Wearing Classic Pumps: How To Choose And What To Wear

In addition to the variety of shoes, medium-heeled boat shoes are one of the main items in the closet and a true classic. What other women’s shoes can make your foot both fashionable, sexy, elegant and beautiful? Classic pumps are quite popular today. These models are an absolute symbol of femininity, which in the current fashion is interpreted in different ways. Such shoes look best with feminine skirts and dresses.

However, today’s trends offer very unexpected and sometimes paradoxical options, causing a special interest. You can choose lacquered and suede pumps, shoes made of leather and so on. They can be on a thick or thin, low or high heel. The pumps are worn with jeans, pants, dresses, skirts and the like.

So what to wear with pumps?

How To Choose?

  1. First of all, you should evaluate the materials from which women’s high heeled shoes are made. The best option – suede shoes or shoes made of leather. The fact is that such women’s shoes are comfortable for the feet, “breathe” and will be able to last long enough. However, it is possible to pick up the loafers made of fabric, but they should be quite dense and of high quality.
  2. The height of the heel is extremely important. Here everything depends on you. If high-heeled shoes scare you, then you should refuse this option, because the inability to move on them will look ridiculous. It is better to choose women’s shoes on a stable and thick heel, where the center of gravity is more evenly distributed.
  3. You should also take a closer look at the nose of the shoes. Classic women’s shoes have an elongated and pointed nose. Such a model will be best combined with formal and austere attire or spectacular evening dresses. In such a shoe legs will seem slimmer and longer. At the same time rounded toe will be more romantic and casual.
  4. If you want to reduce the volume of your legs, then use a simple method: choose a deep neckline, it will make your legs slimmer. However, you should not overdo it, because it will be difficult to walk in such shoes.
  5. If you want to be tall, then women’s suede shoes should have a high heel. However, too sharp rise of the foot – it is extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable. A small platform can help here, which will give a smooth transition from nose to heel.
  6. Be sure to try on your chosen patent red or suede shoes, assess the comfort, walk around. Stand in the shoes. If you are uncomfortable, then look for a version with a thick heel or low-heeled pumps.

Is There Anything To Go With It?

There are many variations of different combinations.

  1. Classic lacquered pumps in black with a not very high heel will go well with a strict business suit, ie with a fitted jacket slightly narrowed or straight pants. To such a suit is also chosen a strict blouse.
  2. Black pumps on high stiletto heels are a great option for a chic evening dress. If the dress will also be black, then the image will be very effective and mysterious. However, it is important to dilute such an image with bright accessories to avoid gloominess.
  3. Choosing red, yellow or blue shoes, you can try several ways. So you can check their combination with the dress by tone to achieve harmony. You can also choose one of the win-win combinations, for example, red and black, blue and yellow, brown and beige and some others. If you want to break stereotypes, you can play on contrasts by trying to combine the incongruous.
  4. Red pumps look incredibly sexy. Red shoes can be combined, for example, with black or white, cropped and skinny pants, with a blue skirt or dress. In addition, you can wear a beige or white suit (but not very strict).
  5. Shoes with round toe perfectly combined with a short skirt or shorts, it’s a great option for young people.
  6. Many people wear pumps with jeans. The best option is sexy skinny jeans. However, jeans in other styles are also available. For example, some people wear boyfriend jeans or straight jeans with classic stiletto ankle boots. This is quite creative and bold.
  7. Beige pumps with a medium heel will create a beautiful tandem with white pants or a light white dress.
  8. The pumps of almost any style are perfectly combined with cropped skinny pants.
  9. Skirts or dresses with a flared hem look great with shoes with rounded toes. If you want to wear a cocktail dress, then look out for romantic pumps with round toes on a thick stable heel.
  10. Classic suede shoes with a narrow nose is recommended to combine with a fitted jacket or coat, it will look feminine and elegant. And the rounded-toe pumps can be combined with a cardigan or leather jacket.

Fashionable Beige Pumps

Beige shades are in the epicenter of fashion today. Shoes of this colour must be in your closet. These can be suede shoes or leather shoes, options on a thick, low or high heel. Since these are just summer shoes, it is very critical to choose the right shade of shoes, which will best enhance your skin tone. Perfectly selected colour of the shoes should perfectly complement the shade of the skin. It is quite a simple method, but it perfectly elongates the legs.

Beige shoes will perfectly complement any bright outfit. Any shade of beige in the current trends can be paired with any shade of red. Clothing can be bright red or ruby in color. Even trouser suits of similar shades will look even more spectacular when paired with the specified shoes. Beige shoes look gorgeous in a varnished version. In other cases, it is worth choosing matte leather.

At the same time beige models are very versatile. They are great with jeans, pants, dresses and skirts. Any pastel clothing paired with beige shoes will work the most. You can safely mix any original shades of jackets, pants or tops – universal shoes perfectly balance such an outfit, giving it completeness. Increasingly, these models are also appearing in wedding fashion. When in the foreground it is necessary to show a luxurious dress, white shoes often add superfluous accents. At the same time, the neutral beige colour of shoes will make the bride’s outfit the center of attention.

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