What To Wear Hoodie Dress With

The new fashion trend for 2022 will be sweatshirt dresses. Such models look original and stylish. They are comfortable to wear, easy and effectively combined with other clothes. And even despite a certain sportiness, it can be quite feminine and elegant. I’ll tell you what to wear a sweatshirt dress with.

Hoodie Dress Fashion Trends

Sportswear has not lost its popularity for several years. Firstly, it is comfortable, and secondly, it is stylish.

In addition, it’s no surprise to anyone these days to show up in sportswear anywhere other than the gym.

The sweatshirt dress, essentially an elongated version of the sweatshirts we’re used to, will be topical in winter 2022. Many have already seen how warm and comfortable they are. They can be worn in the office and at festive and casual events.

The sweatshirt dress can be:

  • short, medium, or long;
  • straight or fitted cut
  • have side slits or tights
  • single-colored, color-coordinated, or printed
  • have the additional elements: a hood, patch or concealed pockets, zipper, lace, lace or leather inserts, and more.

The variety of models allows customers to choose the product according to taste, color, and price.

Long Hoodie Dress

The midi-length hoodie can be combined with a denim jacket, leather jacket, bomber, trench coat, short or long down jacket, or sheepskin coat. Layering is still in fashion.

So you can wear a shirt and jacket over an essential closet piece. As the footwear, you can wear massive sneakers or classic sneakers, rough shoes, or neat high platform boots.

The advantage of the maxi length model is that it will help visually elongate the silhouette and hide some figure flaws.

Short Hoodie Dress

Depending on weather conditions and personal preferences, Shorn models can be combined with lace-up sandals, coarse boots, sneakers, ankle boots, and knee-high boots.

The short sweatshirt dress looks great paired with leather leggings. As for outerwear, the most winning option is a denim or leather jacket.

But coats or insulated shirts are also acceptable. Wearing a long sweatshirt with skinny jeans and high lace-up boots with massive tractor soles would create an exciting image.

The clothing ratio in terms of color varies depending on where you visit. Classic and muted tones will make the image more elegant, and bright colors and the presence of prints are more suitable for informal events.

Midi Hoodie Dress

The midi-length sweatshirt also goes well with tights and jeans, leggings, or skinny pants in a sporty style.

Often such models are supplemented with various kinds of pockets, inscriptions, and inserts of other materials. In primary colors, they can be worn at work.

The midi sweatshirt is worn with almost any footwear because the main thing in sports style is comfort. Down jackets of different lengths, blown jackets, and coats are suitable as outerwear.

The midi sweatshirt can be worn with any footwear.

With A Hood

The great advantage of the model with a hood isits stylish design ando its practicality. In windy and rainy conditions, a hood comes in very handy.

In addition, a hood thrown over a denim or leather jacket gives a certain boldness to the image. Usually, the hood on such dresses is sewn in, but it may be detachable.

With exciting and original looks, the model where is sewn from a material of contrasting colors.

Oversize Hoodie Dress

Oversize style clothes were appreciated by stylists and fashionistas a few years ago. Even now, wearable looks with a hint of sloppiness are welcome.

Long sweatshirt in oversize style suits almost all women. Slim skinny women can hide the angularity of the figure, and plump women can visually remove extra pounds and balance outlines. It’s an excellent option for spring and autumn.

Black Hoodie Dress

The black sweatshirt dress can be combined with clothes of any other color and shade because it is a classic, related to the primary capsule option.

It would be ideal for wearing a black dress with a classic denim jacket, a beige or gray coat, and a plaid shirt.

With a black sweatshirt dress, you can put together attractive looks.

White Hoodie Dress

White, as well as black, can be combined with any shade. The ideal combination would be black, gray, blue, and beige.

Wear it with a red blouson jacket or jeans dyed in any bright color (lemon yellow, fuchsia, indigo) to draw attention to yourself.

Beige Hoodie Dress

Since beige also belongs to the primary color palette, it’s easy to combine a long sweatshirt in this color with other clothing.

The beige outfit can be worn with a brown jacket and black boots or with a white down jacket and brown boots. It all depends on the style and length of the sweatshirt and the time of year.

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