What Kind of Pedicure is Liked By Men

Going on a first date or wishing to always please her beloved husband, women ask themselves a lot of questions. What dress to wear? What hair would a man like better? What color handbag is suitable for the dress? But the question of what pedicure men like, ladies are often overlooking. Sadly! The beauty of women’s feet goes beyond summer sandals and the beaches. They are “heroines” from much more interesting angles, so they must stay beautiful, and most importantly – well-groomed.

A man’s view of a woman’s feet

In favor of the argument also stands the fact that among the 14 graduates of the first professional school of pedicure in America was only 1 woman and 13 representatives of the stronger sex. That is, men definitely like women’s feet, but how do they think they should look?

Most men interviewed answer this question unequivocally – the feet should have well-groomed toes. This means that the delicate skin of the feet should be spared:

  • for calluses;
  • skin growths;
  • burrs;
  • dirt, after all!

And, of course, it is highly undesirable to flash your heel cracks. It is better to voluntarily refuse male attention than to be rejected for such a reason.

In addition, the feet need to pay even more attention than the hands – because they do not have the ability to self-clean while washing dishes or laundry.

Women’s feet are constantly trapped in uncomfortable women’s shoes or athletic sneakers. And even walking down the street in a lightweight panto, a woman risks getting corns and other damage to the nail plate or skin of her feet.

Therefore, in the mode of every modern lady should be:

  • Relaxing baths with sea salt and essential oils;
  • light massage with a special moisturizing cream;
  • Wellness treatments for the nails and manicure.

Sometimes it is enough for a man to see his chosen one’s well-groomed, carefully manicured feet with a natural manicure to fall in love with such beautiful feet.

But there are more demanding men who want colorful nail painting or trendy rhinestone glitter. And in this case, relaxing baths are not enough.

The attraction of  pedicure color

To begin with, you will need to decide on the color of your manicure. According to the famous women’s magazine “COSMOPOLITAN”, men have a preference:

  • 45% to red pedicure;
  • 25% to the pink coating;
  • 17% to blue;
  • 11% – coral color;
  • 2% to yellow.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that, in most cases, the stronger sex pays attention to the soft and warm colors. That is, a woman is associated by men with warmth, comfort and light joy.

Surely, feeling like sunshine is very flattering for any lady. But now the main task is not to spoil the whole impression by a sudden bad weather.

Red pedicure

Covering in such a bright color is sure to turn men’s eyes to women’s legs. This can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. The latter statement is true only if the mistress of the scarlet design does not comply with the main rule of beautiful nails. This is the care of them.

And if this point is all right, then the eye-catching coating is a business card of a successful, self-sufficient, and most importantly – luxurious woman.

Red is a color of the classic palette that stands up to both casual looks and evening outfits, and of course, seductive first date attire.

Pink Pedicure Design

Pink coating, despite its cuteness, is a dangerous weapon against male impregnability. After all, the stronger sex is often characterized by its conservatism – so it rejects the red manicure, for its defiant nature or black nail polish, as aggressive and gloomy. And pink is very soft, warm and attractive.

In addition, it suits absolutely all women. If, for example, the lady is distinguished by a white skin, then she should give preference to light shades of pink. But the bright variations of this color are more suitable for sultry swarthy women.

In addition, the pink palette is combined with almost all other colors. Pink with gray – business classics, pink with black – youthful fervor, pink with white – elegant tenderness, finally, pink with green – vacation at the sea.

Azure Pedicure Design

Women’s toes with pedicure blue is a neutral option for all seasons and all ages of the wearer.

The color azure looks great in any nail art, combines with rhinestones and sequins, perfectly suits the style of ombré, as it harmonizes with green, and pink, and black, and even with red.

Depending on the chosen design and complementary colors, blue will suit a woman’s casual look, a business suit, a holiday and even an evening gown.

This color, despite its cool belonging, can be attributed to delicate tones that make the nails look neat. Therefore, a manicure in blue design is sure to please your man.

Coral Pedicure Design

This relatively new color in the realm of foot aesthetics is somewhat similar to the close palette of pink. And yet it differs in its unusual, juicy hue.

According to experts in the field of psychology, the coral color attracts people who lack positive emotions. Therefore, this nail design is the best pedicure for women whose elected representatives work hard and hard, have little rest and enjoy life in general.

However, the ladies themselves will be just as happy with the coral coating, because in addition to its beauty, the color wonderfully hides all the flaws of the nail plate. In addition, the presented shade looks expensive in a moderate combination with rhinestones or sequins.

Lucky Yellow

A yellow pedicure is undoubtedly a summer design for ladies’ toes that will please the eye and create a fun casual atmosphere. Plus, the masters of the nail industry recommend performing a yellow coating to girls who are romantic, energetic and bold. After all, only such a woman will risk surprising her chosen one with a yellow pedicure.

However, you should know that yellow nail polish is able to accentuate the degree of grooming of the feet and visually expand the nail plate. At the same time, the combined or single-color yellow perfectly hides the unevenness and even small cracks in the nails.

The Worst Pedicure

In the pursuit of fashion trends sometimes ladies do not see the difference between the experimental works of nail-art masters and what is most acceptable for everyday life. And how men look at women’s nails, women sometimes do not think about it.

  1. The most unnatural and, frankly, ugly, in their opinion, the design of the toes can be called a pedicure with incredibly long nails.

If the length of the nail plate exceeds a couple or three millimeters, it is uncomfortable and even dangerous to wear such a manicure. After all, on the street and even at home there is a risk of tripping or accidentally catching on the underlying objects. In the best case, the nail will have a crack, in the worst case, the nail can be torn off.

  1. The fabulous shapes of stilettos would suit movie witches and sorceresses, but not the charming girl who wants to win a man’s heart.

Such an aggressive form of nails simply on simply disfigure your feminine image and scare away a man. Similarly look nails in the form of a trapezoid or long square nails with sharp corners.

  1. Floral and other molding in excess looks ridiculous and tasteless.

And after all, members of the stronger sex like girls who are stylish, beautiful and moderately soft images.

  1. Do not mix in nail art nails several different styles of design.

The result will be appreciated neither by your chosen one, nor by your observant girlfriends.

  1. Finally, too bright colors or the combination of several poisonous shades in tandem with jewelry like rhinestones will produce a similar effect.

The maximum contrast with appropriate attire that an extravagant woman can afford is a red and black design. And it is better to observe the maximum neatness and naturalness. After all, this pedicure is in fashion today and in the eyes of the favorite men.

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