What Shoes And Accessories Go With A Red Dress

Red dress – the hit of the 2016 season- will not give up its position the next year. After all, the coming 2022 is the year of the Fire Monkey, which means that all shades of red are again at the peak of popularity. But to be honest, red has always been a very modern color, independent of the whims of fashion, because it is the color of love, energy and beauty. The color of strong, independent, confident women.

Black shoes with a red dress

Wearing a dress of the color of fire costs a woman a certain amount of courage because this color attracts the attention of men, causing them mixed feelings – admiration and awe, fear and attraction. Wearing a red dress, a woman can certainly be sure of only one thing – it certainly will not go unnoticed and will make an external impression. And what will be this impression – depends on how to present yourself to a woman. How harmonious will its image be? Whether it will be flawless or too pretentious and even vulgar.

To begin with, the pure blood-red color does not suit everyone. But because this color has a rich palette of shades, every woman can easily find the right one for herself. Choosing your color, it is necessary to proceed from the shade of your skin. Bright red (crimson) color will suit women with pale skin. Women with light skin are good dark red tones. Black-haired women are irresistible in a fuchsia dress and a bright orange-red.

Red lace dress with black shoes

We’ve decided on the shade. It’s time to move on to a very important moment – we’re going to match the shoes to the red dress.

It is clear that a dress of this color is the main accent in the ensemble, and choosing shoes and accessories for it, you should never forget one rule: not to overdo it. What shoes will the red dress look harmonious with?

Red evening dress with see-through shoes

Shoes Color For A Red Dress

Red in itself goes well with many colors of the spectrum – white, black, blue, green, gray, yellow, orange and purple. But, despite this, the approach to choosing color shoes should be cautious. For example, the so-called classic triad of perfectly matching colors (red – blue – yellow) can make the overall look too saturated and bright. And all because the dress of the color of passion does not accept other bright accents in the image. The only exception may be the red shoes. But, in this case, their shade must be identical to the shade of the dress.

The most win-win option for a red dress is black shoes. This is a classic option. Black is not faded but also not intrusive, perfectly fitting the image of a woman in red. As harmoniously look white shoes, or one of the neutral colors, for example:

  • gray,
  • beige,
  • cream,
  • golden,
  • silver.

The image of a lady in a red dress and shoes of this color will be more delicate and romantic. It is essential to observe the color balance.

Red dress with black shoes

Red dress with cream shoes

Red dress with gold shoes

Red dress with silver shoes

Shoes Shape For A Red Dress

Let’s try to choose a suitable model of shoes for our bright outfit. First, you should pay attention to the length of the dress. To the mini-dress suit shoes on a low heel or flat-soled. Dresses of medium length – midi perfectly combined with shoes with a heel of any height and shape sole. This is the universal option. Well, and dresses to the floor need high heels.

Remember: the lower the hem of the dress, the higher the heel should be.

It is also worth considering where the lady will go in these shoes.

If it:

  • Closed corporate events – preference for closed shoes;
  • friendly party with casual open communication – sandals, open-toed shoes;
  • A serious business meeting – simple shoes with heels;
  • For everyday – ballet flats, sandals, flat-soled shoes.

The choice of shoes also depends on what style our red dress belongs to. Consider the three main styles: casual, evening and business.

Red dress with red shoes

Red dress with yellow shoes

Red dress with black boots

Red dress with peach sandals

Casual Style

First of all, everyday shoes should be comfortable. It is better if these shoes are made of natural materials. An excellent option for a red dress in the style of the casual – small heeled pumps. The best color is white. It is desirable, however, to avoid the presence of white color only on the shoes. Ideally, if it is still present in the elements of the dress – collar, inserts, buttons, if there is no white element in the dress, you can add it with accessories. Even a white belt or just a white manicure will be enough.

Another successful combination with red is beige. Shoes of such color leave noticeable in the first place the dress itself. In this case, you can afford to use more spectacular accessories at the top of the ensemble – earrings, beads, and necklaces. Or pick up an expressive color bag. Additional bright accents can be added only once. So choose jewelry and a modestly colored bag, or vice versa. Never forget that having no more than two bright accents in the completed image (including the dress itself) is desirable.

Other shoe color options for a casual red dress are brown and burgundy. They look especially good in the fall.

Red dress with brown shoes

Red lace dress with black open-toed shoes

Red lace dress with brown open-toed shoes

Evening Style

To the red dress in the evening style suit shoes of any color listed above. Only with white, you should be careful. Do not combine, for example, white shoes with white jewelry and take a white clutch simultaneously. It would be better to add a little black to such a combination. In the same way, it is necessary to be very careful with red shoes. The shade of such shoes must coincide precisely with the shade of the dress, and there should not be more of this color in the ensemble.

A good combination for a red evening dress is lacquered black pumps. Or open black shoes with gold trim and under that trim – a gold necklace. Courageous ladies can afford a combination of red dresses and shoes with a leopard print. If the dress is floor-length, then shoes and sandals should be used only closed.

The right shoes and accessories for a red dress will make the outfit play up in all its glory. And the lady in such an outfit will surely be irresistible.

Red dress with silver shoes

Business Style

The red color is quite acceptable for the office. True, it is best if it will be a certain style – dress flats, not too bright colors. Additions to such a dress to choose a low heel or a small platform. They must be necessarily closed. The color is in restrained tones. It can be black, brown, burgundy or beige shoes. The resulting image will bring a little bright colors to the gray working days.

Red dress with beige shoes

Outrageous Style

All of the above are classic rules. But you don’t always want to conform to the generally accepted norms. Sometimes you want to show your rebellious character and somehow stand out from the crowd. Young, bold, and even daring girls can afford a red dress. To do this, it is enough to use in the ensemble shoes and a few accessories of bright colors. It is enough to wear light green, yellow, blue or bright green shoes, complemented by one or two accessories in blue or green colors, and a striking image in the style of urban artists is ready. The main thing in creating such an image is not to overdo it. Because to allow yourself to violate the rules radically, you must have impeccable taste.

Red dress with leopard shoes

Red dress with white shoes

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