hem. Made of light or dense fabric.

If a midi-skirt without a cut, the boot goes completely under the skirt, which is very convenient: no need to fuss with tights.


A comfortable combination in the cold season. The main thing is that the skirt should be above the ankles and open the boots.


A good option for any season. Looks great with straight boots and a warm sweater in cold weather.

Jeans and pants

Boots with straight cuffs stylishly combined with narrow and loose pants and jeans.


Narrow jeans are stylishly combined with wide boots. It is better to choose a loose top to balance the bottom. This can be a voluminous sweater, oversize jacket, jacket or coat. It will create a stylish image with a touch of light carelessness.

Loose jeans

They are worn over the shoes. If the boots are tall, you can make a wide lapel on the trousers, and if they are short – it is acceptable to tuck them inside.

Kulottes, bermudas

It turns out very stylish and extraordinary images. Lovers of original looks will appreciate.

Slim pants

They look great with boots. Loose top will create successful proportions silhouette.

Loose cut pants

Tucked into the boots. If you want to stretch the silhouette, you can pick up pants in the tone of the shoes.


Boots with a straight cuff are well combined with trouser and skirt suits of different fabrics. The resulting images are elegant and comfortable.


The loose jacket successfully balances the oversized bottom and gives the look a French charm.


Boots are rarely easy to fit in any time of the year. They are interestingly combined with different closet elements.


Demi-seasonal boots look great with fall outerwear: vest, leather jacket, short coat. Voluminous top balances the shoes.

Knitted dresses and light dresses with warm cardigans look good.

As the bottoms suit skinny pants, skinny pants, leggings, culottes, warm bermuda, skirts of any length.


Winter straight boots are insulated with fur. They look good with leather skirts, fur coats, sheepskin coats.


In spring it can be combined with almost everything: dresses, skirts, pants, culottes. And if it’s cool, you can wear a jacket, cardigan, coat, trench coat on top.


If the weather is not too hot, you can make interesting fashionable looks with boots. They can be combined with light dresses, free cut blouses, denim shorts.


Among the boots with a wide cuff there are models for school, work and everyday wear.


Black, white, beige, gray suede or smooth leather pipes are suitable for business style. They will suit well fitted dresses, sets with midi skirts. You can wear a coat on top.


Here the choices are almost limitless. All the options that were shown above will do. It can be comfortable calm outfits or bright, trendy looks. Here are a few more stylish images.

Material and print

Today you can find boots in almost any material: smooth natural and eco-leather, suede, patent leather, velvet, satin, shiny with sequins. You’ll find models for work, leisure and fashion.

Leather and suede are classic materials. Such monochrome boots are quite versatile and well suited as a basic shoe, you can wear them with almost any outfit.

Lacquer shoes look spectacular and bright, but requires a more careful selection of clothes. You should avoid the second flashy accent in the set: lace, sequins, mini, bright prints, deep cleavage, asymmetrical hem. It is better to opt for monochrome clothes of a classic cut.

The choice of prints is also wide. Stripes, reptile and leopard prints, floral and ethnic motifs are in fashion.

The brighter the print, the more restrained the clothes should be. One bright accent in the image is enough, if you don’t want to create an extraordinary look for a theme party.


Large boots imply noticeable accessories – scarves, trinkets, bracelets. A bag plays a special role in the image with knee high boots.

It is good to combine such shoes with voluminous bags, preferably a clear shape. These can be office versions, envelope, backpack.

And yet small handbags and clutches with trumpets in the same image are also possible. But they should be chosen more carefully, so that the image turned out to be successful.


In fashion models also have a variety of decor: rhinestones, rivets, fringe, embroidery, fur and textile inserts, chains, studs, straps, buckles. The brighter the shoes, the quieter should be the top.

Tips for combining

To easily compose a stylish outfit with boots, just follow these 5 universal tips:

  1. Weighty shoes are balanced by a voluminous top. This could be a coarsely knit sweater, loose cut jacket, cardigan, large bag.
  2. Dresses and skirts of any length and cut are suitable, except for the goth style. At the same time maxi cannot be floor-length: the bottom of the boot with a fragment of the cuff must be visible.
  3. Narrow pants and jeans are tucked into shoes, as are wide pants, and culottes are worn over boots. Wide jeans are tucked into short boots, while long jeans are worn over wide lapels.
  4. With eye-catching boots fit a restrained top, to the shoes of neutral design – almost everything.
  5. Large accessories are a win-win to the boots.


Boots models are present in the fashion collections of famous brands: Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chanel, Rag & Bone, Prada, Alexander Wang, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Lanven, Burberry, Givenchy.

They are also produced by companies that sew for the mass market: Zara, H&M and other companies.

When it doesn’t fit.

Girls with very thin legs. There may be a dissonance between the narrow legs and a wide cuff.

Such shoes are also not recommended for overweight women. Wide boots will make the shin area even larger.

But everything is relative. If you really want to, it is necessary to try on a few options, to pick up clothes that will balance the silhouette. The main thing is to find a harmonious variant.

Photos of stylish looks

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