Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers: Interesting And Simple Ideas

The wedding reception is probably the most significant event in the life of any girl. And, of course, you want to look special on this festive day. So that the wedding will be remembered as the most exciting event and the bride – as the most beautiful of women. There is a lot of trouble before the wedding day, and preparing your festive image is something that girls pay special attention to. The outfit, shoes, jewelry, beautiful hair, makeup, choice of the veil – everything should be on point and appropriate for the ceremony. In this list, the choice of hairstyle plays a significant role, as it is a necessary touch that gives integrity to the whole image and emphasizes the delicate beauty of the bride. It is very important to consider what kind of hairstyle you can do for the wedding. Wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers on both short, medium and long hair are now at the peak of popularity.

Wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers and veil

What To Consider

It is necessary to take into account the style of the bride’s dress when choosing a hairstyle. You can say that the choice of dress will depend on the hairstyle. If it is an airy dress, it is better to choose a gentle hairstyle, even if you have short curls. The hairstyle will be more elegant and calm if the dress is strict. Wedding hairstyles are decorated with various decorative elements on the hair: ribbons, beads, a beautiful veil, hairpins with jewelry, hoops with rhinestones, a wreath and other accessories. However, flowers are beyond competition, especially if the hairstyle is in the form of braids.

Hairstyle with curls and beige flowers – a great option for very long hair

To The Florist For Help

You can take roses, orchids, and narcissus to decorate your hair – they are especially advantageous for medium curls. Freesias, lilies and hyacinths also look very elegant. If you want to arrange a wedding hairstyle with flowers, it is better to ask for help from a florist. So you will be sure that the choice of flowers will be thought out in detail and selected in tone, and the flowers for the wedding will be fresh – with such preparation, the hair will delight you and your guests throughout the day.

Lively flowers in the hair look great without a veil

In addition, only a florist knows the special secrets that will allow the bride’s flowers not to lose their appearance all day. To do this, they should be treated in advance with a special solution.

Whether you decide to contact a florist stylist or choose your flowers – in any case, it is necessary to carefully think through the image completely, not excluding any details. It is important that the dress decoration, the bridal bouquet and your jewelry are in harmony with your hair and that there is a match with the veil.

Selection rules

  • If you have chosen large flowers, use no more than three pieces on the hair and a little for the decoration of the veil. Otherwise, the head may cause associations with the flowerbed.
  • When choosing, you need to consider the colour of your hair. Some flowers will not suit brunettes, and some will not suit blondes.
  • Do not use those flowers in the bride’s hair that you suspect will soon wilt, especially if they will be with a veil. They will not last the whole day if they have already started to lose their appearance. In this case, it is better to do with less than planned but to have a firm assurance that the flowers will not let you down.
  • It is required to consider the groom’s jewelry – pay attention to what he will have a boutonniere.
  • Do not combine large flowers with massive jewelry. Harmony is what matters, especially if you have short or medium curls.
  • Finish your hair with a strong fixing varnish – you must be sure of its durability.
  • Do not do your wedding hairstyle with flowers on freshly washed hair – it will not lay well and disintegrate. It’s best to wash your hair 24 hours before the ceremony.
  • Pay attention to the fixation of hair and flowers in it, even covered with a veil – it is necessary that the construction was strong because she will have to survive a lot: and the ceremony, a walk in the fresh air, and fun with the guests. It is necessary to fix even short and medium hair.
  • Brides, remember that in winter, it is better not to decorate the hair with delicate fresh flowers in the cold weather. Roses are resistant to strong cold – choose them, and they will be suitable for decorating the veil. Roses are good for both short and long braids.

White roses woven into the hair looks good on blondes

What Wedding Hairstyles Are Best Decorated With Flowers

Hairstyles that involve braiding. Decorating the braid with flowers is a win-win variant if the length of the hair allows it. In short – it can not work. Especially beautiful will look asymmetric braid on one side, covered with a veil. For long curls, such a hairstyle – that’s what you need. If you do not have experience in braiding such braids – you need to practice. Or use the services of a professional, which is probably best. In any case, it would be good to know: weave asymmetric braids on long or medium curls on the principle of the French braid – the strands are picked up on both sides and intertwined into one. It is important not to pull too tight. Such a braid should be somewhat careless, loose and quite voluminous. The flowers are woven into it as the braid is being shaped, so they must have long enough stems and match the style of the veil decorations.

Original wedding hairstyle with braids and flowers

Harnesses. Such wedding hairstyles with flowers are gaining rapid popularity. Remember that it is probably more difficult to weave flowers into this hairstyle than any other, as the plaits easily fall apart. When choosing this option, you can’t do without the help of a specialist, especially if the curls are short or medium. The most common and non-damaging ways to weave flowers into your hair are to decorate the ends of the curlers or to weave a large flower into the base.

For brunettes, suit flowers in bright colours.

If you have enough lush, voluminous and long hair, it is better not to use too many flowers so as not to overdo the volume because the veil also provides the use of flowers. Conversely, if the bride has thin hair – you can add flowers.

Which Flowers Are Better: Natural Or Artificial?

With proper preparation, if they have long and trimmed stems, live flowers will hold up perfectly all the eventful wedding day, even covered with a veil. If you have chosen artificial flowers, it is better to take calla lilies, lily of the valley, camellias or orange blossoms – the traditional fleur d’orange and weave them into long braids. And the skillfully made faux flowers, even at close examination, can not be distinguished from the real ones – and they certainly will not wilt and droop in the midst of fun.

A wedding hairstyle with artificial roses looks very natural

When decorating hairstyles with fresh flowers, it is important that the hairstyle itself is not too complicated and intricate, especially if the hair is short. Tender and lovely fresh flowers, matched with the colour of the veil, will match the airy and light look – simple, but elegant at the same time.

Live and artificial flowers will also look good as decoration in the form of a headband or decorated with a wreath. You can even replace a veil with such an elegant headband.

Wedding hairstyle with a wreath of fresh flowers for summer brides

In the 2015-2016 season, wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers are more relevant than ever, so feel free to choose such a hairstyle for the wedding – and you will be the most fashionable and elegant bride.

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