Transparent Blouses: Expressive Silhouettes

Transparent Blouses For Women: Popular Styles

In fashionable trend are loose silhouettes of thin flowing fabrics, which are designed to emphasize femininity and sexuality of the look delicately:

  • Sleeveless model. The solution looks great on girls with delicate shoulders and graceful arm shapes;
  • With long sleeves. Popular models are free straight cut or slightly flared, with a wide cuff or narrow elastic band;
  • With collar. A neat shirt collar slightly levels the frank sexuality of the solution. Sleeveless versions with a collar, passing into a feminine bow tie, look original;
  • With a basque. The idea is in monochrome models and airy products with original prints. The basque gives the composition a weightless volume.

Transparent chiffon blouses of free cut are worn outside or tucked into skirts or pants. If fitted outfits are a priority, pay attention to lace versions with an asymmetrical hem.

Fashion Trends: Design Features

Designers included in the collection models with expressive moods, made in the form of a monochrome solution and outfits made of fabric with an original print.

Striped versions

Transparent outfits in elegant stripes remain topical in summer sets with shorts and flared skirts. The white model in blue stripes resembles a vest and perfectly combines with resort and sea-style clothes. Wear it with white pants, grunge shorts and jeans in a blue-gray-blue palette, mini skirts or to the floor with flowing fabric. You can match the black chiffon blouse with wide vertical stripes of silk threads, white shorts of laconic style, and light sandals.

Polka Dot Models

Cheerful polka dots in contrasting colours are in trend, often used in the sleeve and collar of the product of monochrome transparent fabric. Also relevant are solutions made of thin silk with polka dots and plain sleeves. Small print visually slims and stretches the figure, so it is a winning option for full girls with an hourglass figure.

Elegant large polka dots look good on the fabric of rich colour. This version suits slim ladies of tall stature with a well-proportioned figure.

Checkered print

A fashionable coloured check pattern is perfectly combined with the fabric of high transparency in a set with a bustier print tone. Tandem with unpretentious bottoms, shoes and accessories of laconic design looks effective. Stripes and polka dots are easily incorporated into looks of any direction, including the composition of business style and evening wear. The checkered print is associated with democratic clothes. A transparent blouse with a checkered pattern “sounds” perfectly with jeans, sports skirts and styles oversize.

A sensual model with a delicate floral print combined with shorts with scuffs allows you to create a naughty composition for a young lady. The street set is well complemented by wedge-heeled sandals and a tote bag in a matching colour scheme.

How To Wear A Transparent Blouse?

Depending on the model’s features and colouring, a transparent top will fit organically into looks of different styles. In this case, it is necessary to choose the right underwear to create a harmonious composition with the most neutral background under the transparent blouse worn bustier, T-shirt or top. The main thing when choosing underwear should be to remember that the fabric should be smooth without lace inserts and other decorations.

Lingerie under a transparent blouse should be in the model’s tone or vary slightly in shades. But in some cases, contrasting compositions impress with an unusually elegant combination. In this case, often, under a white chiffon model, choose a bra in the tone of a coloured jacket or cardigan. Also looks interesting and stylish in tandem with a light lace blouse in a set with a black top to the tone of pants.

AA’s touching and mischievous image of a young lady model chiffon lavory can be combined with a top with thin straps and an original print. Here harmoniously looks like a skirt in tone with the lingerie pattern. Shoes can be picked up with a consonant scale or contrasting design.

Transparent Style In The Evening Closet

In the evening trend, fashion is bright silhouettes, which can give a colourful mood to the composition. For example, very effectively looks like a red transparent blouse in a set with a beige pencil skirt and classic pumps in a cream scheme. You can prefer a sensual cut of thin silk with transparent sleeves.

The solution in the red colour scheme harmonizes well with the “characteristic” items made of leather. The graphite pencil skirt below the knees will be a perfect leather companion to the exquisite coral top. Elegant shoes on a stable heel and clutch in consonant shades with the skirt will dilute the expressive evening look.

If you do not know what to wear a black transparent blouse with short sleeves, try to create an interesting tandem in retro style. Light sun skirt with a subtle print to the knee line, complete with contrasting colour shoes with a block heel will make the image provocative and memorable.

A black transparent blouse with long sleeves in small polka dots with a corset top is ideal for creating a fashionable look for a youth party. A tight leather skirt of French length and elegant stiletto heels in tone with a sensual top make the girl’s image feminine and super sexy.

If the evening look is intended for a wedding reception, you should opt for a version of the fashionable palette’s bright and juicy shades. A transparent lace blouse of emerald colour will be the ideal choice for a green-eyed girl. The bottom is better for picking up a light and airy, suitable, for example, pleated midi skirt in nude colours. For the expressive style of the top in burgundy should pick cute pants with a classic cut of beige fabric. Such an outfit will advantageously shade the beauty of a brown-eyed fashionista.

Fashion season favourites in soft blue and light pink also look interesting in outfits for special celebrations. A beautiful transparent blouse in a peachy-pink palette of shirt cut will make an exquisite duet with a skirt of the original cut to the knees with a long back panel. The bottom model is better to pick up in a similar palette to the top, only of dense fabric in a matte version. Thin strap sandals on a high heel with a metallic tint and a nude clutch will effectively complete the ultra-trendy evening look.

Transparent Blouse In Business Outfits

A white transparent blouse with frosted inserts on the bodice in a duet with gray-blue pants of classic style allows you to create a business style of a successful lady. Office set should be supplemented with a light cardigan of thin knitted fabric and shoes with a stable heel to match.

A stylish solution of blue chiffon with a dark print in a set with a black gode skirt will emphasize the composition’s business status. A short gray fitted jacket, laconic anthracite matte leather ankle boots and lacquered briefcase bag add notes of austerity and elegance to the office outfit.

Transparent polka-dot styles will fit well in the business style framework. Wear the ultramarine model with classic pants with an arrow in a thick fabric of neutral colour. An exquisite outfit in an azure shade of blue with polka dots print – another hit of the season – perfectly combines with a midi skirt in rich gray or black.

Transparent Models In Casual Wear

In the summer looks of young fashionistas can easily combine sensual chiffon outfits and overtly democratic pants boyfriends. The top is better to pick up in white or monochrome variants without any decorative elements. As for shoes, slip-ons or ballet flats of laconic style will do.

Light blue skinny jeans and a white transparent blouse will make a respectable company in gray loafers with a stable heel. A light snow-white cardigan and silver clutch will help to complete the elegant urban-style outfit.

It is best to pick a short-sleeve blouse for the wide summer maxi pants. Models of neutral colours harmonize well with the bottom in lush colours. The green pants with wide cuts will suit a transparent solution in a gentle cream palette, and with a black chiffon top, you get a bold and stylish set for every day.

Try combining denim grunge shorts and a light-coloured top made of fine lace fabric in an look for a walk in the city. Stylish sneakers, gladiators or elegant ballet flats, complete with a hobo bag and a hat, will complement the ultra-trendy youth look. Choose a companion monochrome without decorative elements if you like a transparent blouse with an interesting coloured pattern.

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