Top 14 Problems With Eyelash Extensions

The service of eyelash extensions is quite reasonably in demand. Girls want to look attractive every day, but makeup in the morning takes so much time…

With false eyelashes, the need for daily touch-ups is minimal. However, if you read the negative reviews of female clients, not everything is so simple. From the problems found, we can make up the top 14 most common. Let’s analyze their causes and consequences, and find out what to do in each situation.

Problem #1. They fall off quickly

The glued lashes can fall out with your own or crumble from them.

Causes of crumbling

Lashes quickly fall off due to natural causes, or do not hold because of violations of the technology of application, care.

Mistakes of the Master:

  • The peculiarities of the client’s eyelashes were not taken into account. Stiff artificial lashes are glued on thin lashes with weakened bulbs. Allergic reactions were not checked;
  • the work is done quickly, in less than 1.5 hours. It is physically impossible to fix a hair to a hair in that amount of time;
  • cheap glue was used, which does not hold the load well.

Care rules to wear your lashes as long as possible:

  • Skin cleansers and makeup removers should not contain oil;
  • No friction, even if it stings your eyes;
  • It is not recommended to cry, and also to go to a hot sauna immediately after a beauty salon.

If the lashes are falling out more from one eye, you may have rubbed it, slept face down in a pillow, or lashmaker unevenly applied glue.

Fallout rate per day

Between 5 and 10 hairs fall off every day for natural reasons. Hormonal disturbances can cause an excess of 2 times the normal rate.

Periods of physiological imbalance:

  • pregnancy,
  • menopause,
  • breastfeeding.

If your eyelashes are falling in large quantities, it is worth visiting your ophthalmologist and therapist.

How to keep it longer: the tips and tricks

To avoid eyelashes falling out in the first week, take into account the nuances:

  • The natural structure of the hair is more securely bonded to the artificial material, so three days before the procedure, exclude mascara, other cosmetics and eye treatments.
  • The less greasy your skin is, the stronger your eyelashes will be.
  • Any inflammatory disease, irritation on the skin of the eyelids are contraindications to a visit to the salon.

Rules of care:

  1. For 2-3 days after the extension is not recommended to sweat the face, swim in the pool with chlorinated water, and at least one day do not wet the eyes.
  2. Comb only dry lashes.
  3. Wash your face with chlorine-free water and wipe your face with a blotting motion.
  4. Use water-based eye cosmetics.
  5. Before the next extensions, wait a month recovery period after hair to hair and 2-3 months after the 2D or 3D procedure.

Problem #2. Stabbing

An unpleasant sensation accompanies touching your eyelashes or clasping your eyelashes.


The master did not keep a 0.5 mm distance from the roots. The sensation of prickliness occurs if the hair is glued close to the eyelid and scratches the skin when it moves.

What to do

Only eyelash removal can help in this situation.

Problem #3. Twisting

If you take the risk of going to the master, who does not have sufficient guidance, be prepared to be critical of the result.


The eyelashes twist in different directions for a number of reasons:

  • the wrong glue;
  • the orientation of the hairs is not matched;
  • The heavier artificial hair is glued in the middle to the base of the natural hair.

What to do

To fix it, the defective hair is peeled off and reattached. If the number of defects is striking, it is better to refuse the services of the master, remove the lashes and make a new attempt after a preventive break.

Problem #4. Gluing appears

The clumping of hairs causes some of the lashes to start falling out along with their own, and the clumping gives them an unkempt appearance.


An experienced craftsman uses a small amount of glue and works with each eyelash individually. Neighboring hairs should not come into contact with the glue until crystallization is complete. Haste and even one sloppy movement, can lead to adhesion.

What to do

After the procedure, use a combing brush. Its bristles should pass freely between the lashes. If wisps are formed and the eyes appear to be patched, the master was too hasty and must correct the defect.

Problem #5. Painful eyelid

It seems that not only the eyelashes near the roots hurt, but also the entire eyelid. The skin becomes red and swollen.


The source of the pain could be:

  • Allergic reaction – occurs after using low-quality glue or violation of technology;
  • accidental scratching with a glass needle during the procedure or chemical burns from contact of the reagent with the skin;
  • The hairs glued close to the eyelid scratch the skin, causing pain.

What to do

Trying out a few eyelashes or checking the skin reaction on your wrist can help prevent unwanted effects. If after 15-20 minutes nothing happened, you can continue the procedure. Any allergies will tell you that unfortunately lash extensions are not for you.

If the body’s reaction is detected later, you will have to remove the eyelashes. Symptoms can worsen and affect vision.

An injury on the skin must be treated immediately. The scratch is treated with an antibacterial agent and covered with medical glue. The burn is washed out with clean, cool water. A visit to an ophthalmologist is recommended.

Problem #6. Getting in the way

Discomfort usually accompanies the first days after the procedure. However, if by the end of the third day the discomfort does not go away – the eyelashes are obstructing the view, the eyelids are drooping – something should be done.


Interference can be caused by an allergic reaction or a violation of the extension technology.

What to do

Regardless of the cause, the lashes are removed. It’s not a good tactic to be patient and wait for it to go away. Instead of temporary beauty, you can get a chronic skin or eye disease.

Problem #7. Curves, in different directions

These lashes are not a danger to the eyes, but they look unnatural.


The craftsman didn’t bother to find the right bend and length of the artificial hair.

How to lay

Uneven lengths are smoothed out with scissors. The tips that protrude are carefully curled. If even after styling the result is the same, the extension is removed.

Problem #8. White plaque, lumps

Unkempt appearance due to stuck lumps of glue, the effect of dandruff can appear immediately after the procedure or at home.


If the fouling appeared in the interior, it indicates moisture during the gluing and reaction with the working materials.

If the plaque on the eyelashes resembling dandruff appears after a few days, itchy eyes – this is a clear sign of tick-borne infection or fungal infection. The cause can be non-sterile tools, cheap materials of poor quality.

What to do

In the first case, make sure that the master corrects his mistake. Lumps can cause trauma to the outer shell of the eye.

The infection begins to be treated as soon as possible, but the acquired beauty will have to be removed.

Problem #9. My eyelashes stick out from under my eyelashes

The disadvantage is clearly visible when your eyelashes are much lighter than the extensions.


The lashes are poorly glued to each other or some of them are missing without gluing.

What to do

This is a gross mistake and a qualified lashmaker would not make such a mistake. The master should correct the work, and the client should make appropriate conclusions.

During wear, your eyelashes that fell out before the procedure begin to grow after the extensions and end up among the artificial eyelashes. To correct this, you need to have them corrected in the salon.

Problem #10. Slipping

After a week or two it may seem that the lashes are slipping. In fact, they just grow their own lashes.


There was too much indentation from the eyelid, more than 1 mm. It became more noticeable with the growth of the hairs. The disadvantage is more pronounced if the eyelashes are growing quickly and they are blond at the same time.

What to do

You have to go for removal earlier than most people do. You can touch up the roots, but then the meaning of the procedure is lost altogether. In addition, the heavy artificial hair will begin to sag under its own weight on the grown-up eyelashes.

Next time, if you have accelerated hair growth, tell your specialist about it. He will make the indentation smaller than the traditional one.

Problem #11. Your eyelashes are getting ruined

No one can escape the effects of the procedure on their own eyelashes to a greater or lesser extent. After the removal procedure, you will find that your own lashes have become shorter and less frequent.


The health of the hair follicles is affected by several things at once:

  • composition of chemical reagents;
  • massive load of synthetic hair;
  • difficult access to the skin between the lashes to clean off dust and dead skin.

What to do

Ground rules:

  • First of all, go to a lashmaker who takes on his job responsibly;
  • Do not chase a lot of volume if your own lashes are thin and sparse;
  • Clean your eyelids daily and wash your face regularly;
  • Remove eyelashes only with special solutions;
  • Give your eyelashes enough time to recover.

The recovery process takes from one to three months, depending on the effects. How long eyelashes that are pulled out with the roots after extensions will grow depends on the care.

Problem #12. An eyelash got caught in the eye

The discomfort is exacerbated by glue residue. Rubbing is not allowed under any circumstances! And get the eyelash out of your eye as quickly as possible.

How to take out

If your eyes are watery, use this. With the liquid, the earwax will come out sooner. Movement will cause burning, and hard inclusions can scratch the cornea, so try to stop looking.

Options for action:

  1. Use a damp antibacterial wipe to pull the eyelash onto the eyelid. You can use a dry one, but be more careful not to scratch the tissues of the eye.
  2. Pour clean water into a glass, a shot glass to the brim. Lower your face and slowly blink your eye in the water.
  3. If you don’t have water or a clean napkin handy, close your eye and gently stroke your eyelid toward the bridge of your nose.

Problem #13. Sagging

Incorrectly shaped lashes reduce the cosmetic effect of extensions.


When the artificial hair is mismatched and too heavy, the false eyelashes go down.

What to do

If nothing is done, eventually the native lashes will have a permanent kink in them. It is better to remove the eyelashes before that. After the recovery period, the procedure can be done again, using lighter material.

Problem #14. The tops are clinging to the bottoms

The defect manifests itself during the day, when the eyelashes stick together when worn, and in the morning, when it is literally difficult to “untangle the eyes”.


The tips should bend upwards, but secured with misdirection, the hairs get tangled with each other and with the lower lashes.

What to do

Look carefully in the mirror, stand up from the couch in the salon, brush a few times. You can ask the master to fix the situation. Even better remove the lashes and go look for a neater lashmaker. In such a sloppy job, other hidden defects can appear later.

The bottom line to all of this can be unambiguous. If you want to keep your eyelashes longer, you should only have them extended by professionals who do this and nothing else. Do not rush the lashmaker, and you will not have to accuse him of low-quality extensions.

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