Warm Winter Skirts: Flared And Straight Styles For Every Day

With the advent of winter comes the need to wear warm clothes. Warm skirts will not be an exception. Although some women think a skirt is not practical in winter, many others cannot imagine winter without a warm skirt.

Warm skirt

Varieties And Models Of Skirts

There is no end to the variety of skirt styles. Different lengths are available: short, medium, and long. Remember that when choosing a skirt for yourself, it is important to consider your style, body type and height. A properly chosen skirt will hide your shortcomings and make you look better. Conversely, wearing a skirt that does not suit, you will make you look ridiculous, clumsy and beyond your years.

So how do you dress if you are tall? First of all, you need to lower the waistline visually. Choose skirts with a low fit, held at the hips or the waist. A long “floor-length” skirt is unlikely to suit a tall woman, as it will make the fashionista infinitely tall. Short women will look best in skirts to the knees and above. Midi skirts will not work for you at all. Women of medium height will have no difficulty purchasing a skirt that suits them because practically all variants are suitable.

Let’s figure out what styles suit certain types.

For an hourglass figure:

    • Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt
    • Half-length skirt

Sun skirt
    • Trapeze skirt

Trapeze skirt
    • Diagonal cut skirt

Diagonal cut skirt
    • Tiered skirt

Tiered skirt
    • Sarong

Sarong Skirt

For the figure “triangle”:

    • Straight skirt

Straight skirt
    • Slim fit skirt

Slim skirt

For the figure “rectangle”:

  • Flared skirt

Flared skirt
  • Pleated or pleated skirt

Pleated skirt
  • A-silhouette skirt

A-silhouette skirt
  • Flared skirt

Flared skirt
  • Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt
  • Straight skirt with pleats

Straight skirt with pleats
  • The skirt of wedges/godee

Gode skirt

For the pear shape:

  • Skirts cut obliquely

Skirt with a diagonal cut
  • Long skirts extended

Long red skirt
  • Skirts of wedges (free-fitting hips)

Skirt of wedges
  • Flared Skirts

Leather skirt with a zipper top

For apple/circle shape:

  • Wedge/golet skirts

Skirt of wedges
  • Flared Skirts

Long skirt with a zipper top
  • Skirts widened to the bottom

The skirt widened to the bottom
  • Sarong

Short sarong skirt

After figuring out the length and styles of skirts, it is also important to know what is fashionable in 2021-2022.

It’s All About Fashion

Maxi skirts are firmly entrenched in the lives of modern women. Previously, it was thought that long skirts were a sign of modesty and purity, but modern trends have broken down that idea. Women look sexy, attractive, and captivating when they wear long skirts. Conversely, a woman wearing a short skirt can look very stylish and serious.

Winter maxi skirt

Besides being beautiful, clothing also keeps us warm. The presence of warm skirts in any woman’s closet should provide her with protection and comfort during a long frosty winter. And it’s important to stay up to date with fashion trends. It would be best if you kept an eye out for what’s relevant in 2022.

This is the perfect length for autumn and winter. It’s about three-quarter length – just below the knee. This length shows off an attractive part of the leg – the lower part of the calves and the ankle. Many famous designers, like Calvin Klein, use midi skirts in their collections.

Winter midi skirt

What colours and prints are trendy? Designers don’t stop using bright colours in the cold season. They say all the rainbow colours: red, purple, blue, rich dark blue, yellow, and green. Shades of white, black, and gray are also fashionable today. Gray: from dark to silver. There was also a collection of pastel winter skirts that you could wear on holidays and romantic dinners. Positions do not give up skirts in coffee, milk, and sand colours. They are versatile for any event.

Warm print skirt

If we talk about prints, we are pleased with their vast variety. Leopard and snake designs, as well as geometric floral patterns. Without embarrassment, different types of drawings are combined. The classic remains the most fashionable. The plaid skirt is the queen of the season in 2022! It is present in almost all collections of designers. Both large and medium size checkers look beautiful.

Checkered Skirt

Fashionable Fabrics And Patterns

The plaid skirt is made of tartan fabric, perfect for the colder months. Its composition is 50-60% wool and 25-30% viscose. Cashmere, tweed, wool and velvet are also practical. You should leave light fabrics aside – they are useful in spring and summer. One exception is skirts made of light fabrics that can be worn at festive events. Collections are offered to those who wish always to look glamorous and hide the flaws of their figure with a combination of 2-3 fabrics. Furthermore, fur, suede, and leather will look stylish in the new models.

Skirt made of tartan fabric

Ruffles, pleats, fringes and ruffles are preferred this season. A pleated or velvet skirt will easily lift your spirits and draw the eyes of men to you. At the peak of fashion are shaped pockets, asymmetrical necklines and pleated skirts. A cut in the back or a slot is considered trendy this season if you prefer a pencil skirt. Tapered-to-the-knee skirts are good, beautifully decorated with a leather belt, a metal zipper or a slit on the side or front. Topical this season will be the models with a scoop. Undoubtedly, they will find their fans in the cold winter. Fashion designers also offer skirts with a high waist. Enough of both long and short styles.

Pleated Skirt

How To Choose A Warm Skirt

You should first consider the type of figure you have. At the beginning of the article, there was a detailed list of the right choice. Skirts with a basque design look good on you if you tend to gain weight or, conversely, if you tend to lose weight. Such a skirt will suit you in any case. If you gain weight – it will slightly raise, and if you lose weight – you can wear it on the hips.

It is also worth considering the right combination of boots with a skirt. It would be best if you prefer boots with high heels or elegant platform boots when wearing a long skirt. It is worth thinking about where you will wear a skirt: work at the office, a nice walk at the weekend or a visit to a cafe.

A successful combination of boots with a skirt

Every fashionable woman wants to look seductive, gorgeous and stylish. A skirt of any length will cope with this task. Therefore, a warm skirt must be among the winter clothes in a woman’s closet!

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