Wedge Heels Are A Fantastic Combination Of Sophistication And Comfort

A win-win choice of shoes to create a stylish summer look – sandals on a wedge. Hot days it is pleasant to stroll in open shoes, which is comfortable and looks beautiful. Consider the features and advantages of such models, let’s analyze elegant images for everyday and evening events.

What Is A Wedge Heel

This practical summer shoe option looks both elegant and unconventional. The wedge heel, a special detail that combines the heel and the sole, helps to combine these features.

The width and height of the wedge can be different. But it is without a doubt a stable and comfortable pair of summer shoes.

In contrast to the wedge heel, the platform has a flat sole without elevation and often looks rough. That’s why most fashionable women prefer products on a wedge heel.

The sandals are stable and look gorgeous on skinny girls, as well as chubby ones.

Here’S What You Need To Know About Wedge Heels

Women’s shoes are available in a variety of models for recreation, everyday use, and professional image. A universal solution – sandals on the wedge, which can simultaneously look discreet and gentle. The model has many advantages:

  • The variety of shapes, shades, finishes allows you to easily combine shoes with summer outfits;
  • Thanks to the different height of the wedge, you can choose comfortable shoes for long walks around town or elegant version of the sandals on a high platform for a festive event.

Cork, rubber and wood wedges are trending. The materials used in natural products are very comfortable to wear and always look great. Interesting solutions are obtained by combining materials.

The Different Types Of Platforms

The practicality and durability of sandals is determined by the quality of the material and the shape of the sole. The Wedges are one-piece soles with a wedge shape.

The classic version – a thin sole under the toe zone becomes thicker/higher towards the heel and turns into a heel. Heel heights can be different.

In more common and popular models (Platform Wedge) wedge is combined with a platform. These sandals look bulky because of the monoblock sole.

But this is the most comfortable option for high-heeled shoes, which will be comfortable all day long. You just need to choose models with a high platform.

Stylish Wedge Sandals For Women

Manufacturers surprise fashionistas with a wide selection of models. A universal option – shoes with a medium wedge. Such products are appropriate in any style closet and are suitable for all occasions. We can highlight some of the most popular models.

On a high wedge heel

High-heeled shoes take pride of place in a woman’s closet. The absolute pluses of sandals:

  • Visually silhouette seems higher and slimmer, it is a suitable shoe option for short fashionistas;
  • Summer shoes with a heel gives a sexy, sophisticated look;
  • Any models are effectively combined with clothes of several styles.

When choosing such shoes, you must also take into account their disadvantages. Models with a heel higher than 7 cm cause immediate fatigue and discomfort. It is necessary to move very carefully on products with a thick platform and high heels, as the risk of injury is likely.

Must have – tractor heel sandals. The shoes look unusual, but provide maximum comfort and are universally suitable for young fashionistas who choose an active lifestyle. The tractor layer protects feet from overload and rough roads. Because of the relief of the sole, this shoe provides reliable traction on the road surface as well as a low risk of falling on smooth floors.

On the low

These are versatile models for long walks in the city, because the wedge is well cushioned. Therefore, these sandals are also comfortable to wear all day at work. Products seamlessly fit into classic style closets. Ideal option – neutral colors (black, beige, blue, white).

Accessories in the same color as the shoes stylishly complete the image. Straight linen pants are combined with a white shirt, beige sandals on a low wedge and a light brown strap.

Natural leather is often used for the interior trim, insole. Models with synthetic leather uppers are inexpensive, well ventilated and comfortable to wear. As a rule, most products have an open toe and heel.

However, it is mistaken to think that such sandals are appropriate only in the closets of older or mature women. Designers offer original products for young fashionistas.

Stylish solution – natural silver leather sandals with black wedge heel. Wide knitted elastic band inserts give the shoe an unconventional look and a comfortable fit to the feet.

A popular solution is sandals in a sporty style. More classic sandals on a wedge heel with one connecting band. Original look models are almost completely closed (open toe and heel). Small inscriptions with rhinestones or brand logos give the shoes a slight glamorous touch. These models fit perfectly into diverse closets, except for business looks.


Versatile sandals look organic in a fashionable closet. Girls can wear elegant shoes for a business meeting and to spend time with friends. Pumps are the most common model. Fashion sandals on a wedge differ from the usual shoes in the presence of cutouts on the sides and a strap that fixes the shoe and fastens at the ankle.

Style with closed-toe sandals and pants of any style, long sundresses or skirts.

A casual model – black sandals with textile openwork toe, stiff heel and wide braid ties. Unusual wedge heel with woven jute trim visually adds lightness to the pair. Walking on a rubberized sole provides stability and comfort. Thanks to the openwork fabric, it provides ventilation and coolness to the feet. The shoes fit organically into summer looks in boho and ethno styles and go beautifully with linen and cotton clothes.


Genuine leather products are always relevant. Shoes look organic in closets of any style and please the mistress with a well-groomed look for more than one year. Designers every season pleasantly surprise fashionistas with extraordinary sandals on a wedge, although some models retain the leadership for more than one season:

  • Animalistic print is successfully combined with a solid sole. Original motifs are reflected in embossing, embroidery, textures.
  • The nude range confidently retains its leading position. And it is not surprising, because the natural shade of shoes is organically combined with the colour palette of clothing. High wedge sandals visually make your legs look longer. Silhouette seems slimmer, the image slips a touch of aristocracy.
  • Straps and bindings are a fashionable attribute of summer shoes.

During the hot season, we can’t do without juicy shades. Red, yellow, blue, green – any shade of shoes will go well with denim, cotton, and linen.

On a woven wedge heel

Sandals on a wedge with woven trim are a staple of the last few seasons. Raffia bags and knitted ribbons are stylish companions to summer shoes.

An upper of textile and suede perfectly complements the light trim wedge. Products with contrasting palettes (sand sole, black top) and models with neutral colours appear bright. Espadrille sandals with closed toes and high-rise bindings are in trend.

Colors You Can Choose From

Now it is no longer relevant to choose a purse and shoes of the same colour. However, each pair of shoes is unique and requires a harmonious combination with things. There is always a fashion for shoes in neutral colours (black, white, beige). Thanks to a variety of textures, the products take on a casual or festive look.

Leather models are practical, easy to care for and combine well with different things. A fashionable trend is the suede wedge sandals, in which the heel and platform are also covered with fabric.

Sandals on a wedge are interesting because the accent colour element can be the sole. The top is presented in a neutral color scheme. A successful option – cream sandals on a wedge heel, decorated with cream and blue geometric print. A model like this is organically paired with a cream monochrome wardrobe, clothes made from denim.

Juicy fashion shades (marsala, coral, blue, pink) look vibrant. With such models, you should carefully build up colour concepts of images.

It is desirable that the sandals on a wedge heel were the only bright accent in the closet, composed of things of neutral colours (black dress, dark gray shorts with a silver-coloured top). Models of shoes in pastel colours (mint, blurry blue, lavender) are still relevant.

Materials You Can Choose From

Each season, designers offer a stylish collection of sandals. When sewing shoes, artificial and natural materials, all kinds of combinations:

  • In particular demand are sandals made of genuine leather. Models on a wedge provides comfort and convenience, for a long time keeps well-groomed beautiful look. It is easy to choose models for everyday, business or holiday images.
  • Exquisite solution – suede. Shoes of bright coloured shades look organically in solemn images. Products of neutral colour palette stylishly complement everyday images.
  • An excellent option – summer shoes made of textile. Unobtrusive denim sandals blend seamlessly into everyday looks.

Colorful pieces are embellished with transparent silicone inserts and leather applications.

The material of the wedge also matters. Cork looks effective in boho and ethno images. Natural cork is wear-resistant and lightweight material. Are still popular products with soles, trimmed with jute strings or pigtails. Such sandals look effective in summer looks and are originally complemented by straw hats and bags, knitted from raffia, jute.

Wood is a traditional material that has been used since ancient times. The natural wooden sole is impractical, heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Manufacturers have solved the problem perfectly – the sole is made of lightweight polymer materials, stylized as wood.

Wedge Sandals: How To Choose One

Naturally, the wedge shoes must exactly match the size of the foot. To walk without discomfort, you need to choose the right shoe. Therefore, when buying a novelty, it is recommended to walk around for a few minutes. The foot should be firmly fixed and not “move” on the sole.

The quality of the shoe plays an imperative role. A stitched sole is the most suitable choice. Otherwise, the glued part can come off after a while (especially after rainy weather or regular wet cleaning). Securely stitched straps will ensure walking comfort and proper fixation of the shoe.

Non-tall fashionistas can choose a model on a platform, with a tall wedge. Such shoes visually draws the silhouette and go well with different clothes. The wedge heel up to 5-7 cm looks gorgeous on women with long legs.

It Goes With What And How To Wear It

Summer shoes bring a sense of lightness and freshness to the images. Therefore, to compose bright images, we use things made from natural and fine materials:

  • Denim mini skirts and short linen dresses of all styles will effectively complete the image.
  • Viscose dresses to the floor and flying chiffon maxi skirts are also organically combined with wedge shoes. This is a perfect choice for short girls.
  • Sandals stylishly combined with short shorts, as well as models of classical length.
  • The win-win combination of wedge shoes and jeans. The duo with short skinny jeans looks original. The flared things should be long enough to hide the heel.

Look festive in high wedge heels. Stylish images are obtained by combining suede sandals with things made of chiffon, linen, batiste, openwork fabrics.

Practical choice – sandals on a low wedge heel. Sports products are comfortable to travel in. Shoes are organically combined with shorts, leggings, T-shirts, loose shirts.

Images That Will Make You Smile

Dresses made from natural flowing fabrics are most commonly associated with hot summers. Models of clothing can be very different. A long chiffon dress in empire style (sleeveless) of heavenly shade will perfectly complement the black suede sandals. A set like this gives the owner of puffy forms a slimmer appearance. Linen dresses with original cuts are in style. And the blue model with a wide skirt will stylishly complement the silver shoes. To create a laconic look, wear a linen midi skirt with buttons, lush dark azure blouse, brown leather sandals.

The ideal companions for the wedge shoes will be short shorts and skirts. Similar looks look harmoniously on slim girls. Flawless solution for fashionistas of any level – culottes paired with feminine blouses and bright tops or t-shirts. A set of white clothes and shoes on wicker soles that look fresh.

Bows originally decorate the narrow and wide belts in the style of shoes or handbags.

Boyfriends, skinny, ripped – almost all styles of jeans are “friendly” with wedges. For a beautiful image, it is imperative to pay attention to proportions. Wear tight jeans with voluminous tops (loose tunics, T-shirts). Classic straight and flared jeans combined with narrow tops, fitted blouses or shirts.

Among the variety of shoe manufacturers, individual companies deserve attention. Each brand has its own handwriting, which is determined by the design of shoes, a combination of colours, the use of a certain decor.

Primadonna collection

The popular Italian brand produces a wide range of sandals. The shoes are characterized by their minimalist design and the use of metal decorations.

Bright and bold colours of the summer collection – a trademark of the brand. It is impossible to attribute the ultra-modern shoes to a particular style.

The sandals are trimmed in suede and have a wood-like finish. Elegant and sophisticated black leather sandals on a cork sole. Decorative bows add a touch of coquetry to the image.


The Italian brand produces comfortable shoes. Elegant sandals in a natural colour palette organically fit into cozy casual looks in boho, casual, ethno styles.

Designers take into account fashion trends – a large number of models have a woven wedge. The products are both feminine and beautiful with a light palette (white, sandy, blue) as well as a dark palette (blue, black, dark brown). Products in bright colours (pink, denim) look somewhat unconventional.

Sandals made of leather, decorated with bright textile inserts. With the woven strips, fabric wedge, and leather element on the heel, the mixture of materials on the wedge adds zest to the model. These sandals can be easily fastened on feet of any size thanks to the Velcro strap.


The company’s slogan is “Affordable Luxury”. And the models are positioned as products that combine the epatage of street fashion and exclusivity of fashion boutiques. The range includes shoes made of synthetic and natural leather. Fashionistas can easily create original summer images without spending a fortune on exquisite shoes.

Monochrome models are a stylish solution for creating understated casual looks. Originality shoes lacquered material. Extravagant models (with wedge of unusual shapes or combining contrasting materials) will give a sophisticated touch to evening looks.

Lorenzo Mari

Elegant models are made of suede, patent or matte leather. Barefoot shoes organically fit into a retro style closet. Casual models are not hard to find.

Elegant gold or silver products – perfect for luxurious holiday images. Neutral colour shoes (black, white, gray) organically blend into everyday laconic images.

The wedge heel is a comfortable and stylish option for creating memorable looks in several styles. Platform sandals provide a comfortable feeling during the day and are a worthy substitute for the classic stiletto.

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