Types Of Lips

Physiognomy is a special science that describes various body parts, including the structure of muscles, face, and lip types. Knowledge of the basic facial features allows you to make a particular characteristic of a person and learn how to control facial expressions. The lips can tell a lot, for example, about the habits and character of a girl, the disposition to this or that profession.

The first classifications of lips appeared in ancient Greece; to this day, physiognomy is popular. It is worth considering the main categories of lips.

Full Lips

Such lips are characteristic of sensual women and speak of beauty and craving for pleasure. Girls with full lips are not deprived of male attention, so their life is full of adventures. They like to be in the center of the events taking place. Other characteristics:

  • Demanding the fulfillment of momentary whims;
  • Values calculation in relationships;
  • Has a great sense of humor and is looking for the same in men.

As statistics show, such women become loving mothers and wives with age. Full lips cannot be hidden. They need to be emphasized. This can be done with a rich red lipstick or pearlescent gloss from popular brands.

Thin Lips

There is a stereotype that such women are furious. But thin lips are an indicator of restraint and patience. Women are literate and love to learn new things. You can often meet them at exhibitions or museums. Girls with thin lips are attractive and charming natures. Other characteristics:

  • determination and assertiveness;
  • quick achievement of success;
  • excellent oratory skills;
  • perspicacity.

Such girls can be trusted with a secret, and no one will find out about it. The disadvantage of the character of girls with thin lips is that they often withdraw into themselves, but they are good at expressing thoughts on paper. They make excellent writers.

Don’t be ashamed of your unique lips. You can accentuate them with delicate colors or a unique gradient.

The Upper Lip Is Fuller Than The Lower Lip

A unique combination that characterizes a girl as a confident coquette, which at the same time remains a mystery to everyone. Women with such lips are characterized by self-love and resentfulness, which perfectly combine with love for others and the desire to create a mysterious image.

When choosing a man for a relationship, a girl will stop at a non-jealous and patient beau. This is explained by the fact that one of her character traits is windiness: a woman likes to communicate and cannot live without a man’s attention.

The Upper Lip Is Thinner Than The Lower Lip

Such girls are a complete contradiction:

  • Likes to stay at home and at the same time cannot do without traveling;
  • Gives of herself in a relationship without the rest but admires other men;
  • wants to be a mother and a beautiful wife but is not able to lose her freedom.

Girls whose upper lip is thinner than the lower are considered sensual and passionate, easily subjected to mood swings, and capable of dramatic life changes.

Big Mouth

Such women are called gamblers, and statistics prove it. Girls with big mouths do not refuse to argue and always find someone to compete with. When watching TV, they prefer sports or gambling, and they will not be found on the beach on vacation. Characteristics of a girl with a big mouth:

  • Passion and the ability to win a man at first sight are in a girl’s blood;
  • Women are not afraid to make the first step both at work for a new position and in a relationship;
  • When choosing a man, she prefers energetic and risky suitors who can share the excitement.

A girl with a big mouth will find it difficult to get along with a family man, as she loves freedom and often seeks a change of scenery.

Particular attention should be paid to the make-up of the owners of such facial features. If you plan to focus on the lips, the eyes do not need to be bright. It is enough to use mascara. If you want to make arrows, you should prefer nude lipstick or gloss of a gentle shade.

Little Mouth

Such women are known for their love of every detail. They are meticulous in their work and have inherent punctuality, as girls care about every detail and deadline. In making decisions, the owner of a small mouth will not be in a hurry and will approach the choice cautiously, carefully weighing all options. Other characteristic features:

  • In a relationship with a man, a woman will always care about his appearance;
  • Such women are strict with themselves, and every day they have a schedule literally by the minutes;
  • It is not easy to get along with such personalities; they like to pick on little things and offend.

A small mouth is a decoration of the face that looks harmonious. The owners of chubby lips can emphasize their uniqueness with bright lipsticks, and in the case of thin lips, it is enough to use nude gloss, increasing the volume.

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