Trendy Blouses For This Season

White blouse with stand-up collar

Fashion designers offer us many interesting options, surprising by the variety of silhouettes and the cut’s originality. There are trendy models for bold girls who do not agree with boring, monotonous office options. Luxury and sexuality are in fashion!

Chiffon blouse with a bow

When choosing a closet, emphasize a blouse, and you will not miscalculate.

In 2022, fashionistas will have to reconsider their closet seriously. Following fashion trends, you may have to buy some unusual, attractive models.

In fashion lace blouses, transparent models, huge bows, loose fit, asymmetrical details, models with an open back and catchy accessories. A real holiday for those who like to look bright!

There is a tendency to use impressive decorations and long or voluminous sleeves. Extravagant people can feel themselves in their element! Fashionable blouses in 2022 are always a celebration, always some excess and sexiness, the use of unusual fabrics and embellishments.

Boho-inspired blouse

Summer models may look spectacular: they combine austere simplicity with unexpected accessories; an open back, large collar, and extravagant decorative elements are acceptable. Winter models imply greater modesty, but they cannot be just boring “office” options. They must have a “zest,” “spice.”

Bow On The Side

Blouses 2022 are often distinguished by one interesting detail: a beautiful, spectacular bow. The bow can be either small or huge. The main thing is that a woman’s blouse, supplemented with a bow, looks stylish, and you feel comfortable in it.

Gray bow blouse

Until recently, the bow was perceived as an element of retro. To avoid this, make it a rule to combine a romantic blouse with a bow and a piece of clothing, contrasting in style. A beautiful skirt with flounces will not do! Wear jeans or a denim skirt, and complete the look with boots. The result will be a modern and unusual image. It is also possible to combine a blouse in casual style with a free cut decorated with a large effective bow.

Transparent Blouses And Lace Take Center Stage

In 2022, fashion trends are associated with the active use of lace and transparent blouses. Lace can be any colour, but the favourites are still red, black blue shades. Lace blouses 2022 are not just chic but also sexy!

Lace guipure blouse

Until recently, lace things seemed to be elements of a holiday closet, but in 2022, transparent blouses and lace confidently occupy a leading place among office clothing. Such blouses may have lace sleeves or bodice and decorative lace inserts. Today such models look not only romantic but also actual.

The models of 2022 have a new cut: they have differently designed necklines and an emphasis on a more democratic style.

In the new season, lace blouses are presented in a wide variety: you can see both strict and romantic options, short or elongated, with sleeves or decorated in the form of a top with a high collar.

Purple Transparent Blouse

A great idea – a lace top, knitted by hand. If you are friendly with needles or crochet, try your hand and knit a fashionable model! You will have no competitors, in such a model you will look as stylish as possible.

Transparent summer blouse in black

Transparent models are also a joy to look at. They look organic on the catwalk, but what about in real life? Transparent inserts or transparent fabric for the upper part of the bodice are possible here. You can wear under the bottom a monochrome or contrast top. Also, you can wear beautiful designer underwear under such a bold blouse.

A fitted lace blouse

When discussing an office version, it is important to complement the image with strict clothing elements: wear a pencil skirt, a strict jacket, and pumps shoes. Remember: in your look, there is only one unusual detail! In this case, a lace blouse is more than enough.

Strict Shirt Blouses And Playful Lantern Sleeves

Fashion trends in 2022 are associated with using unusual models of sleeves: fashion designers offer us puffed lanterns or elongated free sleeves. Shirt blouses are still relevant, but they have their features: as a rule, such models should look more loose and more seductive.

Blouse with lace and puff sleeves

Slim blouse with lantern sleeves

Fashion dictates its rules: a woman’s blouse-shirt should be as sexy as possible. A large collar or deep cleavage will serve this purpose. Such a combination will combine the severity and romanticism in one model.

Women’s blouses with lantern sleeves are extremely feminine and elegant. Particularly popular are models with one-piece sleeves.

White Is The King Of The Catwalk

Despite the designers’ interest in the fashionable colours of 2022 (for example, shades of “red dawn” or “dusty cedar”), the white blouse is still the center of attention.

White blouse with stand-up collar and embroidery

Undoubtedly, this stylish pure colour will never give up its position. It is a timeless classic that can look winning in any combination, in any style of clothing: holiday, casual, office, or business.

White blouse with a transparent lace insert

A loose cut, asymmetric distinguishes fashionable styles of white blouses 2022: it is not just a modest or romantic model, but something extraordinary. Suppose a large collar or voluminous sleeves do not distinguish the model. In that case, we recommend you decorate it with some catchy decorative element – it may be a bright metal accessory or a bow of contrasting colours.

Use Of Perforated Fabric

Fabric with holes – perforated fabric – in the current season at the peak of relevance. This element adds maximum originality to the image; in this case, you do not need any additional accessories.

Free-cut summer blouse.

Fashion designers often use perforated fabric for oversized blouses, which look voluminous and stylish. Large-size blouses emphasize the delicacy and fragility of their owner, so such blouses are recommended for skinny girls.

Shirt blouse with elongated sleeves

The Return Of Asymmetric Models

Another fashion trend is asymmetry. It attracts the eye and emphasizes the unusual and willful character of the owner. If you want to emphasize your style, pay attention to asymmetric models, for example, having a train on the side or having an uneven length.

Asymmetric blouse model

An asymmetrical collar is possible. Asymmetric models often have a loose fit and a flying sleeve. As a rule, this is either a spectacular summer model or a holiday variant; you should agree that it would be somewhat uncomfortable in a voluminous model with an asymmetric collar in the office. Leave such a model for romantic dates, celebrations or summer holidays outdoors.

Blouse with flounce sleeves

As for the collar, the unusual collar cut is especially important this year. It can boldly open the neck, allowing everyone to admire your beauty. A beautiful stand-up collar or a large round neckline is also relevant.

Shirt blouse oversize

Especially popular are blouses with an open back. Undoubtedly this is an evening option, which makes your image the most spectacular. This is a blouse for special occasions, but you can’t do without it! In 2022, designers recommend decorating the open back with the same bow. Other accessories, such as chains, are possible.

Blouse with abstract print and open back

Beige shade blouse with an open back

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