Wedding Makeup

The wedding day is significant and exciting, so every bride wants to look irresistible. High-quality wedding makeup will help her with this. Its main task is to emphasize the advantages and hide the so-called flaws. In addition to cosmetics looking rested and fresh will help with thorough facial skin care, good nutrition, and sleep.
It is recommended to think in advance about the image with all the details, try on a dress and apply a trial makeup. Makeup for the wedding should be durable to withstand all the tests: not to be erased by the kisses of relatives and the groom, not to swim from the heat or tears of the bride, to last until the end of the celebration. The fun part is picking your perfect makeup.

How To Choose Wedding Makeup

To understand what your soul wants, you need to look at pictures on the Internet and choose a few of your favorites. At first, you can try to repeat the image yourself, using what you have in your cosmetic bag. But for the celebration, it is better to turn to the services of professional makeup artists and stylists. They are trained, experienced, and highly experienced. Therefore, it will not be difficult for them to determine the best option. Also, each master has the necessary skills and a set of decorative cosmetics, which greatly expands the possibilities.

The choice of makeup depends not only on the bride’s wishes but also on such factors:

  • a person’s color type (hair, skin, and eye color);
  • image;
  • wedding style.

Color Types

The foundation should perfectly match your skin tone. On light skin, you should apply cream or soft pink techniques. The foundation can be a peach or sandy shade if the skin is dark or tanned. It is essential to ensure that the face and neck colors are not different. Contouring will help outline the face’s shape and prevent the visual merging of the neck with the chin.

  • Girls with golden to red hair, brown eyes, and skin with a golden undertone look great with green and brown shadows and terracotta or salmon lipstick. Accentuate the glow of the skin with a golden highlighter.
  • The appearance of fair-skinned brides with blond hair and eyes from gray to brown shades will perfectly highlight the blue, chocolate, and beige shadows, pink blush, and lipstick scarlet or pink.
  • Pale-skinned individuals with black or brown hair and eyes of any color can choose shadows from bluish-gray to lilac and emerald. Bright pink, red or plum lipstick will be appropriate here. A pinkish tone for the face will make the appearance even fresher.
  • On girls with dark skin and dark hair, shadows of blue, turquoise, or gold colors will look advantageous, and ochre, bronze, gold, and terracotta on the lips will give a unique charm.

Trying out variants of makeup is better to take pictures with different lighting, to look at yourself from the side and understand how the image meets expectations and is in harmony with the style of the wedding and the outfit.

Any bride, one way or another, tries to keep up with trends to have a modern and stylish wedding. The wedding makeup trends for 2022-2023 say: more natural, calm shades. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do bright accents or graphic arrows. Makeup with an intense smoky eye and saturated lipstick will also be relevant. It’s just a question of colors and application technique.

Makeup in natural shades

This delicate, light version will make your face look sensual and sophisticated. It uses a minimum of makeup in natural colors. You can create an accent on the eyes through a small arrow, shimmer shadows, and false eyelashes. All the products on the face should be thoroughly blurred, so there are no sharp lines. This way, the image will turn out airy and elegant.

Emphasis on the lips

Bright or dark colors on the lips will attract attention and look great in the frame. You can choose a glossy or matte lipstick. Most importantly, it must be persistent. Tints, lip glosses, wine shades, and ombré techniques are widespread.

Emphasis on the eyes

Cat-eye” arrows are liked and suitable for almost everyone. You can do graphics or shaded. Fashion houses demonstrate a great combination of arrows and dresses, so paying attention to the arrows drawn with white eyeliner makes sense. Such an image is sure to be long remembered by the guests.


  • During the day, your face will be covered with oily shine. To avoid this, you do not need to apply powder constantly – it is enough to take with you matte wipes.
  • For permanent makeup, it is better to use permanent products and a fixing spray after applying them.
  • Nowadays, bright eyebrows are irrelevant, but it would be a mistake not to indicate them. The shade of the eyebrow product should be chosen to be slightly darker than the natural hair color. It is also necessary to fix the eyebrows with a special gel.
  • It is not necessary to choose a shadow under the color of the eyes. Then the eyes will lose their expressiveness. For example, for brown eyes, not brown shadows, but gold or green.
  • Any daytime makeup can be turned into evening makeup, But if you put on makeup in the morning, as an evening event – the photos will be strange, and the image will contradict itself. So it is better to make lighter makeup for the day and before the evening to add colors and other “weighting” elements.

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