What Are The Most Convenient Tools For Eyebrows: Overview Of Types And Functionality

Correct accents on eyes and their framing allow correcting the face oval. That’s why tools for eyebrows and eyelashes are in demand by both masters and amateurs of home care. Professionals use classic manual, automatic, and electric instruments, which are also convenient for domestic use.

What Tools Are Available For Eyebrow Correction

Dozens of tweezers are used to give this sensitive area a beautiful shape, differing in configuration, degree of edge sharpening, length and outline of handles. Their main purpose – pulling excess hairs and creating an even line. Some types have handles like scissors – such a design facilitates capturing unwanted vegetation.

If you do not have tweezers, you can pluck eyebrows with a special epilator, which perfectly copes with thin, colourless hairs and provides a long-term effect of the procedure. The portable device mustn’t irritate delicate skin; it has special attachments for working with eyebrows.

When choosing an epilator, you should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Number of revolutions – the speed of getting rid of vegetation directly depends on this indicator;
  • If there are 2-3 speeds, it will be easier for the skin to get used to the action;
  • Battery-powered devices are more mobile;
  • Additional attachments for massage and exfoliation are welcome;
  • The cold air option allows you to reduce the painful sensations;
  • The built-in illumination helps to pluck hairs when there is not enough natural light.

Tweezers and eyebrow scissors allow you to perform a light haircut – such manipulation is dictated by the fashion for wide, even stripes. Blades should be sharp, they need to be sharpened every six months. The tools need to be carefully stored.

A special ruler for eyebrows is shaped like a soft stencil. Millimetre divisions help to form symmetrical “wings.” This device was borrowed from the arsenal of tattoo artists. The transparent plastic base accentuates the details. The paint on it must be resistant to disinfectants.

Eyebrow tweezers

This is the most common device used to correct the shape. The main criterion of choice is the material from which the product is made. Compared to plastic variations, steel ones are more convenient and durable. They are adapted to intensive use and frequent sterilization.

The products can have two types of design: the first looks like a pair connected by soldering panels, they can be used permanently, and the second – is compact scissors, with their help, you can pull out only single hairs. They are available with straight, bevelled, pointed and needle-shaped working edges.

Eyebrow Raisfeder

The tool is easy to use and has an uncomplicated design. Its key components are two plates joined by a screw and springs – they provide adjustment of the working gap. The device has a convenient handle, which does not obstruct the view during eyebrow modelling.

The Things To Look For

Reisfeder for eyebrows is made of glass or metal. In the second case, it is equipped with a wrench handle – so the adjustment is carried out and becomes more convenient to pluck. It is desirable to prefer a high-quality steel product so that the metal is not destroyed by contact with disinfectant solutions and is not afraid of corrosion.

Cheap variations are not adapted for cosmetic purposes. They can only be used for their direct purpose – for drawing. The middle segment, on the other hand, consists of rulers that exhibit durability and functionality.

There are requirements for the working tip:

  • The surface must be flat. Chips and nicks are unacceptable because they can hurt the delicate skin in the eyelid area, traumatize up to the scar;
  • Working panels must be symmetrical and move without a gap. The absence of a gap allows you to remove stumps with the root, which is difficult to do with ordinary tweezers.

The handle serves as a counterweight for the metal moving part, it is important that it fits comfortably in the palm and is ergonomic.

Instructions For Use

First, you need to outline the future borders of the “wing” with the help of a stencil, for example, or a pencil. Particular attention should be paid to individual features desirable to disguise – we are talking about the spacers and small scars.

Compared to tweezers and epilators, the epilator pulls hairs more painfully, although it also clamps them. To reduce the discomfort, it is recommended to pre-heat your face in a bath or shower and make a lotion with essential oils. The heat promotes the opening of pores, making the hair easier to remove.

An action guide:

  1. The skin should be cleaned of dirt and makeup with foam or gel, then gently wiped with a clean towel.
  2. Apply oily cream to the area to be treated and comb the hairs with a brush along their growth.
  3. To draw the future shape, you can use a contrasting cosmetic pencil.
  4. For all hairs that were outside the lines, you must consistently pull out.
  5. After the excess vegetation is removed, the pencil should be wiped off, and the skin disinfected.

You should be prepared for the fact that the procedure will take a long time, but as a result of such painstaking work a perfectly clean skin without hairs torn at the root.

Features Of Tweezers

When choosing the shape of tweezers, please focus on the structure of the hairs and their density. Bevelled and straight variations help correct eyebrows that consist of stiff, coarse hairs – they are usually difficult to pull out the first time. The edge can be corrected with a needle-shaped tool – it details the lines without capturing the excess.

Thick areas needing thinning are treated with models with a sharpened edge. This device captures hairs point by point and removes single copies from the central part to pull out the growing “stumps” left after the previous care session. The mechanical rulers have a more complicated design, supplemented with built-in lighting.

The main advantage of using tweezers is acceptable pain and correction speed. Still, the successful result depends on practice, skill, light, and preliminary skin preparation.

Eyebrow Plucking Devices

The fundamental difference between the variations presented below is not only the shape, but the functionality and specificity of the application are important here. The tweezers are divided into pointed and straight, with bevelled edges, illumination and automatic movement.


Such a tool for eyebrow correction is unsuitable for everyone because when you use it, you need to hold it at right angles to the hairs. This simple wide instrument was very common 20-30 years ago, is still found today and is notable for its cheapness.


Tweezers must be used carefully. They are dangerous for injuries. The design provides for sharp working ends. If handled carelessly, they can damage the skin. The main advantage of the solution is the possibility of a point effect: the hairs are plucked one by one, making the eyebrow design more convenient.

With a bevelled edge

These are the most comfortable eyebrow tweezers to use. They grab several hairs at a time and create high-quality rows. They are often used in tandem with thin models. With them, it is easier to monitor the correctness of vegetation removal.


It is used very rarely due to its high cost. It requires professional handling. The plucking procedure here is characterized by the promptness and high efficiency, with less painful sensations accompanying it.


The tool is in demand in dim light. It highlights the right areas and helps to grab hairs. The product is practically useless in natural daylight because it produces highlights.

Review Of Tools For Eyelash Extensions

Tweezers for cosmetic eyelash extensions are made of stainless steel, the best-proven Japanese low-carbon – it is light, durable, and can withstand multiple disinfection and sterilization. The master kit includes curved and straight models, each with specific functions.


They help to hold the base and are used in the classic extensions method. Tweezers with two shoulders are suitable for left-handed people, with one shoulder – for those who are used to keeping their hands straight when working with eyelashes. If the tip is curved, the tool helps to fix tapes and bundles. It grabs several hairs at once.


Necessary for decorative modelling and adding volume. The special working end can grip all kinds of cosmetic materials for extensions.

At a 45° angle

The series has a convenient semi-curved shape. The length of the spout, in this case, does not exceed 5 mm. Thanks to a specific design, the device accurately highlights lashes and helps to laminate them. The functionality is comparable to the capabilities of straight lashes.

At an angle of 65°

Products are in demand to create volume from the ribbon. In collecting eyelashes in a bundle, the master moves the tweezers parallel to the ribbon. For convenience, it is recommended to hold the tweezers with a slight inclination.

90° angle

The device should also move parallel to the band. With its help, the collection of lashes can be carried out in the hands. This is a universal tool for the volumizing technique.


Create hypervolume. Bundles can be formed in the hands and from the tape. The device is important for the 3D method of extensions.

Professionals also use hooks and boots (hatchets). They facilitate the processing of capricious and complex materials designed for volumetric lash modelling.

How To Choose A Quality Tool

The determining factor is always the future shape of the eyebrows – a comfortable model is chosen for it.

What to look at in the store:

  • on the method of design of the working edge – the tightness of the adjoining plates, configuration, the presence of a bend or angle, and the width of the operating edge;
  • on the material – moving parts should be made of stainless steel, Rubberizedinserts are welcome to prevent slipping;
  • on the mechanism – universal manual, backlit, automatic.

Beginners should not be guided solely by brand fame, as more important is the ergonomics of the device, otherwise the hand will quickly tire.

How To Take Care Of The Instrument

After the procedure, all instruments must be rinsed under running water, disinfected and sterilized. Professionals have dry-heat, glasperlene, and ultraviolet machines in their arsenal. A small glasperlene sterilizer or quartz lamp is needed to take care of metal devices in the home.

For those items you plan to carry with you, you need to buy covers so they do not come into contact with the contents of the cosmetic bag. An artisan can only repair the deformed tweezers. Here, it is necessary to resort to straightening, straightening.

The ends of the tool inevitably get blunt. It must be sharpened every six months. At home, sandpaper comes in handy – you need to use it to work on both panels.

Possibilities Of Using The Eyebrow Trimmer For Eyebrow Correction

The eyebrow trimmer is comparable in size to a ballpoint pen, and for all its compactness, it does an excellent job. The key difference between the trimmer and similar in-value tweezers and epilator is functionality: the device is not adapted to pluck hairs. It trims them evenly. Owners of sensitive skin will appreciate this type of exposure.

Machines are classified into female and male. The latter is designed not only for trimming eyebrows but can also be used on hard-to-reach areas such as behind the ears and in the shells in the nasal cavity. With a trimmer, it’s easy to keep your mustache and beard looking neat.

Another criterion for selecting the device is the type of power, it can be mains, battery, combined. The model, equipped with a battery, is able to work in a row for 50-60 minutes, this period is enough for a cosmetic procedure. But it should be remembered that the lower the battery level, the slower the rotation of the blades – this condition has an impact on the result.

The main units are optimal for those who are accustomed to caring only at home and do not care about the device’s mobility. The series having a mixed power supply method is the most expensive, but they, as well as torsional devices, do not guarantee high-quality results.

Manufacturers make movable parts of trimmers from stainless steel, plastic and ceramic. In the latter case, the machines are very convenient for home use. They do not require lubrication and are undemanding in care.

A Few Things To Know About Eyebrow Styling And Tinting

To correct the colour and density of the vegetation, coloured gels, special powders, matte shadows of gray-brown tone, pencils, and waxes are used.

The essential styling brushes can look like a compact mascara application tool with a short handle. They come with gel products. The object distributes cream and powder cosmetics, combing hairs simultaneously thanks to stiff bristles. The model perfectly shades the pencil, and as a result, the hairs get an even natural colour.

Manufacturers offer versatile miniature combs that are convenient for styling eyelashes and eyebrows. They are equipped with thin plastic teeth on one side and nylon bristles on the other. The latter is indispensable for applying wax and gel cosmetics, giving a single direction to the hair.

Steps Of Shape Correction

It is desirable to arrange the workplace near a window, where the daylight is most intense. In this case, thin hairs will be visible, easier to grasp, and easier to outline a harmonious shape and density. All tools that will be involved in the process should be disinfected. The skin should also be wiped with a disinfectant to minimize the likelihood of infection.

The future borders are marked with a white cosmetic pencil.
It is necessary to put a pencil and mentally draw three lines, leaving one key point on the skin:

  • from the wings of the nose to the forehead, crossing the inner corner of the eyelids – this is the beginning of the eyebrow;
  • from the nose through the iris is the place of harmonious curvature;
  • From the nose to the forehead through the outer corner of the eyelids is where the eyebrow line should end.

You will need cotton pads with lotion, a magnifying mirror and a brush to swipe away hairs.
To reduce pain during the procedure, use the fingers of your free hand to pull the skin over your eyebrow a little tighter. You can find analgesic creams and gels in pharmacies that can help those with sensitive skin. Warm compresses can soften the epidermis – hairs will be easier to remove. The opposite approach – rubbing the area with an ice cube – can dull the pain.

Round and square faces are suitable for eyebrows with a pointed tip and a harmonious smooth line. Owners of an oval silhouette should have straight and slightly curved forms with a sharp end. An elongated face can balance and slightly expand straight eyebrows and neat rounded lines look beautiful on a triangular face. With any initial data it is important to keep the density of the vegetation, as narrow “drawn” stripes above the eyes are not in fashion long ago.

Eyebrow Makeup With The Use Of Stencils

The templates are used in tandem with powders, matte shadows, and wax, providing a natural fixation of the hairs. Stencils are plastic cards with a cut out outline of eyebrows. The set includes 4-6 copies, differing in shape, thickness and curvature.

Beginners are offered templates with straps. Velcro fixes the latter on the back of the head – thanks to such a design, it is easier to “draw” symmetrical eyebrows. The Korean and Chinese variations look like masks fixed on the nose. More common are disposable models, which are fixed with tape or plaster.

The eyebrows can completely change a girl’s facial expression. That is why it is important that they be well groomed and properly shaped. Today you can do this at home, as there is a wide range of tools available in stores.

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