What To Wear Gray Pants With And How To Create A Stylish Image Based On Neutral Colours

Gray pants – a must have modern women’s closet. And it does not matter what the fashionista prefers – strict images or casual style. For each of them, you can pick up the actual model.

Features Of Gray Women’s Pants

The variety of styles makes it easy for ladies to solve the problem of what to wear gray pants with. Creating stylish images becomes interesting and easy.

The most popular business sets: high-waisted pants and jacket, white/black silk blouse or a thin knitted top in pastel shades. It is optional to pick up a jacket in tone with pants, designers suggest looking at jackets in blue, green and even cream shades.

Narrow models look organically on slender girls. Chubby ladies can also choose skinny pants. Combine pants with fitted jackets that reach to mid-thigh, high heel shoes.

Considering the traditional variants of cutting and creative solutions, it is easy to find things that fit your figure. Pants can be tapered and flared, with high and low waist, tweed, galifes and others.


Fashion remains relevant for several seasons, because the models look organic, in the office closet, and in everyday attire. When it comes to gray pants for women (photo below), designers recommend high-heeled shoes, although long-legged fashionistas may prefer ballet flats or low-heeled shoes.


Such products have no restrictions regarding the physique of the fashionista. An item selected correctly will visually mask the problem areas of chubby beauty and complement the form of skinny fashionistas. A classic pair of pants with arrows is perfect for the office closet. Sew such models preferably from dense woolen fabrics, and combine them with fitted blouses.

In the summer, gray chiffon pants will compete with skirts.

With an high waist

Models of such a cut have become a fashion trend and fit perfectly into a business or everyday closet. When choosing a style, consider the body’s peculiarities: puffy fashionistas will suit pants without side pockets, and skinny girls should choose products with skinny pant legs. Shortened gray pants should preferably be worn with heeled shoes.

With a low waist

According to the level of location of the belt relative to the waistline, we can conventionally distinguish two types of products:

  • Medium fit – the belt is about 3-4 cm below the waist;
  • low fit – the waistband of the pants is about 7-8 cm below the waist.

Pants styles can be very diverse: crêpe, skinny, skinny or wide. Wearing models with a low waist is not recommended for overweight women. Combine pants with shirts, sweaters, tunics.


Funny military uniform style. Pants are tight around the shins and widen on the hips. Fashion designers most often offer products that are tapered at the level of the ankle or from the knee.

Stylish smoky gray sunglasses with a classic cut will suit almost any outfit. Knitted gray models, reminiscent of sports pants, will fit suitablely in casual style. A galife made of soft flowing materials is suitable for a party.


With this model, you can elegantly correct figure flaws. It is imperative to choose the right cut: bell model looks gorgeous on a tall thin girl, and the flare from the hip will suit ladies with narrow hips.

Sew pants from denim, knitwear, viscose. Grey placket looks great with platform shoes and sneakers. A wide belt is a fashion accessory that stylishly completes the image with gray pants.


Things are made from a special woolen fabric, which is pleasantly warm during the cold season. Wide cut models are considered a classic. Thanks to a special cut and the correct image composition (in a set with a lengthened jacket or cardigan), these pants perfectly disguise excessive fullness.

A lean casual style looks elegant on slim fashionable women and can be paired with a fitted blazer, heavy knit sweaters, jackets, and thin gulf sweaters.

Choosing A Shade

Gray is a neutral colour and can serve as an excellent background for other shades in a fashionable image. It can be combined with all tones, from bright and garish to muted pastels.

Dark gray

Pants of rich shades (wet asphalt, graphite, anthracite) are effectively combined with a bright top. A more elegant look includes red, pink, and green blouses and sweaters. A little stricter, but still elegant combinations of gray with burgundy, mustard, terracotta.

Light gray

To create stylish pant sets, combine pale gray models (ash, mouse, silver or pewter) with pastel and bright outerwear. For a festive event, wear a silk blouse of coral colour and narrow pants of ash tone.


A complex shade (taupe) gives the closet a calm and understated look. A contrasting but soft effect is evident in the combination of taupe with taupe-blue. The duo of light beige and taupe also has a neutral look. For a more colorful look, add accessories in bright colours: emerald, amethyst, pink. The calmness of the shade looks elegant in a business closet, as well as in everyday looks.


Among the various styles of pants, certain styles can be distinguished conditionally. Because one model, supplemented with the right things, can be suitable for different purposes, events.


Optimal choice for a business set – pants with arrows. The advantages of this model: they look good on women of different complexes, it is easy to pick up the top. Preference should be given to slim-fit pants, straight pants or pants slightly widened to the bottom.


For every day any style of pants will be a suitable choice. The main reference point is the feeling of comfort. Therefore, for a walk in the park with a child it is appropriate to wear gray skinny jeans and a sweater-over-size or a leather jacket.

On a summer day it is comfortable to walk around the city in wide cotton pants and a light knitted top. Shortened linen pants or skinnies are an excellent choice for walking and traveling. Bright chiffon blouses, colourful T-shirts or T-shirts with prints will be suitable as a top.


Classic cut pants are appropriate not only in the office closet, but also in everyday life. This is a basic element of clothes, because it is not difficult to create images in different styles: military, glamour, casual. As a rule, these are monochrome dark or light gray pants. Stripes, small plaids, and thin plaids are also acceptable. Sewn products are consist of wool, cotton and linen. Gray classic women’s pants can be worn in many different ways. For a glamorous party, wear products consist of sweaty silk and lace. The everyday set will result in a tight sweater and loose pants.

What To Wear With Gray Pants

Gray pants can be considered one of the most democratic and indispensable items in a closet. Stylists offer many variations on what a woman can wear with gray pants.


For decades, the jacket has been an indispensable part of office style. If you are shopping for a business closet, choose models with a classic cut and restrained colours (black, gray, white).

Today, fashion designers offer interesting models of jackets for everyday life and holiday parties. A stylish set (skinny gray pants, blue fitted jacket, blue shirt and a thin dark turquoise sweater) will be suitable for attending a formal event and evening gatherings in a cafe.

Holiday version of the image: high-waisted pants, bustier top, heavy fabric jacket. Shoes with a wide heel will complete the look.


Fashion trends include white shirts with a classic cut and asymmetrical shapes with complex cuts. Modern shirts are not worn loose, they can only be partially pulled out from under the pants. A fashionable set is a white shirt and long gray pants with a wide cut (or even a sporty style with stripes).

The office closet will look great with a black shirt with white stripes or a white shirt with a stand-up collar.


One of the most important pieces in a woman’s closet is her blouse, since it is not difficult to create sophisticated images with a business, holiday, or everyday model. Moreover, there is something for almost any pair of pants.

Fitted cut blouse made of monochrome material (silk, jersey, cotton). Free cut model, made from thin materials, paired with a top completes the daily closet. You get a gorgeous look for a summer party if such a blouse is combined with narrow satin pants.

Shoes for gray pants

The neutral nature of gray allows you to wear pants with shoes of any shade. Depending on the purpose of the closet, there may be restrictions: at work, it is recommended to select shoes in restrained tones such as black, gray, brown, blue. This feminine and stylish look features burgundy shoes with stiletto heels paired with gray narrow pants. But this is a variant for offices with no strict dress code. In everyday life, there are no rules for the choice of colour. A more harmonious image will result in the colour of accessories or other clothing supporting the shade of shoes under the gray pants.

On a summer day, gray narrow pants perfectly complement a red top and skirt with heels. For the colder months, choose shoes in darker shades (black, blue, brown). Red boots with a black, white, and gray outfit will catch the fashionista’s eye.

Creating Images

The popularity of gray pants makes sense: putting together an image for a solemn occasion, shopping or a country walk is easy. Below are the options of images for different occasions.

Office image

It isn’t easy to imagine a businesswoman’s closet without a gray suit. If there is no strict dress code, you can create a more democratic image. As an option for a thin girl – skinny pants and loose or tight-fitting blouse with a floral pattern.

Classic cut clothes go well with a straight cut blouse with a V-neck. As for footwear, the usual low-heeled shoes or stiletto heels will do.

The look for the walk

Ordinary gray pants can be worn not only in the office. If you show creativity in combinations, you can create interesting images. Fashionable sweatshirts, oversize sweaters or leather jackets will stylishly complement the narrow gray pants and jeans in dark gray. The most suitable shoes for walking around the city are loafers and moccasins. For outdoor activities, wear sneakers, slip-ons.

Date Image

When composing an image, first, pay attention to the colour palette. Pastel shades will give an image of tenderness, romance. The light gray pants organically complement the pink, peach, and cream top. Blouses or tops made from thin fabrics, decorated with frills, ruffles and ruches would bring visual lightness to the image.

Slim silhouette will complement a high heeled shoe. As for accessories, choosing a clutch or a small handbag on a thin strap would be appropriate.

Useful Tips

Composing a fashionable image with gray pants, you need to consider the nuances of colours, styles of clothing:

  • In order not to overload the colour composition, the closet should have no more than 3-4 shades;
  • Pants narrow and classic styles look perfect with heeled shoes.

For the office it is desirable to choose things made of quality material (with a small amount of elastane). Otherwise, the pants will stretch unaesthetically on the back and knees after a short time.

Do not be afraid that the gray pants will give you a boring or too austere look. Combined with other things, they will form a solid foundation in your closet and prove helpful whenever you need them.

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