Transformer Dress: A Lot Of Options In One Thing

The transformer dress was the idea of a journalist named Lydia Sylvester. Constantly travelling on business trips and tired of having to carry around a large suitcase of belongings, this woman once came up with a simple solution: a dress that could be made into more than 50 different styles by otherwise tying a belt, picking up a skirt, adding a scarf or otherwise crossing the ties.

Structurally, it looked primitive: two long plumes were attached to a long “tube.” It could be supplemented with a wide scarf, which could be turned into a belt if necessary, but usually, the plumes themselves successfully fulfilled this role.

When the transformer dress was first presented to the public at a fashion show, it came in a dozen different models – short, long, even as a simple pantsuit. The announcement that it was all one piece caused a bit of a furor: the transformer dress became the fashion buzz for a while.

Over time, it is forgotten – yet its popularity peaked in the eighties – but now there is a second birth of this miracle of design, which is perfectly suited for modern businesswomen who lead an active lifestyle.

Where Can I Wear A Transformer Dress?

The options for tying a transformer dress are so numerous that the situations in which it will come in handy tend to infinity. For example:

  • On vacation, especially when you want to leave as much space as possible in the suitcases for guests and souvenirs, the same will be hot in the country of arrival. Transformer dress is often made of light fabrics – a great option for the summer streets. With it, you can look stylish even on vacation without repeating outfit variations.
  • When you want to carry as few things as possible (or not just want, but need) but need to look chic both at work and in your free time on a business trip. You can make a short model from the same transformer dress that is perfect for parties and corporate parties. In the morning, it can be transformed into a strict pencil skirt, especially if it is a transformer dress with a detachable skirt.
  • In summer, early fall or late spring, the heat reigns during the day, and the temperature drop rapidly in the evening. A transformer dress, in this case, allows you to easily turn a cute short skirt into a long and relatively warm one, which will be much cozier to walk home in.
  • A transformer evening dress will be a great solution for going to a formal event, especially if it is a graduation, a wedding or a similar one-time event. The expensive, specially purchased dress will be very sad to leave in the closet to gather dust. With transformer dress, there is no such misfortune – the very next day, you can fold the skirt in half, tighten it with a belt and go for a walk in a new light dress, which yesterday will resemble only in colour.

It is also interesting that there are different styles of transformer dresses, offering fashionistas various tying options.

How To Wear A Transformer Dress: Classic Options

The universal model of a transformer dress looks like a fabric “tube” with two wide plumes at the end or like a sun skirt with the same plumes. This is what the first transformers that came into fashion looked like, and there were about thirty ways to tie them. Here are some of them:

  • The first option is to put on the dress, cross the plumes twice so that you get a kind of “pigtail” at the collarbones, throw them behind the back and tie them at the neck. The ends are left to dangle freely. This is the simplest option and is easy to do the first time.
  • The second option is a variation of the first. You do not have to tie the ends around your neck, but cross them down your back in a tight knot and tie it around your waist so that you have a bow in the front. It is best to practice beautiful knotting knots before doing this.
  • The third is to put on the dress and pull up the tails of the plumes so that the broad part of them lies on the shoulders, forming a semblance of a blouse. The ends are pulled behind the back, crossed and tied around the waist at the front, not by twisting them into a tourniquet but by using them as a wide piece of fabric. Tying a transformer dress this way is easy, and the result looks stricter and more closed than the first two.
  • The fourth option is to do everything as in the third but to tie the tails not in the front but in the back so that the bow remains on the back. This option is suitable for women who want to emphasize the waist – with a figure like “Pear,” “Hourglass,” or “Rectangle.”
  • The fifth and sixth options are also variations of each other. Wear the dress, cover the tails up over your shoulders, and pull the ends down your back and under your arms so that the resulting makeshift belt lies under your breasts, not at your waist. Tie in front or back in a bow. This variant will suit women with an “Apple” shape, which always has a rounded tummy – this type of silhouette can easily disguise it. It will also look good on pregnant women. And the dress transformer for the fat should be tied in this way, and not the variant “pipe,” which will encircle the legs and hips, emphasizing their fullness, but the variant “sun,” a light flowing fabric which will hide all the shortcomings.
  • The seventh and eighth option requires wearing the dress with the tails not forward but backward. Then pull them up over your shoulders, throw them forward, wrap them around your bust and either pull them back to get a neat bow or tie them in the front.
  • The ninth and tenth options continue the seventh and eighth – you need to put the dress tails back, pull them up to your shoulders, gently wrap them around your bust and immediately take the ends under your arms back, where you tie them. Or, you can bring the ends forward again. Either way, these two options leave the shoulders open and look graceful and flirty – much less strict than the other options. However, only women with small breasts can wear them without any difficulties. Women with large busts will need additional support besides plumes. They will have to either wear silicone pads, which are chafing and not very comfortable or pick a beautifully patterned bra with straps that will complement the dress rather than ruin the whole look of the original outfit.
  • The eleventh and twelfth options call for wearing the dress with the tails forward, crossing them over the chest and draping them behind the back. Then either tie them under the breasts, emphasizing them or at the waist. The first option is for full-chested but chubby women. The second is for “Pear” and “Rectangle” women.
  • The thirteenth and fourteenth options leave one shoulder open, which is good for women who want to emphasize their shoulders – it’s good for “Pears” and “Rectangles” and just for women with a nice shape. You have to wear the dress with the tails forward, put them together, roll them up, wrap them around the neck and tie them, letting the ends fall freely off the shoulder, or separate and drop them down to waist level to tie a beautiful bow there.
  • The fifteenth option has no variations and looks like a dress with a shawl thrown over the shoulders. It is necessary to put on a dress, tie the plumes around the neck, and throw the ends over the shoulders like a wide scarf or shawl is usually thrown on. The result will suit women with a “Triangle” figure, who are usually advised to cover too broad shoulders.
  • The sixteenth option means that the dress should be put on, the plumes pulled up to the shoulders and neatly curled into tourniquets, which should be crossed on the back crosswise.
  • The seventeenth and eighteenth options allow you to open the shoulders. To do this, wear the dress with the plumes forward, tie them in a knot on the chest and, twisting them into tight tourniquets, stretch them over the bust and under the arms, then tie them on the back or bring them back forward.

The other options are not so difficult to come up with, trying different images in front of the mirror, experimenting, winding the plumes back and forth, and tying them in various bow options. That is the main plus of the dress transformer – it represents room for imagination, creativity and creative search. The simplest process – putting on clothes – turns into a small adventure.

Two other tricks make experimenting with the dress more interesting. You can turn a transformer dress from long to short, or make it into a type of pants. To turn a long transformer evening dress into a short one, there are two options:

  • Please pick up the hem and secure it at the waist with a train. This option is used for a dress with a “sun” skirt. It would help if you folded the hem, pulled it up to the waist and wrapped it over the top with a train so that beautifully shaped pleats fall. This way, you can get a midi or even a mini that opens up the legs, which is especially useful for “Rectangles” and “Triangles” and can also suit “Apples” with a nice shape.
  • Fold the entire dress in half. This option is used for a “trumpet” dress. You must raise the bottom part as much as the chosen length requires and put it on. Because it is quite tight around the body, it will not slip so you can get a flirty and intriguing length. Moreover, if you unbutton the plumes – or use them as a bust holder – you can get a strict office pencil skirt, which is not embarrassing to go to work with the strictest dress code.

A floor-length transformer dress can also be turned into a semblance of pants – where short transformer dresses easily become flirty shorts. To do this, you need to make either version of a top, with a belt at the waist, and then run the hem through it on both sides so that it closes the space between the legs. The result will be spacious pants-like pants, which will suit girls with a figure of “Pear” and “Rectangle.” And no one will forbid to experiment in front of the mirror, choosing the best tension and beautifully arranged folds. You can also complement the image with a wide scarf on the hips, which will look good with different options.

How To Tie A Transformer Dress: The Scandinavian Option

The Scandinavian version of the transformer dress is somewhat different from the commonly accepted one: it is a transformer dress, the skirt of which is equipped with a similar tight belt and two thin straps. It can also be worn in very different ways:

  • Wear a beautiful top, the dress’s belt down to the waist. The front of the hem with ties up to the neck and tie at the back is quite an exotic open dress.
  • Pull the belt over the chest, and detach the ties. The result is an extravagant short dress, perfect for a young girl to go to a frivolous party or on a date.

Tie on one shoulder, unbuckle, fasten back – the options are endless, the main thing – do not be afraid to experiment with them.

Other Important Nuances: Color, Heel, Pitch

For a transformer dress, the length of the hem, which can be up to 100 cm, looks like a stylish dress. You need not only choose the style and make it, but also wear it correctly, and even more importantly – decide on the colour.

  • White transformer dress is not suitable for full girls – white visually makes the volume larger. In addition, it emphasizes all the flaws of the figure. Even a lightweight dress transformer made of tulle will not hide anything and look like a raincoat. But it will suit well for skinny and swarthy girls.
  • Red transformer dress must be able to choose – cold shades are suitable for a cold colour type, to a warm one – warm shades. Screaming shades of red are better to wear only for celebrations and if you have self-confidence, allowing you to look like a queen without a shadow of vulgarity. Black accessories will go well with it.
  • The black transformer dress is just right for full, but it is still better to take not a tight version but a spacious “sun.” Black gives austerity to forms, makes the volume less noticeable, and generally is very well suited for contrasting bright looks. White-skinned girls with dark hair will suit it best.
  • Pink transformer dress looks good on young girls with a warm colour type, if it is pearly, delicate shades, which give a romantic image and turn the hostess into a nymph. But the dress of bright shades of fuchsia and pink should be worn with great caution: the girl with a cold faded colour type will simply obscure.

A fun solution can be to buy a double-sided fabric for making a transformer dress – this will make it even more versatile and open up more room for experimentation. You can wear one colour in the morning, go for a walk in the evening in another, and the next day changes the style and appear in a completely new image. Moreover, if a transformer dress with a removable skirt, you can combine the colours of the top and skirt in different ways, resulting in four different options, even without regard to style.

In addition to the colour, you should also take into account the small nuances:

  • Lace. The lace transformer dress is an extravagant option that looks good only if the lace is arranged along the hem and the edges of the plumes. Otherwise, they will shift when trying to make a new style, and the result will be ugly.
  • Puffiness. A transformer dress with a puffy skirt can be made if you wrap an additional shawl around the hips – it can be lace, beautiful and elegant. But the fabric itself is not characterized by puffiness. To achieve the result, you will have to make additional efforts.
  • Patterns. Girls who know how to sew will not find it difficult to make a dress transformer themselves, but it should be considered that the fabric should be either without patterns or with such patterns that will look good in any place and on any side. The strict geometric print is deprived of such advantages – being in the wrong place loses its appeal and, instead of complementing the cut and hiding flaws, will only emphasize them.
  • State of the back and shoulders. Half of the popular models of transformer dresses are worn with the back and shoulders open. To make them look good, they should be taken care of separately – to wash with moisturizing gels, treat with scrubs, and ensure that the skin is flawless. But moles and freckles can be a highlight – but only if the rest of your back stays clean.
  • Posture. Any dress needs to know how to wear it. A slouchy back, drooping shoulders, and a stiff gait are all fine in jeans, but a transformer dress deserves more. A good solution is to make it an attractive cut, tighten the belt and walk in front of the mirror, straightening your shoulders, straightening your back and pulling your hips back a little. It is not necessary to wear high heels – it is enough to feel like a queen in this particular dress.
  • Material. Summer is good for women’s transformer dresses of light fabrics, while for winter use, suitable for woollen options. Under them, you can wear jeans, turn the dress into a tunic, and throw a warm shawl on the shoulders.

Designers create many dresses every year, but the dress transformer – marsala, black, blue, lace dress transformer, wool or linen – in its particular niche is beyond any competition. It can be worn by any girl, with any shape, if she can pick up a style according to her parameters. Girls especially appreciate this dress. Easy on the rise and ready to travel with one small bag. On the road and in town, on vacation and at work, everywhere transformer dress will find its application.

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