Warm Drape Skirts – Pencil Styles, With A Zipper And Others

Drap is a heavy wool material with a dense two-layer weave. Drap skirts are voluminous and massive and have excellent warming properties.

Products made of heavy wool for more than 70 years now recede into the background, and then take off at the peak of fashion trends. Different styles of skirts are made of drape. For the production of the skirts, both dense and heavy fabric, as well as lightweight fabrics are used, as well as artificial drapes, which are a cheaper version of the material.

Drap maxi skirts

Long skirts made of drape are popular closet elements in the fall and winter period. Products are practical and protect from the cold. The long style can be worn with any footwear: wedge heels, flat soles.

Styles of long fleece skirts suit women with any shape. They can be worn with tight sweaters, loose pullovers, and large knit blouses. It will help you create a delicate and elegant image if you pair it with a light jersey and a fishnet sweater, complete with neat boots.

A suitable outfit for the portraying the military style: add to the skirt flat-soled boots, dark fitted sweater, silver accessories and leather bracelets. Long skirt models are ideal for portraying boho (gypsy) images. Binding and accenting link would be an exquisite shawl or scarf, and the skirt itself should be brightly coloured.

Monochrome skirts are used for business and classic images. Combine them with a blouse and jacket, and complete the look with a stylish brooch.

Modern models of long skirts may be narrowed, flared, or fancy, when the product is decorated with different draperies and pleats. Such an unusual skirt will help create a bright, appropriate image during parties and social events.

Wool pencil skirts

Elegant pencil skirt of drape can be worn with almost any footwear: boots with different heel heights, boots, half boots. These skirt styles have versatility and are used to create business, classic and unusual everyday images.

Pencil skirt can be complemented by a fitted jacket, a thin sweater or a blouse. A pencil skirt will go well with socks and leggings – it will help to create original images. Thick woolen skirts will look especially elegant, if you add to the image a thin stole or kerchief, decorating the outfit with a small amount of jewelry.

Midi drape skirts

The optimal option for creating a laconic image is a drape midi skirt. There are different models of this device:

  1. Straight skirts from knee length. Beautiful look such products, complemented by a blouse, shirt or pullover, tucked under the skirt. When choosing outerwear should be guided by the length to the hips, but not below. As for footwear, preference should be given to boots that are 5-7 cm below the skirt or hidden under it.
  2. Midi skirts in the “sun” style or flared. They look flawless with tight turtlenecks and blouses, the ideal option would be a tight body.
  3. Draped skirts with pleats, flaps. In the image with such a product should not be present saturated and layered tops. Wear them with discreet shirts and blouses.

Mini drape skirt

In winter and cold autumn time a short drape skirt is better to wear with leggings. The boots will look great with lots of fur on the outside. Choose tight sweaters and shortened jackets for the best outfit, but such an outfit can safely be worn only by young women and girls.

Gloves, elegant brooches, and long outerwear will help “close” the image and compensate for the frivolous length of the skirt.

Peculiarities of choosing outerwear

Various outerwear models can be paired with drape skirts. It is necessary to adhere to the rule – if the skirt is long, the outerwear should be short. The same length can be matched only in the variant of a midi-skirt length to the knee:

  • Midi-skirts are perfectly combined with trench coats, the length of which does not exceed 10 cm below / above the knee;
  • Leather jackets are suitable for the fall and spring period. Wear them with “bells”, maxi-skirts, “pencil skirts”, as well as with mini, if the weather allows;
  • A long coat or coat will work with any model of skirts, except very long styles;
  • A short puffer jacket perfectly matches a straight and long drape skirt.

General rules when choosing shoes

Stunted women shouldn’t wear large models of fleece skirts with flat soles. The most suitable option for the cold season will be boots or boots on a wedge or a low platform.

The height of the shoe’s cuff is individual, as different models can be worn, disregarding the general rules. Here are these rules if you don’t want to take risks:

  • Skirt length below the knee by 10 cm is combined only with boots and boots no higher than 10 cm from the ankle;
  • Knee skirt “likes” boots and boots;
  • Maxi skirt looks perfect with ankle boots and ankle boots.

The most fashionable colours

In the season 2021-2022 designers named the most fashionable shades for drape skirts – red and burgundy. But always in trend are skirts of dark colours, characterized by coziness and warmth, such as blue, green, warm brown or beige, as well as gray and black. Plaid is a win-win option! It is wise to choose skirts that combine no more than 4 colours of plaid.

Original look skirts, embellished with cold and New Year’s motifs – reindeer, snowflakes, ornaments in the form of Christmas trees, and Scandinavian patterns. Unusual skirts with square inserts of contrasting shades.

How to choose a woolen drape skirt?

Quality drape sits well, does not cause a feeling of heaviness. To identify a high-quality fabric, just squeeze the skirt’s material firmly and hold it in your fist for 5-10 seconds. As long as there are no crumpled marks on the skirt, you can wear it in any cold weather!

A drap skirt should be dense, and in most cases there is a polyester, silk or satin lining. If there is no lining, you can buy an underskirt. It will limit the prickly feel of the wool and prevent static.

During the cold season, a draped skirt is a must-have. It keeps warm much better than jeans or pants, perfectly combines with winter shoes and thick tights. And its most attractive feature – the product is suitable for any figure, laconically smoothing out flaws!

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