Traditional Classic Blue Jeans And Bold Ripped Models Are In Fashion

Quite rightly modern jeans are considered the most democratic clothes. Pants originally belonged to the work closet. However, thanks to the attention of designers jeans have firmly taken a place in the closets of fashionistas. Some celebrities even wear blue jeans for red carpet fashion shows.

Features Of Jeans

It is no coincidence that jeans are among the most common clothes. Almost any closet can accommodate the right style pants. This is their main feature.


Stylish blue jeans with a classic cut look great on female figures of different types. These pants are not frivolous and go well with both knitted cardigans and jackets. It is easy to choose a closet for work or a walk in the city, evening gatherings.


Modern jeans are made from cotton fabric with added synthetics. Lycra, viscose, elastane make the material less dense and rigid. Thanks to the balanced composition denim does not wrinkle and does not electrify. Wearability of the material is a major plus, because the service life of quality products can exceed 10 years.

Manufacturers use different types of denim for sewing clothes. Therefore, the wide range is determined not only by the price and styles of pants, but also by the quality of the textiles.

Body shaping

Thanks to a diverse lineup is easy to pick up a model to fit your figure. The choice of the right cut and style also allows you to visually correct the silhouette:

  • Flared models suit fashionable women with any type of shape, because they visually give the silhouette proportionality and make the legs longer. Models with trousers that are not too much wider at the bottom are the optimal choice.
  • To visually give slimness to girls with an “apple” shape will help products with an high waist line. To “stretch” the silhouette, it is desirable to pick up shoes with heels.

The main point of visual correction is to balance the silhouette, to bring it closer to the “hourglass” standard.

How To Choose Jeans

In order not to get lost in the variety of styles, colours of denim pants, stylists recommend adhering to certain rules:

  • When choosing clothing must take into account the height of the fashionista. Shortened models do not suit shortened women.
  • The style of clothing matters. If the basis is classic, then blue straight cut jeans will fit perfectly in different sets.

When buying denim clothing, quality tailoring is important. The stitching should not be torn, the fittings should be metal.

Choose A Model Of Jeans For Your Body Type

If when choosing a T-shirt or sweater it is enough to know the size, then the purchase of pants is a more responsible event. Here you have to take into account the peculiarities of the body. There are several types of figure, let’s consider them in detail.

The “pear” or “triangle” type of figure

Fashionistas with narrow shoulders, narrow waist and puffy hips will suit straight models, flared jeans or pants with a high fit. The main task is to divert attention from the wide hips, that’s why stylists do not recommend trying on skinnies.

Figure “inverted triangle”

Narrow hips and broad shoulders are distinctive features. To visually balance the silhouette, stylists suggest choosing pants that create volume in the thigh area. In style are jeans with an understated waist, pinched models, shortened banana pants with a loose fit. Do not wear skinnies, which will reinforce the disproportion of the silhouette.

Rectangle” shape

Features of the figure – about the same width of shoulders and hips, almost no waist. Narrow dark blue skinny jeans will help visually “narrow” silhouette. Pay attention to the shortened jeans with a high waist. Not recommended to buy models with a low fit.

Apple shape

Fashionable women with this type of physique are prone to fullness and often have a small tummy. Jeans with a high fit will “take away” a few inches and visually help to emphasize the waist line. A suitable solution would be straight pants or jeans. A skinny jean with high slimming can be worn with a sweater or jacket over it, if the sweater or jacket is oversize.

Hourglass figure type

Fashionistas with such a physique fit almost all kinds of jeans. Of the modern models, stylists recommend choosing jeans with a fashionable high-rise klesh. For women, it is not desirable to wear skinny clothes, especially with large pockets.

Color Scheme

Manufacturers try to please everyone, so jeans come in all kinds of shades. They come in black, gray, white and even pink. However, there are basic colours that are always associated with denim clothes.

Bright blue jeans

Light-coloured jeans are a stylish way to visually add volume to the silhouette. But this does not mean that people with puffy forms should refuse blue pants. Generally, stylists recommend avoiding products with horizontal scuffs and large back patch pockets (especially ones that are smartly decorated).

Bright models look chic in summer and demi-seasonal collections. A white top will give a fresh look. And blouses, sweaters or jackets of dark shades will add brevity and elegance to the image.

Dark blue jeans

This is a versatile option that is relevant both in the fall and summer. Classic straight models go with everyone and form the base of the closet. The advantage of navy blue jeans is that they can be combined harmoniously with almost any thing.

How To Wear Different Blue Jeans Models

Despite the versatility of jeans, to achieve a harmonious image must take into account the style of the closet, trouser styles. The jeans can be classic, ripped, narrow, high waisted, and so on. Consider them in detail.

Classic blue jeans

Many things can be stylishly combined with the basic model. Therefore, it is a suitable piece for women who prefer to quickly capture images. Ideal sets are jeans and a fitted or tight top. T-shirts and sweaters can be tucked into pants with a high waist. An excellent solution for inclement weather – a combination of jeans with cardigans, sweatshirts.

Ripped jeans

When creating the image, it is necessary to take into account that blue jeans with slits are an accent piece of the closet. The rest of the clothes should be concise. And the more slits, the more “relaxed” the rest of the elements should be.

It’s the most harmonious look to wear ripped jeans with knitted tops and T-shirts. The optimal option is a white/black top and blue pants. Blue men’s jeans can be worn like this: a loose duo of denim pants and a loose shirt with one edge tucked in looks relaxed. Heels give the appearance of femininity.

Slim blue skinny jeans

Fashionable women can wear this model at any time of the year. Manufacturers greatly narrow the pants, and the figure visually looks tauter and slimmer. Of course, this style is ideal for thin girls.

Combining a black leather jacket and high-heeled shoes. Casual look – skinnies and turtlenecks in neutral colours (black, gray, white).

If your figure lacks ideal shapes, combine dark blue skinny jeans with long knitted cardigans. Colored headwear or lightweight scarf will add a splash of color to the image.

Blue jeans with high waist

The most feminine model advantageously emphasizes the smooth curves of the figure and slightly tightens the tummy. Interesting images are easy to create with different styles of pants:

  • Skinnies (high-waisted) in a set with cropped tops of neutral colours (white, black, gray, beige) will give a silhouette sexy look.
  • Wide-leg jeans are an absolute element of the casual look. The easiest way to put together a walking look: knitted striped top, pants, sneakers and a red crossbody handbag.

Fashionable women must have an array of high waisted models in their closet. The main thing when choosing a style is to focus on the peculiarities of the body.

How To Wear Wide Blue Jeans

Thanks to a special cut, the trousers begin to expand from the hip. A shortened model or a classic model is ideal. Such pants are worn with tight-fitting clothes: knitted tops, t-shirts, sweaters, cropped jackets.

Denim flared jeans

The fashion trend of the past is gaining popularity again. Which is not surprising, because to pick up a set with jeans is not difficult:

  • A common option is a shirt tucked into pants. With blue jeans suit any shirt, regardless of colour and cut: look interesting as loose white and tight plaid shirts.
  • Blazers are a fashionable element in any woman’s closet. The top of neutral shades will give the image a more restrained look. And already multicoloured blazers (pink, green, burgundy) will make the image cheerful.
  • Strict and elegant look set of blue jeans and black overcoat.

The choice of shoes is determined by the overall style. Shoes and boots with heels create a more elegant image. For a democratic and relaxed casual style, wear shoes without heels (ballet flats, loafers).

Blue waist jeans

Unconventional models will always attract attention. Original cut enhances the practicality of pants. Models with voluminous top and strongly tapered lower half. Also young fashionable women like jeans with a low fly.

Jeans are comfortable, do not restrict movement and fit into the format of different events. To create an organic look, we chose simple clothing: thin sweaters, knitted socks, stylish blazers. Complement the galifes with monochrome items or with a small print. Fashionable women with narrow shoulders and a modest bust will like a V-neck top. Down jackets, short jackets are the most suitable addition to the bellows.

Tall, thin girls wear galifes for an organic look. Due to a peculiar cut that visually reduces height and gives the silhouette volume, galifes are not recommended for full or short ladies.

What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

Narrow models of jeans look organic with high-heeled shoes – the silhouette visually seems slimmer. Acceptable options – slippers, slip-ons. A pair of pants on a heel, a platform, or a wedge elegantly complements the shoes. An ripped model can be worn with sneakers, snickers, sandals, boots.

Shoe stylists recommend, in the first place, choosing shoes according to the style of the closet and the occasion. For the daily look, choose comfortable shoes in calm colours. You can choose shiny shoes with a heel for a party.

Celebrity Looks With Blue Jeans

It is not easy to keep track of fashion trends that change every season. It’s imperative, however, to adapt the novelties to the peculiarities of your figure. Celebrity looks are a great way to get acquainted with modern closet options.

Jennifer Lopez looks elegant and stylish in dark blue jeans. Blue tight sweater, black suede boots with heels – a win-win combination.

Renee Zellweger prefers flared jeans or “bananas”. And it is an ideal choice, because such styles visually balance the features of the actress’ figure (broad shoulders and narrow hips).

It is not difficult to choose jeans that fit from the variety of models. But you have to be aware of the trends. Designers are placing a high priority on practicality this season. Therefore, straight cut pants in traditional blue colours deserve special attention.

Fashion trend – mom jeans, which look original in a set with white sneakers and black knitted top.

The clothes of restrained style fit perfectly into everyday closets. Still in style are worn pants and slits. Actual decor still exists in the form of embroidery, fringe. But everything must be in moderation.

Buying a beautiful designer model or a pair of comfortable and practical jeans is easy today. The secret of a stylish look is the right combination of clothing elements, the choice of appropriate styles.

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