Waxing Eyebrows At Home

Perhaps all girls dream of having perfect eyebrows. However, their correction with tweezers or depilatories can be called real torture, which can not withstand everyone. Fortunately, today it is not the only way to get rid of those annoying hairs. For a long time, specialists started using wax correction, and recently this procedure became fully available for home use.

Peculiarities Of Eyebrows Waxing

Waxing of eyebrows has been on the price lists of beauty salons for a long time. However, the peculiarities of this procedure for a long time prevented it from being done at home.

To do depilation, a woman can come to a professional salon and purchase the necessary components for home use. At the same time, it is possible to use the tools both for yourself and to provide services for correcting eyebrows at home.

What Is It

Wax-based compositions are used during the session. Their main property is to harden when cured, which allows the upper part of the hair to be securely fixed. When the mixture is removed from the skin’s surface, the wilted hairs are also captured, pulling out together with the formations, ensuring a long and beautiful result.

The Main Advantages Of Eyebrow Waxing

Changing your eyebrows with waxing offers several benefits:

  • Time-saving compared to tweezers;
  • Regular use helps to reduce the activity of hair growth;
  • One treatment lasts up to two months;
  • There are no side effects when used correctly.

In addition, some types of wax allow you to work not only with small, but also with coarse hairs. However, this procedure also has its disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Waxing Eyebrows

The negative sides of using wax can include the following:

  • Tpainful sensations accompany the procedure;
  • Modern products cope with both medium and large hairs, but hairs up to 4 mm long will remain in place.

All the disadvantages are outweighed by the speed of the procedure and good results. The main thing is to choose the right wax.

Types Of Wax

There is a wide variety of wax varieties on the market. Not all of them are designed for depilation. For example, modelling compositions are used for styling hair. Hair removal on eyebrows is done with hot, warm or cold wax.

Hot Wax

This wax should be heated before use, after which it becomes thick and viscous consistency. Then the product is applied to the desired area with a spatula. It is important to distribute the composition against the growth of the hairs.

Hot wax captures the hair and at the same time is most gentle on the skin. Due to these properties this type is used for eyebrow correction in the place of sensitive epidermis around the eyes.

Warm wax (low temperature)

This variety is sold in specialized stores. The product is a cartridge with interchangeable applicators. This form allows you to apply the composition to the skin comfortably. Like hot wax, low-temperature wax also needs to be heated before application. However, the temperature at which the wax acquires its properties is much lower.

Cold Wax

It is sold in the form of ready-made plates. For one use, remove two small strips soaked in the compound from the package and apply them to the area where the hairs will be removed.

It is important to lightly rub the wax strips to shape the eyebrows between the palms of your hands before use. Thanks to this, the composition will acquire the necessary temperature and better capture the hairs. Then it is enough to glue the product to the desired area and perform the removal procedure.

What Is The Procedure Like, And How Long Does It Last

The duration and method of the session depend directly on where exactly the girl decided to correct her eyebrows. In a salon or with a private master, the whole process can take up to half an hour. If you carry out the correction yourself, it takes more time, as it requires concentration and experience.

Does It Hurt

Waxing is painful. When you tear off the wax, several hairs are pulled out of the skin. However, this process takes only a few seconds, while plucking is painful, albeit less painful, for a longer period.

How To Make At Home

Every girl can do eyebrow correction with the help of wax at home. To do this, it is enough to follow a few steps and know some tricks of how to wax the eyebrows:

  1. Treat hair and skin with a degreasing agent, and apply a protective sprinkle around the place of correction.
  2. Apply the wax according to the instructions for the composition, avoiding contact with the hair to be saved.
  3. Remove the wax strips together with the clinging hairs.

After the procedure there are small hairs that could not be removed by the composition. In this case it is necessary to use tweezers and manually bring the correction to perfection. In the end it is required to clean the epidermis from the remnants of wax, using special or improvised means.

How To Prepare For The Procedure

Before you start the correction of the eyebrows should be thoroughly prepared and follow a few simple steps:

  1. It is best to perform the procedure after a bath when your face is perfectly clean. The main thing is to dry your skin thoroughly before application.
  2. Remove the hair by pinning it in the back for the safety of your curls.
  3. Draw the future contour of the eyebrows. This will greatly simplify the further application of funds and eliminate the possibility of errors.

You should also prepare the tools that you will need for quality wax correction.

Tools And Materials For The Procedure

For the session to be successful, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly and choose the right tools. In addition to the wax for eyebrow depilation, the table should be:

  • hairpin or rubber band to secure the hair;
  • tweezers and scissors;
  • mirror;
  • A special brush for eyebrows;
  • skin cleanser;
  • powder;
  • a soothing agent or cream;
  • A wax remover, if not available, Vaseline or oil can be used.

You will also need a special wax heater and a spatula for application when working with hot wax. Having all the tools will avoid application errors and speed up the process considerably.

Care After The Procedure

After the brow correction procedure, you should take care of your skin. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a lotion with a soothing effect. This will help to relieve redness, as well as to narrow the pores.

Issues You Might Run Into

If the procedure is performed incorrectly, some complications may arise, which take the form of:

  • Redness and inflammation. These occur as a result of the use of poor-quality products, as well as when ignoring instructions. Soothing lotions can be used to help soothe them.
  • Pimples. They occur when dirt gets into the places where hair growths are. To reduce the manifestation, it is enough to carry out the procedure on clean skin and use a lotion that narrows the pores.
  • Bruises. This can occur when capillaries are close to the surface of the skin.
  • Burns. These result from overheating the wax and often occur during the home correction.

It is also worth noting a few complications that are the norm when performing the procedure both at home and in the salon:

  • Red spots. A standard skin reaction occurs after a few hours. Depending on the epidermis type, this complication can go away in an hour or two, or it can last 24 hours.
  • Ingrown hairs. When hairs break off at the root, they can ingrow. Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid this process but to reduce the probability. It is enough to use proven means.

Complications can also include pain, which can be alleviated with special remedies.

How Long Does The Effect Last After The Procedure And Whether Correction Is Required

Eyebrow shaping with wax is one of the most effective procedures, but after it is done, you should finish the area with tweezers, removing small hairs. But the result will last for a long time. Usually, there is an interval of 4 to 6 weeks between sessions.

Will The Procedure Help To Get Rid Of Excess Hair For Good?

Unfortunately, waxing does not get rid of 100% of unwanted hair. Over time, new hairs will grow, but regular waxing can significantly reduce the number of unwanted hairs.

Where Is The Best Place To Perform The Procedure

Various methods can be used to correct this. The market allows you to buy all the tools for home use and go to a specialized center.

In the showroom.

Many beauty centers offer eyebrow correction services. Going to these specialists allows you to get a quality procedure. It is best to visit proven places, for example, by reading online reviews. In addition, going to a salon can give at least some guarantees in case of a negative result.

From a private handyman

You can also find many ads from private artisans. However, unlike salon workers, they may not have the proper qualifications. Address to such specialists should be at your own risk because no one will give a guarantee in the case of a negative effect.

At home

The procedure can be done at home if a girl is confident in her abilities and has all the necessary tools. However, acting in such a case should be done with caution because one wrong step – and for a month or two, eyebrows will no longer be corrected. The main thing is to follow the instructions carefully, and in this situation, you can not only save money but also carry out the correction to your liking.

Top 4 Best Brands Of Eyebrow Wax

There are many types of eyebrow wax on the market, but even more – manufacturers of these compositions. However, finding the right mixture is not always possible, and the effect is urgently needed. In this case, modelling variants will help.

To avoid searching for a long time for a correcting product, you can use the top products, which are easy to find in the cosmetics department. This will save time.

Lumene Catrice Fixing Brow Wax

Catrice Modelling Wax allows you to temporarily correct eyebrows without removing hairs. This product smooths the hair and fixes them in the right position. It takes a couple of minutes for the wax to set fully.

Givenchy Nyx Eyebrow Shaper

The Givenchy pencil lets you fix your hair and securely provide skin care. The latter effect is achieved due to vitamin E and minerals. The composition is excellent for quick correction and provides a long-lasting effect.

Ital Wax

The company specializes in the production of cosmetics for depilation. Italian masters make high-quality compositions, which are used both at home and in beauty salons.


LiaSoft waxes are suitable for home and professional use. The product line includes both hot and low-temperature as well as cold formulations. It is enough to choose the mixture for the desired skin area. The product has a reasonable price for its effectiveness.

Helpful Tips

Correcting eyebrows with wax at home is always accompanied by pain, which is not an additional pleasure. However, it is possible to reduce the pain with several methods:

  • the use of analgesics or local anesthetics 40 minutes before the procedure;
  • removal of dead skin with a scrub to make it easier to remove hair formations;
  • Avoid alcohol-based tanning agents that make it difficult to remove hairs.
  • Do not strain your facial muscles when waxing.

You can also reduce pain by giving up cigarettes, coffee, or alcohol. The elements they contain cause the skin to become more sensitive and therefore increase pain.

Eyebrow correction with wax is quite a popular procedure. It has several advantages compared to the standard method of removing excess facial hair. That is why this method of hair removal has more and more fans.

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