Velvet Manicure: All About The Fashionable Technique In Modern Nail-Art

Matte nails have been in fashion for a very long time. With each new season there are more and more creative techniques for decorating nail plates in this style. The velvet manicure is one of contemporary nail art’s newest matte finish options. Many people loved the original texture of the nail polish.

What Is A Velvet Manicure?

Manicure “velvet sand” got its name thanks to the original texture, imitating a delicate velvet. The master can use both regular varnish and gel-lacquer to achieve a similar dusting effect on the nail plates.

The interesting coating has many names:

  • Suede;
  • Furry;
  • Fuzzy;
  • Cashmere;
  • Sandy.

For creative experiments, natural nails and extensions are suitable. The secret to this magnificent nail-art is using a certain material – a powder with a certain effect.

Flock-powder is used in various forms and in a variety of combinations. This decorative material can be based on sand grains of different sizes. Large fractions are suitable for accentuating the spirit of the nails.

Fine counterparts are suitable for creating a manicure in a particular texture on all nail beds. Moreover, fine sand is convenient to draw various patterns, enhancing matte manicures as minimalist accents.

The middle fraction, on the other hand, is called flock. It is quite comfortable to work with. The base of the material can include wool or suede fragments and other specific components.

Benefits Of Velvet Manicure

Velvet nails always look special. Even without the extravaganza of colours and crazy colour combinations, such nail art will attract the eyes. The main advantages of such a manicure are:

  • The procedure for creating a manicure is quite simple. Any master will agree to implement the client’s idea into reality. In addition, relatively simple options can also do it yourself at home;
  • Velvet manicure on gel polish is the perfect option for festive decoration of nail plates. The original decoration will suit everyone without exception, regardless of age and stylistic preferences;
  • Any, even the most modest design velvet manicure, always looks expensive, stylish and sophisticated.

The cost of such nail powder is low. This affects the cost of manicure in the salon – the master will not require exorbitant payment for his services. In addition, every girl can afford to buy a few jars of the coveted powder to experiment at home.

How To Create A Velvet Manicure

The technique of applying a velvet manicure requires only the availability of all necessary materials and strict adherence to the algorithm of processing nail plates. The main steps:

  • The nail is covered with gel nail polish first with a base coat. Then several layers of colour coating are applied and the nails are dried in a UV lamp;
  • Then apply a top with a sticky layer, again dry the floor with UV rays;
  • Pour a little powder into a small container. The nail is dipped into the decorating material, pressing grains of sand into the top.

The powder layer is not covered with anything else. The grains of sand will hold by adhering to the adhesive surface of the nail.

Small beads often become electrified and stick to the tools. Because of this, it is especially difficult to apply decorations or correct patterns (if, for example, complex nail art is to be done).

This is why craftsmen prefer to use a special device in their work – a flocculator. It generates a weak electric field and allows you to deal with particles of any degree of dispersion. It is important to know if at home experiments with powder are more likely to be conducted. You cannot do without such a tool.

How To Make A Velvet Manicure At Home

To start experimenting at home, you need to acquire everything you need. The simplest options will require the flock itself, the base under the varnish and a decorative coating. No special varnish or glue base is required.

Instructions for creating an unusual manicure:

  1. To strengthen the nail plate, it is covered with a base and let it dry;
  2. Then the nails are covered with a decorative coating. It is necessary to use a nail polish colour that is as close to flock as possible;
  3. Varnish is given time to dry. Then a second coat is applied;
  4. While the new layer is still wet, the plate is sprinkled with flock;
  5. It is better to use tweezers to apply the powder. A brush is not suitable in this case.

When all the layers are dry, the rest of the flock is simply swept away. There are several ways you can do this – just blow it off your nails, shake it off gently, or sweep it off with a brush.

Such a manicure will not last on your nails for more than two days. To keep your hands looking neat and tidy, you need to renew the coating completely. Minor repairs will not help in this case.

Velvet Flowers On The Nails: The Secret Techniques

Many masters of manicure, not having had time to learn all the tricks of creating a velvet coating, often make mistakes. Many make mistakes when it comes to the popular glossy black manicure with matte patterns.

They draw the flowers on the canvas and sprinkle the pattern with powder. Then the nails are dried. However, this technique takes a lot of time and effort. There is another interesting technique. Here are the instructions:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the nail properly. To do this, the natural shine and pterygium must be removed;
  2. The plate is thoroughly coated first with a primer and then with an acid-based primer. Allow time for the plate to dry;
  3. Apply the base and dry under a UV lamp;
  4. Apply gel polish and dry in the same way;
  5. On the metal plate is applied gel paint without a sticky layer (steamping is not necessary);
  6. The stamp is applied to the plate;
  7. The drawing is carefully transferred to the nail and sprinkled with powder;
  8. The next step is to dry the nail plates with the resulting decoration;
  9. The remains of the velvet sand are removed.

With this technique, the manicure takes much less time. Furthermore, patterns of any complexity are more accurate and refined.

Design Delights On A Velvet Base

Regardless of where the next masterpiece will be created, it is worth paying special attention to the design selection. The simplest option is an accent on the ring finger. In this case, the manicure will be done in the same colour. For example, burgundy nail art in gloss will look gorgeous with a velvet nail in a similar colour.

Another option is velvet patterns on a glossy surface. A game of contrasts looks spectacular. For example, a red manicure with black roses, a traditional French manicure with bright accents of silver and gold.

You can also try to cover all your nails with powder. To do this, the nails must be of moderate length, and the chosen colour must be pastel and soft. For example, powder, pearl, beige, “coffee with milk”. A salon manicure will last quite a long time, so the choice of design should always be approached with the utmost responsibility.

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