What Shorts To Wear In 2022

After the dress in the spring-summer closet, go in shorts. Shorts in solid colors, prints, short and long, and high-waisted are all on the fashion list for spring and summer 2022. I’ll tell you what fashionable shorts to buy and what to wear shorts within 2022 in spring and summer.

Fashionable shorts spring-summer 2022: what to wear them with

Bermuda Shorts

If you want to find the trendiest thing for summer, buy linen bermuda shorts. Wear them with a blazer of the same color, with a shirt top. You can wear this combination with sneakers, flip-flops, or heels.

This is a basic piece, so its versatility and functionality will make it pair perfectly with countless clothes in your closet.


beige shorts

Checkered Shorts And Striped Shorts

For a casual, cheerful look, choose shorts with a print. Combine the print shorts with a monochrome t-shirt that complements at least one color of the print. The same goes for combining monochrome shorts with a t-shirt with an image.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have been a summertime item for decades. The faithful fashion accessory has accompanied us since childhood. Practical in a look for every day, for walks and going to the beach. A lightweight white shirt and straw hat are a great addition to denim shorts.


jean bike shorts

Monochrome Shorts With Suit

It’s possible to achieve a sophisticated look with a monochrome combination. Summer is a time of bright colors. Combine the shorts with a shortened shirt and a light blazer or caftan.

Minimalist Shorts

Minimalism is an excellent solution for a more straightforward look with room for accessories experimentation. Combine shorts with a white t-shirt and add gold jewelry that will look irresistible in the sun.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts from the ’90s are gaining popularity in 2022. They are comfortable to wear, making it easier for us to move around during the day. They can be worn with feminine blouses and simple t-shirts, depending on the occasion and mood. If you want to add more colors to your closet, choose shorts in bright colors. Complete the combination with neutral-colored garments for balance.

High Waist Shorts

There are lots of ideas-examples of what to wear with high-waisted shorts. Black high-waisted denim shorts are great for accentuating your legs and narrow waist. Combine them with cheerful T-shirts for a touch of color. For example, with a yellow knotted shirt, top, or t-shirt and wore them tucked in so as not to distract attention from your waist.

Linen Shorts

Very comfortable and versatile linen clothes can be worn with flip-flops or espadrilles with a wedge, in the office or during a walk on the beach. Linen shorts look good with a cotton or linen shirt and solid-colored shirts. Choose unusual tops and blouses to monochrome bottoms if you want a bright image.

Below Knee Shorts

Not all offices have a flexible dress code. Sometimes going to work in shorts is impossible, no matter how formal they are. But they become the best alternative when you want to forget about long pants, and you don’t feel like wearing a skirt or dress. Long bermuda shorts are on trend this year.

They are below-the-knee length, like the midi skirt, and reflect an elegant aesthetic like the more traditional pleated pants.

Short Mini Shorts

Last summer, mini shorts were on trend. They’re not as popular this year as the Bermudas, but they still are. On the runway, firms like Isabel Marant or Miu Miu give the green light to this trend with balanced outfits built around contrasting styles.

Sport Shorts

Sporty and retro fashion allows for athletic shorts in everyday looks.

Skirt Shorts

For lovers of short skirts and comfort, skirt shorts. They are fast enough but do not restrict movement.

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White Shorts

White is perfect for spring and summer. White shorts can be worn with any top – solid shirts and blouses, bright and asymmetrical tops, and t-shirts.


with white loose strapped blouse


with a black flowing shirt


with a blue menswear-style shirt


crop top with long sleeves


knitted tank top – the fashion trend of the zine

Black Shorts

Black goes well with everything. You can liven up a dark background by wearing a shirt, top of any color. Need a more formal look? Add your favorite blazer and a cotton shirt for the perfect office look.

Beige Shorts</H2

Beige refers to the essential shade. You can wear beige shorts with a white or pastel top. A white cotton shirt or silk blouse would fit perfectly here if you want bright colors – top in berry shades.

Style Ideas For Wearing Shorts This Spring And Summer 2022

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