What To Combine Leg Warmers With

Just a couple of decades ago, leg warmers seemed not at all youthful, not fashionable. On the contrary: it was universally believed that they were ideal for women of age rather than young girls. And now, they are a great way to express yourself and your style, even in uncomfortable and cold weather.

Leg warmers are very warm knitted stockings that reach the middle of the knee, sometimes the thigh. Having come to us in the 19th century from cold countries, they slowly but surely won their place in the closet of fashionistas and ordinary girls who like comfortable things.

However, not everyone knows how to wear leg warmers correctly, although they have already purchased this item or are just looking at it. In this article, you will learn how to wear and what shoes you can wear with leg warmers, as they are a no less important part of the image than a skirt or jeans.

Types Of Leg Warmers

So, what can you wear leg warmers with? First, let’s talk about their purpose.

  • For girls who make sure that their body is trimmed, aerobic socks have become an indispensable thing. Thanks to them, the muscles warm up much faster, which means the training is much more effective.
  • There are sports leg warmers designed to keep dirt out of your shoes. They are attached to it with special laces. Those who go hiking and love extreme and unusual sports will confirm the usefulness of such leg warmers.
  • Leg warmers will also be your best friends at home. They are voluminous and knitted. They go perfectly with your home clothes and will always make you feel cozy and relieve stress.
  • And, of course, leg warmers as part of the style. Many girls now use them for purely aesthetic reasons.

There is also a division of leg warmers by length: above and below the knee.

Manufacturers of this closet item produce them in a vast number and color range. Leg warmers can now be chosen for the style of an inveterate hooligan and for the image of a nice girl who will look perfect in thin leg warmers.

Leg Warmers And Skirts

Many ladies in cool weather like to combine leg warmers with mini or midi skirts. It really looks beautiful and stylish, especially if the leg warmers are well combined with the skirt. But don’t overdo it and don’t wear them together with a long skirt.

  1. Mesh leggings + miniskirt. If you’re a follower of comfortable and practical casual style, then a jeans skirt and mesh will look great on you. But if you prefer to look like a cute schoolgirl, it’s better to wear a pleated skirt for your look.
  2. Strictly leg warmers + lace skirt. This combination is suitable for those who want to look more dressy than usual but feel just as comfortable. Complement your look with heeled shoes, and you’re done. Your feet will look incredibly elegant.
  3. Leg warmers + chiffon skirt to the middle of the knee. Here the choice of leg warmers is huge. Depending on the cut and color of the skirt, you can pick up absolutely any leg warmers. For example, light gray insulated stockings above the knee will look good with the blue polka-dot skirt. There will be no problems with shoes, too: you can wear cute boots and sneakers, more related to street style.

Leg Warmers And Dresses

Of course, leg warmers with a cocktail dress will certainly not be a good illustration of the question “of what to wear leg warmers, ” but their other combinations look stylish and elegant. The main thing here – is not to cross the line from cute image to tastelessness.

  1. Leg warmers + sports dresses. This choice is ideal because, with one look, you kill two birds with one stone: leg warmers look appropriate and fashionable and fall into their natural environment, i.e., sporty style. A great addition would be sneakers on a wedge heels. The look will help you look elegant while being comfortable.
  2. Leg warmers + knitted dresses. Even more natural option than the previous one. Nothing will give you such femininity during the cold season as a warm and cute knitted dress with socks to match it. Leg warmers with Irish patterns will look great. In winter, the socks can be worn over boots or boots with warm tights under them.
  3. Leg warmers + chiffon dresses. Light and airy dresses of all warm shades will be perfectly combined with thin-leg warmers in warm weather. Depending on the cut, you can adjust the length of warm stockings – above or below the knee. Combining such an image with wedge shoes, platforms or heels will not be bad.
  4. Leg warmers + denim dresses. Beautiful and feminine looks combine a dress coat of light denim with black high socks. Complemented by low-heeled shoes.

Leg Warmers And Shorts, Jeans, Leggings

When choosing leggings for these closet elements, you should remember the following rules: shorts are worn with leggings in the same way as a skirt. But when combining them with jeans or leggings, you should consider that the latter should perfectly fit your leg and not be baggy.

  1. Leg warmers + shorts. Short denim or wool shorts will also make an excellent pair of leg warmers, emphasizing the slimness and beauty of your legs. But try not to go overboard and choose only monochrome leg warmers for such things. Otherwise, there is a risk of looking silly. The choice of footwear is vast – from sandals and sneakers to high-heeled boots. If you wear shorts in the cold season, you can also wear leg warmers with boots.
  2. Leg warmers + jeans. This combination is used in cold weather when the legs require additional insulation. Recall the words above: leggings should be worn only with jeans-skinnies. They will, of course, fit on loose-cut pants, but they will look terrible. You can wear them with half-boots and boots up to the middle of the calf.
  3. Leg warmers + leggings + tunic. Ideal for winter or cold autumn. The advantage of this look is that you can wear insulated leggings, a wool tunic (or dress), warm no less, and socks, giving even more warmth. They combine well with shoes like oxfords.

Leg Warmers And Shoes

What shoes to choose, with what can you wear leg warmers? There are a couple of secrets that help perfectly combine these closet items.

Leg warmers are great to wear with any shoes, but how to wear them so as not to get into trouble when combining them. If there is no heel – the leg warmers should be lowered below the ankle. If there is a heel, you can lower still lower. Fashionable and stylish look socks tucked into boots or boots.

Leg warmers – a multifunctional thing that will be your first and main assistant in the fight against the cold and in creating your style, which can help you express yourself.

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