What To Wear Blazer Dress With

The blazer dress is a mini dress that looks like you’re wearing an XL size men’s jacket with nothing underneath. It may be fitted, narrow at the waist, emphasizing the figure. Or straight and large – oversize, hiding all the curves. I’ll tell you and show you examples of what to wear in a blazer dress in 2022.

Image ideas of what to wear in a blazer dress in 2022.

When it comes to the question of what to wear a blazer dress with, there are no rules; it is as sophisticated as it is versatile. This has allowed it to conquer all the red carpets and the main streets of fashion capitals.

Minimalistic design for an everyday look.

Black Blazer Dress

The blazer dress is this season’s most fashionable. Forget the usual models and get a longer blazer.

The blazer dress is much more versatile than it seems. The first way is to wear it with high heels and a stylish piece of jewelry around the neck. You don’t need anything else to be spectacular and perfect with black high-heeled pumps and shoes. This will create an evening look full of style and glamour.

Accessories to the blazer dress play an essential role and complete the look.

It can also be worn with casual sneakers, creating a contrast between work and sport.

Accessories play a vital role. For example, if you stick to a classic style and prefer tidiness, high-heeled sandals, long earrings, and a belt tied around the waist would be the best option.
Style and concise outfit.

If you prefer an informal look and your style is more urban, you can reduce formality with the right shoes and accessories. Sporty shoes – sneakers, sneakers, will create a more casual look. If you add a waist bag to it, you’ll have a comfortable and chic outfit.

White Blazer Dress

The white blazer dress with long sleeves, asymmetrical, and sleeveless, is ideal if you do not want to bet on a familiar style. The type of fabric plays an equally important role. Try not to choose too stiff materials. Give preference to loose and thin fabrics.

There is a shoe that will never fail and will visually create “mile-long” feet. These are shoes with a thin toe. Choosing these shoes as the main accessory will highlight any outfit.

These shoes are the best choice for any outfit.

Red Blazer Dress

Design with clean lines, a graceful dart at the waist, a cut that allows you to show off your legs, and vibrant red color. Functional and fashionable, could you ask for more?

Beige Blazer Dress

The beige color is suitable for a casual closet. It will add a much more elegant and sophisticated look to your look.

Select a waist bag that will also act as a belt. As for earrings or necklaces, choose simple ones that are not too flashy and complete the final look.

Green Blazer Dress

The model combines a dress’s comfort with a blazer’s versatility and elegance. It is a perfect hybrid suitable for any occasion. Green is on-trend. It pairs well with yellow, beige, white, and gold.


Pink is on the list of fashionable shades this season. To give the blazer dress its style, we can combine it with a wide belt to play a leading role in the image.

Blue And Gray Blazer Dress

Dark blue is an elegant color that is very easy to combine, just like gray, which is used to create a more casual or organized look. The choice is a matter of taste! Blue is a delicate spring and summer shade.

Checkered Blazer Dress

The plaid jacket is a piece of clothing that is neither a jacket nor a dress, but both at the same time. It is the most stylish item of recent seasons. It is worn all year round. In the fall-winter with boots, long boots, booties. Spring-summer with sandals, shoes, and sneakers.

Cage is a print that will never go out of style. Cage can come in all shades – light, dark, and tartan. Cage print remains a byword for distinction, elegance, and originality.

Striped Blazer Dress

The blazer dress with vertical stripes will permanently elongate the silhouette, so if our goal is to look slimmer visually, this is our style. It is suitable for any occasion – every day, for a walk and a holiday.

The jacket with vertical stripes will permanently elongate the silhouette.

striped blazer dress

Long Blazer Dress

Long blazer dress for those who like classic style and prefer midi length.

long blazer dress

Sleeveless Blazer Dress

The sleeveless blazer dress is suitable for hot summer days. But on cooler days, it can also be worn underneath turtlenecks and long-sleeved shirts.

sleeveless blazer dress

Blazer Dress With Fringe

Fringe is a fashion trend of the season. A blazer dress with fringe looks very festive and dressy. The fringe moves beautifully in the rhythm of the body movements and attracts attention.

The fringe is very festive.

fringed blazer dress


Strasses are the right decor for holiday looks. Black models with sequins look beautiful. Try to put together an image in one color; then, it will turn out stylish and elegant. Bright spots will overload the outfit.

Blazer Dress With Pleated

The pleated bottom on a dress is a good solution. This style will suit women with a pear and hourglass figure.

Blazer Dress With Cape

The cape is an exciting detail. It makes the look layered, and layering is on trend. The arms are usually left open. Such a style attracts attention and twists the image.

Wedding Blazer Dress

The snow-white model has become popular among brides. Depending on the height, you need to look at the length and shoulder pads. A jacket with shoulder pads is best for tall women with long necks. If you are a petite woman, choose models to the knee or slightly lower, without voluminous sleeves and shoulders.

Leather Blazer Dress

The leather model for the cold season. Not only will this dress be warm, but you can create a bright and stylish image.

Shoes For Blazer Dress

Regarding footwear, the winning option will always be beautiful shoes. Do not combine a blazer dress with flat-soled shoes. As a rule, when wearing a blazer, you want to achieve stylization of the legs and body, and using flat shoes, you will reach the opposite.

In spring or summer, wearing sandals with thin straps, those that tie at the ankle, with a narrow heel, is recommended. If you can’t support this type of shoe, try adding a small platform so that the weight of your body is distributed over the entire surface of the foot.

If you can’t support this shoe, try adding a small platform.

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