What To Wear And How To Combine Golden Sandals

Gold-coloured sandals are a precious, jeweled decoration of women’s feet. By adding elegance and luxury to the appearance, gold-coloured sandals give a woman a sense of confidence and nobility.

Golden sandals are out of fashion. Wearing golden sandals, you do not have to worry about distortion of the figure. And they appear great with almost any outfit. Regardless of whether it’s jeans or evening dress, they always appear festive, there is no vulgarity, but there is a lightness and airiness. No matter what their real value is, gold sandals appear expensive, rich, and fashionable.

How To Choose An Outfit To Match The Golden Sandals

Depending on the event and the image that a member of the female sex wants to create, golden sandals with the right type and shape of the heel will give glamour and brightness. Let’s consider in detail the types of these versatile shoes and the possible images that you can get for different occasions:

Gold stiletto sandals are appropriate to wear during special holidays and significant celebrations, when paired with a chic evening gown.

Gold heeled sandals are suitable for a variety of classic style outfits. A gold or gold-coloured accessory will appear restrained, but also expensive and stylish when worn with the outfit. For example, a classic pantsuit will appear elegant with a gold clutch and bracelet. And a lightweight short or long dress complete with gold earrings and chains will help you appear neat and dressy.

Going to a party or a romantic rendezvous, with golden sandals you can wear tight jeans in dark colours and a T-shirt, trimmed with shiny sequins. This outfit will not be solemn, but it will be smart and impressive.

For a set with wide pants or flared pants, a heel of up to 6 centimeters or even no heel will be sufficient. This is not a tribute to fashion, but rather a comfortable option.

Golden sandals on a platform or with a high heel will complement the dress with a leopard print. A bright, unusual and interesting image at any party is guaranteed. And the look of this set will be expensive and stylish.

Gold sandals with wraps or other openwork weaves and decorations will be a win-win option for summer flowing dresses and sundresses of any length. Perfectly shading the tan, such shoes will look spectacular not only with a heel, but also as sandals or sandals.

In everyday life, golden sandals with a wedge are better to use as an accent, which will make the image even more noticeable. In such an image, clothes should be at least one simple thing, preferably in monochrome colours.

Here Are The Best Color Combinations

Among the most suitable colours for gold sandals are pink, blue and blue shades, brown, orange, yellow and black.

Pink outfits with golden sandals give the effect of airiness. Compared to the background, such shoes will not stand out, but will complete the image.

The coldness of blue and blue shades slightly dulls the shine of gold. As a result, if you need to focus on the gold sandals, you should complement the image with gold jewelry or accessories.

Colors with warm hues, namely yellow, orange, brown, and beige are the most suitable partners of the gold colour. They spice up the pleasant sheen of gold. A monochrome dress with bright accessories will also look great. For example, a dress of orange colour, complemented by a bright orange scarf and golden sandals. The same golden clutch or bag in tone can decorate the image.

The combination of black clothing with gold has a solemn, dressy look. Black serves as a kind of background for the shiny parts of the image.

Limitations Of Outfits With Golden Sandals

There are also some outfits with which it is better not to combine golden sandals. With them, such shoes will look ridiculous. These include:

  1. High-density tights;
  2. Dresses are satin, metallic, with an excessive amount of sequins and sequins.
  3. Colorful, colourful printed outfits.

Buying Golden Sandals

Choosing a gold-coloured sandal, you need to remember about some points:

  1. The material matters. Buy better quality shoes, such as gold leather sandals from proven manufacturers.
  2. Quality comes first. Quality shoes look better and last longer than production models.
  3. Only new shoes. No comment is needed here, the appearance of the sandals depends on it.
  4. If you find scuffs or discoloured areas on your sandals, this is an indication that the paint has not been applied correctly. During wear, the sandals may change colour identical to the defective areas.

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