Trendy Ballet Flats With A Pointed Toe

Pointed-toe ballet flats are a return to the fashion of the 50s. It was at this time that actress Audrey Hepburn was able to draw attention to this type of shoe. Later, the fashion for pointed models began to recede gradually. However, stylish ballet shoes are beginning to appear on the catwalks again these days. Today we’ll tell you what to wear ballet flats with a pointed toe correctly.

What Kind Of Events Will Be The Shoes Suitable For?

  1. Work. Fashionable ballet flats will go well with office style.
  2. Date. Using ballet flats, you can accentuate your original taste and fashion sense.
  3. Casual look.
  4. Party.
  5. Celebrations.

What To Style Ballet Flats In Different Colours?

Consider the different colours of these shoes and their fashionable combination.

  • Black ballet flats. The shoes will be perfect for a social reception and appropriate for a business image. Try to combine ballet flats with classic pants and a black skirt. If you buy a stylish model with rhinestones or bows, it will suit perfectly under an evening dress.
  • Beige ballet flats with a pointed toe. Suitable for daily walks and dates. You can also wear shoes in beige colour to work. Combine them with white blouses and coffee shirts in a check. You can wear light-coloured jeans underneath.
  • Yellow pointed-toe ballet flats. Allows you to create the perfect summer look. Under them, you can wear red or orange T-shirts and tops. Short breeches in beige colour are the perfect addition to the image.
  • Red ballet flats. Such shoes are best worn for social receptions and holidays. Under the pointed socks, you must wear a long dress to the floor. It will perfectly emphasize the specificity of the dress.
  • Gold shoes. This is ideal for a solemn graduation party or wedding event. The shoes can be sprinkled with sequins or decorated with rhinestones. Choose a light-coloured dress and a purse with lots of jewelry.
  • Printed ballet flats. They fit perfectly into a casual style. It is best to choose black and white prints, which will suit almost any type of clothing. Coloured prints should be carefully combined with bright things. It is important that the colour of the clothes, at least to a small extent, was present in the pattern on the ballet shoes.

Choosing A Top For Tapered Ballet Flats

Such a piece of clothing must be combined not only with shoes but also with the event.

  1. Work. Here you should wear classic black ballet flats with a pointed toe. Under the choose a white blouse or a fitted shirt. Bright accessories and jewelry should be left for walks. The maximum that can be added is a black tie for women, which will look contrasting with the blouse. Choose a shirt with a three-quarter sleeve.
  2. Party. Use pointed-toed ballet flats with glitter or rhinestones for a stylish and fashionable look. They can be decorated with stones, bows or leather inserts. Under them, you should choose a bright, stylish T-shirt or a blouse. There may be large lettering with rhinestones on the clothes. This will be very stylish and original. For an autumn party, you can add a tunic to the image. It should be black or red. The presence of jewelry and accessories in clothing is mandatory.
  3. Casual look. For a walk, suit white, blue and beige ballet flats with pointed toes every day. Under them, you can wear a delicate yellow or milk colour t-shirt.

What Kind Of Clothes Do Not Go With Ballet Flats With A Pointy Toe?

It is important to give up sportswear when you form a stylish image. Such shoes are suitable only for a romantic, feminine style. If you want to add bright clothing elements to the image, the same colours should be in the shoes.

You should not wear shorts under the pointy kind of shoes, even if they are in a delicate style. Shortened breeches are also not ideal for ballet shoes.

With mini-skirts you need to be as careful as possible. A short model with a flared bottom will do. But a tight denim skirt will look unsuccessful.

Wedding Fashion And Pointy Toe Ballet Flats

Stylishly and originally, such shoes will be combined with a wedding dress. The ballet shoes must match the colour of your image. For example, if you do the wedding in red, the ballet shoes should be the same shade. You can add a red sash to the dress. In your makeup, use bright lipstick that will match the shoes.

The same rules apply to blue, lilac and yellow. If you have a wedding in this shade, do not be afraid to experiment and add it to your image. All the more pointed-toe ballet flats will help you to become the most original and beautiful bride.

Picking Up A Successful Bottom Under The Pointy Ballet Flats

  • Jeans. They will be successfully combined with blue and yellow ballet flats. Under such a bottom you should not wear a classic black or white colour. You can pick up ballet flats with denim inserts.
  • Pants. They are ideal for a business image. Under them, you should wear black pointed ballet flats. Pants can be absolute of any shade. The model mustn’t be too flared. Experts believe that ballet flats are well-suited skinny pants. It is possible to decorate them with a belt in the colour of the shoes.
  • Skirt. A long skirt for university and courses is a great addition to the look. It can be worn with blue or white ballet flats. Shorter variants to the knee are suitable for summer walks. Under such a skirt you can wear bright red or yellow ballet flats. A pencil skirt is successfully combined with business, black ballet flats.

The Finishing Touches To The Image

You need to choose the right accessories to get the perfect, finished look with pointed ballet flats.

  1. Handbag. If you wore classic black ballet flats under office clothes, take a lacquered black shoulder bag with you. For the evening image, you need to pick up a small clutch in the colour of the shoes. Red ballet flats and a purse in tone will look great. They can be worn under a white dress. You will get a bright and interesting image.
  2. Headwear. You can wear a hat or a scarf of the same shade under the everyday image with coloured ballet flats. A hat of any fabric will look tasteless.
  3. Jewelry. For an evening look, use jewelry that will be in harmony with the shoes. For example, if the ballet shoes are gold in colour, then you should choose precious stones framed in gold. For the daily image is not recommended to wear expensive jewelry. Pendants and earrings made of metal with artificial stones will do.

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