Versatile And Stylish Gray Jacket: How To Wear And How To Choose?

The classic gray blazer often goes beyond business looks. Women gladly wear it to various events when they want to give their image seriousness and severity. This thing can be, without exaggeration, called a “chameleon” because its appearance entirely depends on what clothes it is combined with.

Topical Models For The Coming Fall

Famous designers and couturiers are very fond of restrained classic clothes because when developing the concepts, they face a difficult and, at first glance, almost impossible task: the clothes must combine several functions – to fit into the general requirements of the dress code and be able to be used in looks of other stylistic trends.

Shortened jackets in gray

They give today’s fashionable women with ideal body parameters an opportunity to demonstrate their advantages without hinting at vulgarity and vulgarity. If you add dark pants-skinnies to it, an everyday look becomes attractive and seductive.

Elongated jackets

The length of the product reaches approximately the middle of the thigh. These models are recommended for ladies with a pear-shaped body type. The outfit will reliably hide the extra pounds concentrated below the waist and visually balance the buttocks with the shoulders’ width.

A long gray wool jacket is especially good in early autumn. It gives the image softness and femininity and reliably protects from the first September frosts. Obese women should pay attention to dark monochrome straight-cut outfits.

Loose knit jackets

Spacious clothes are the main symbol of the democratic style. Girls wear them with jeans and flat shoes. There are a variety of styles, including very extravagant and informal, which are often worn by girls with a rebellious, bright temperament.

These models look great on women with “outstanding” parameters. A loose cut makes it possible to hide the folds on the abdomen. Try on in-the-store clothes with a narrow fabric with ruffles around the waist. A basque will make it pronounced and outlined.

  • Light gray jacket. This option perfectly coexists in tandem with things in subtle pastel shades. Peach, cream, beige, pistachio and olive colours were on trend last year, so you’re likely to find something to wear such an elegant blazer with.
  • A dark gray wool jacket is more suitable for outfits of bright saturated colours. Give preference to the gamma of blue, turquoise, coral or yellow. It should also be noted that this most harmonious version emphasizes the office style.
  • Checkered jacket. This print is a real hit of the upcoming season, so buying a plaid jacket is considered a very profitable investment in your image today. In 2022 the pink and gray cage will be in fashion. Such an outfit is perfectly combined with black or brown pants. Extravagant individuals with windy characters manage to create spectacular combinations with their leather products.

Checked jacket this fall has a stylish double-breasted clasp, short sleeves and strict collar of man’s cut. You can introduce military elements to the image: epaulettes or metal buttons.

Beautiful Looks

Unfortunately, not every modern fashionista can independently master the complex science of combining things. Good thing that in an era of advanced technological progress can get information on the World Wide Web at any time. Let’s work out together what to wear in a gray jacket.

  • With a blue shirt. A gray jacket in a traditional version will play with new colours if you add a sky-coloured blouse to it. A striking example is short pants, a dark gray classic jacket and a cotton shirt with a firm collar – an option for business conferences and client meetings.
  • With a black shirt. A light gray wool jacket goes well with this shirt. Use products with matte materials to make the chosen look more luxurious and presentable.
  • With classic pants. Black straight-cut pants with arrows – the choice of businesswomen and workaholics who devote all themselves to work. You can choose a monochrome set or experiment with different colours. Pay attention to the cut: spacious trousers fit fitted jackets, while skinny models are combined with loose jackets.
  • With blue pants. Bright tones perfectly emphasize the gray wool jacket, its beauty and elegance. There are no restrictions in the choice of outfit here – the luxurious blue palette harmonizes with almost all shades of gray.
  • With jeans. No matter what model you choose, whether a checkered jacket, an outfit in a strict dark version, or a stylish oversize, denim products will bring freshness and lightness to the image. A gray wool jacket with knitted pockets and elongation to the hip can be worn with boyfriend jeans. A Look will complement the voluminous scarf, monochrome slip-on or oxfords on a flat sole.
  • With skirt. This closet detail will help to create a delicate and romantic image. Strict classical variants such as a pencil highlight the office style, and leather flared skirts are good for glamorous street chic. The casual style is also not left behind, offering a variety of looks with free-cut skirts. Stylists do not recommend using products of bright saturated colours. They will stand out too much against the general background, which will create a feeling of pretentiousness and vulgarity.
  • With a dress. The ideal tandem is a checkered jacket with shortened sleeves and a delicate dress made of chiffon or guipure. Various lace inserts, ruffles and frills are allowed. Cropped jackets can be easily combined with denim models of shirt cuts. Such images often flash on the bustling city streets in late spring and early autumn.

As you have already realized, the gray women’s jacket can easily become a garment of the “must have” category. Its versatility helps in creating versatile images, not devoid of elegance and sophistication. The only caveat: avoid monochrome, use different colours, and your look will not seem boring and lacking zest.

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