What To Wear A T-Shirt With

On the list of timeless fashion classics, next to the little black dress and perfect jeans, stands a plain white T-shirt. But the list is not limited to the white T-shirt. Color and prints are trending. I’ll show you an example image of what to wear a T-shirt within 2022.

Ideas-images of what to wear a t-shirt with in 2022 spring and summer

T-Shirt Oversize

For fashion combinations, your ally in turning an oversize T-shirt into a stylish piece will be anything in your closet. With a T-shirt, you can wear a smart suit, metallic midi skirt or pants, miniskirt with a spectacular belt, leather pants, or blazer oversize. The options for combining are countless. High-heeled shoes and statement bags are an integral part of these stylish formulas.

Long Shirt

The extended model goes well with tight-fitting bottoms – tight jeans, leggings, bikinis. If the length allows, you can wear it as a sports dress.

The fashionable combination is a t-shirt and slit trousers—a great look for every day and evening out.


The polo shirt is a piece of clothing that used to be reserved only for the athletic uniforms of tennis players and golfers. Now it’s part of our every day and evening outfits. Often done in a minimalist style, with little buttons and no logos, polos this year will appeal to ladies who appreciate the sporty chic style.

Wear a polo shirt neatly tucked into strict high-waisted pants, a miniskirt, and shorts. I strongly recommend sticking to the white variant with broad and tight jeans.

Black T-Shirt Looks

The simple black t-shirt, which used to be too casual to go to the office, is now a comfortable option for the workday. It’s become one of the most practical and valuable items in any closet.

For business events, to give your choices a dose of seriousness, choose a black T-shirt with a simple cut and lines and pair it with pieces of clothing such as blazers, high-waisted pants, pencil skirts, or classic pants.

Wear loafers to complete this trendy pret-a-porter ensemble. T-shirts with an asymmetrical silhouette look more elegant than classic models. When it comes to fabrics, look for natural materials like organic cotton.

Looks With White T-Shirt

From Marlon Brando to Kendall Jenner, the white T-shirt has been the “holy grail” of the closet throughout pop culture history because it’s a piece that is universally fashionable in its simplicity and allows for endless play with clothes.

The white t-shirt will never go out of style. It is versatile and elegant and pairs well with a long evening skirt and your favorite jeans. A white T-shirt is like a blank canvas.

When you find your perfect white T-shirt, you can use it in hundreds of ways. Combine it with tracksuits, jeans, and flutter skirts on the weekends. A white T-shirt is perfect in the evenings with satin dresses and silk midi skirts.

Of course, accessories are a great way to add personality to the whole look, so consider layered chains, statement earrings, minimalist necklaces, or silk neck scarves as an extra exciting detail.

How To Wear A T-Shirt With A Print

In the last few seasons, trendy T-shirts with prints and interesting inscriptions like to wear many trendsetters. If you’re brave enough, you can even wear a T-shirt with a print as part of a business outfit.

This summer, brands’ offerings are dominated by T-shirts with prints of their favorite Disney characters or names and images of famous rock bands.

Dress Combination And T-Shirt

The ’90s are back and have become our favorite decade of fashion. Check out Rachel from the popular TV series Friends and wear a combo dress over a tight white t-shirt. For an even more remarkable effect, pair this combination with white and tiny sunglasses and braid your hair in two cute braids.

Bike Dress Combo

Bike shirts are still not going out of style. Combine them with an oversized white t-shirt and a denim jacket you can borrow from your boyfriend. This is the perfect casual outfit to wear for a summer coffee or to go shopping with friends. Extra tip: if you want to accentuate your waist, wear a purse or a cool belt around your waist.

With Jeans

If there’s a simple and unmistakable combination, this is it. A trendy variety that looks like a blank canvas, a classic white T-shirt and jeans change the look of other fashion accessories. For example, on shoes. They can be boots, sandals, or loafers, which should be unique.

T-Shirt With White Jeans And Pants

White bottoms are perfect for warmer days.

With Chinos And Sneakers

You have a super trendy combination with chinos and sneakers, also a pure classic.

With A Skirt

The white t-shirt has a beautiful feature – it reduces the formality of some clothing items. So, it would go perfectly with a skirt and high heels, making the combination less formal and austere at the same time.

Flat-soled shoes – sneakers, mules, flip-flops, sandals, loafers – are suitable daily.

Shirt Top

Of all the possible combinations, the unbuttoned shirt option is one of the simplest but no less spectacular. A classic blue striped shirt combined with high-waisted pants gives a classic look that is sporty and refreshing. The addition of jewelry and handbags bhas becomea tremendous and sophisticated feminine style.

With Shorts

A classic combination for summer – shorts and a t-shirt.

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