What Colours Of Clothes Make You Look Larger And Thinner

Women with a bouffant shape are used to the main rule: black makes the figure slimmer, and white is the contrary. Therefore, people are forced to wear dark colours in order not to look even bigger, but this closet is not limited. Each colour visually corrects the figure. How to combine things to show a slender figure advantageously?

Light And Dark

Light and dark shades, not only in clothing but also in accessories, can reduce or increase the size of the figure. Even the colour of the hair, which forms the silhouette of the face, influences this. The white colour in clothing has many waves of light diverging from the sides. The boundary between the lighter shade and others is blurred, making objects appear much larger. Light rays are absorbed by black. Its borders are not blurred, clearer than white things, and as a result, objects look smaller.

Gray is the optimal and flexible color, because the image looks clearer with black things and more voluminous with white things. The contrast is not lost, unless influenced by external factors. Gray in clothing will slim during the day (less than black), but in the evening can also make you look fat.

Each colour has its range of hues, from cool to warm. They are also affected by the law of light reflection to a greater or lesser extent. In relation to the warm dark shades, the lighter ones almost always disadvantage the person.

Here are a few tips for choosing dark and light colours:

  • Flaws in the figure will remove the narrowing and expanding effects in the form of drawings of certain colours.
  • Women who are used to wearing black to reduce the look can also wear medium colours – all shades of gray.
  • The literate contrast of white and black can transform the figure beyond recognition. Other contrasting combinations in clothing are also effective.

Glossy Or Matte

Satin has earned a reputation for being a luxurious and rich fabric, so most women have such a dress to the floor in their closets. Visually, this fabric makes the figure larger. Therefore, any glossy shade is undesirable for the figure’s imperfections, as it emphasizes the inaccuracies of the figure.

Matte shades absorb light and can make the figure look smaller, the main thing is to choose the right color. It is best if it is muted and elegant (gray, blue, brown, burgundy, marsala, dark purple).

Cold And Warm

To look slimmer, it is better not to wear clothes with the predominant colour yellow, orange, red and pink. Anyone wearing this colour will look bulkier.

  • Choose cool shades for yourself. This will enrich the “black” closet with new colours: green, blue-green, blue, blue and purple.
  • In addition to the figure, some shades of blue perfectly conceal age, making a few years younger, and it also depends on the colour of the hair – the lighter they are, the younger the woman looks.
  • Pink and red often have a detrimental effect on the figure, so it is better to give preference to purple and blue things.

The more saturated the colour, the more the boundaries of the figure are blurred when dressed in such an outfit. If the palette of colours is yellow, then for puffy forms, it is preferable to choose mustard, saturated lettuce or green – a colour close to the marsh.

Black has a suitable alternative – a cool black and blue shade. It is different from achromatic: it has more freshness, richness and spiciness. The outfit is suitable for a festive or casual day with a favourable combination. As a complement, the suit has juicy and bright accessories: a handbag, shoes, belt, and necklace. For harmony, choose purple, burgundy, gold, green, azure calm, brown, medium beige and lilac colours.

Bright Shades For Body Shaping

Malachite colour. Exotic and sophisticated – it looks great on a full figure. It will not make the shape look smaller, but it will become more appetizing and expressive. It is a universal shade: at the same time inconspicuous and festive, it looks harmonious with delicate orchid pink, juicy raspberry, sand or mustard, pale green, turquoise, gentle chocolate, light lilac and subtle beige.

Cherry colour. Exotic interpretation of the red colour eliminates the defects of the figure. Immediately softens the silhouette. The shade advantageously emphasizes a slender figure and does not let flaws appear. Rounded forms, in this case, will seem dignified if not to apply shiny elements on this background. Looks favourably with black, bright pink, camel, gray-blue, green-blue, emerald, light brown, lilac and mustard.

Silver peony as well as beige and pink. The novelty in colour offered by Panton has become one of the fashion leaders of the spring-summer season. Although the colour is delicate, in combination with the right shapes of clothes and shades elongates the silhouette. It is more suitable for warm seasons, not for office wear. Beige-pink suits warm pink shades, orange-red, orange sorbet, the colour of fresh greens, aquamarine, denim blue, milk chocolate, bright lilac and light gray.

Cold Green. Fills only on satin fabrics. Designed to be worn both in the office and on vacation. When combined with shiny clothes, it lengthens expressively but does not slim the figure. Looks bright and distracts from unnecessary details. Gray-green is distinguished in combination with bright red, pink, olive, yellow-orange, blue-green, dark gold, silver and rose-purple.

Rules For Combining Colors In Clothing

Slim not only separates colours but their combination with the whole image, hair and accessories.

  1. The vertical stripe has long been out of fashion. However, it’s worth turning to this method for a slimmer figure – the stripe doesn’t make you look skinny but elongates the figure.
  2. Do not tuck the blouse into jeans or classic pants. It “cuts” the body, making it more voluminous.
  3. You can dress in anything dark, but it catches the eye. Black should be diluted with bright accessories to look individual. Regarding young women, if one part of the figure (top or bottom) is prominent, you should equalize the figure. For example, black bottom and a bright top or a solid black swimsuit with a small unobtrusive pattern.
  4. The skirt’s correctly chosen form visually draws the silhouette. Often even pants can not achieve a similar effect.
  5. Hair colour is also important. Blondes always look slimmer than girls with darker hair colour.

How To Visually Gain A Few Pounds

  • Warm light shades that are combined with shiny and bright patterns and accessories.
  • Wear shiny tops or skirts: materials with sequins, patent leather, satin fabrics, fabrics with lurex.
  • Screaming juicy colours.
  • For skinny tops, shiny blouses or voluminous designs will do.
  • Choose dresses with horizontal stripes and white shades, but you should be careful with accessories, especially the belt.
  • Excessive thinness is concealed by white pants and a bright top (lettuce, fuchsia). The swimsuit should have a bright print.
  • Do not wear capri pants or breeches. Better wear classic, but not tight-fitting light jeans.

It is possible to be feminine and beautiful with any shape. The main thing is to choose the right colour and not be afraid to open up. The shape and shade of the outfit will help to enrich the image and the closet.

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