What Is Banana Powder And What Is It For

Banana powder has become popular for ordinary customers quite recently. But this product has existed for a long time in the cosmetics market. And makeup artists use it quite actively.

Banana Powder: What Are Its Characteristics?

Banana powder is a pressed or crumbly powder with a light yellow hue.
First, a foundation or concealer is applied to the skin. And then, to hide skin imperfections, such as dullness or redness, the powder is used. It can matte the skin, conceal the color effect, hide fine wrinkles, and fix the makeup throughout the day.

There is no tropical fruit in the banana powder. But it gives off a light fruity aroma of banana. Unlike other powders, the banana powder does not create a mask on the face. It lies naturally.
The powder is suitable for any skin tone, as it can adjust to any complexion. It doesn’t leave a yellow tint on your face. On the contrary, it becomes transparent, changing your skin tone for the better.

According to their format, the powder is divided into three types: compact, loose, and cream.

Banana Powder: A History Of Its Origins

The era of standard contouring is over. Such a technique has been replaced with baking makeup. It has become a trend, especially among celebrity makeup artists. It can be used to create not only professional but also long-lasting makeup.
First, the face is applied tonal cream, which abundantly sprinkles the powder on the protruding parts of the face. This is the line of the lower jaw, the area under the eyes, and the line of the nose. Excess powder is brushed off with a brush.

Kim Kardashian’s famous makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, uses banana powder to create quality makeup.

How To Identify Quality Banana Powder

  1. It should be a neutral creamy yellow color. This color suits most skin tones.
  2. Have a fine grind. Then it will ideally spread on the skin and fix the makeup.
  3. Never smudge after two hours of application.
  4. Apply well over liquid textures, i.e., do not leave any smudges.

List Of The Best Banana Powders

It is the natural desire of every girl to have perfect skin. Let’s look at the most popular brands of powder below.

Ben Nye Banana Powder

This brand applies perfectly. Helps to remove residual oily shine. Smooth the skin, making it silky smooth. The product is suitable for any skin type without emphasizing flakiness. It is the most popular with beauty bloggers. Even if the skin is very dull after applying the powder, it takes on a healthy color.
Because its particles are medium-sized, it is weakly matte.

Makeup Revolution Luxury Powder Banana

Professional powder based on mineral particles. This brand will allow you to achieve a photoshop effect. It has a unique, light texture. Applies an even, natural layer without creating a mask effect. It perfectly hides redness and enlarged pores. Easy to use packaging, you can unscrew the lid, pour the powder into it and use a brush to blend evenly.

MUA Professional Loose Powder Banana Bake

This is a budget-friendly version of loose powder but has universal qualities. It does not contain talcum powder. It is not tested on animals, so it is a great option for those fighting for animal rights. The unique formula makes it easy to apply and lasts a long time. It is suitable for all skin types. It has a weightless and delicate texture. The product includes three shades.

Lamel Professional Insta Powder

A budget-friendly cosmetic product from the British brand Lamelle. Suitable for use in hot weather. It can quickly mattify your face and make your skin velvety. It has the subtlest banana scent. Does not leave white spots on your face.
It is in high demand because it is very persistent. The makeup after using the powder can last all day.

Eveline Cosmetics Matt My Day Banana Powder

This brand is a Polish brand. It is not inferior to its competitors. It is an excellent product for maintaining even heavy makeup.
It perfectly whitens the protruding areas on the face and removes greasy shine. Suitable for baking and is the perfect finish to a classic makeup look.
After the application of the powder, the face becomes well-groomed and healthy. It does not weigh the face down or make it uncomfortable.

How do I summarize this article?

If ordinary powder creates white spots, two hours after applying the powder, makeup begins to flow, and there is a feeling of discomfort on the skin; banana powder can help get rid of these flaws.
Its creamy yellow universal shade, suitable for any color type, will quickly remove the signs of fatigue, minor imperfections, and even skin relief.
The powder can be perfectly applied both with a brush and a powder puff.

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