Top 12 Foods For Youth And Beauty

It is an undeniable fact that a woman’s beauty begins with well-groomed and beautiful skin, hair and nails. It is, first of all, internal health and radiance, which directly depends on dietary habits and daily diet. Youth and beauty products for women are designed to improve physical and psychological well-being, eliminate the first signs of aging.

The right anti-age diet restores and increases the activity of the mitochondria. These are peculiar energy stations inside our cells. They are responsible for our activity, youthful skin and body, longevity and well-being.


Women often have the question of what foods to eat and what to drink to rejuvenate themselves and lose weight. Avocados are one of the healthiest and fattest foods.

But do not be afraid of the abundance of polyunsaturated fatty acids: they are not deposited on the waist and hips. But they quickly enter into biochemical reactions and have such a positive effect on the female body:

  • stimulate the production of estrogen;
  • improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, which simply will not be absorbed without sufficient amounts of healthy fats in the diet: A, E, D3;
  • make up for the lack of minerals, which are essential for the synthesis of our own collagen.

Avocados contain more than 25 biologically active anti-age substances in an easily digestible form.

It is useful to eat daily: eating one large, ripe avocado, a woman gets 60% of the daily allowance of vitamin E – one of the main antioxidants, vitamins of youth and beauty.

Avocados are recommended to be eaten with lemon, a superfood for youthful skin due to their high content of the antioxidant vitamin C.

Nutritionists recommend consuming healthy fats for breakfast: this is the best time to assimilate anti-aging active ingredients. They provide a prolonged feeling of satiety throughout the day.

Useful tip: Avocados are very useful not only for eating, but also for making homemade masks at home.

Red fish

Cold-water fish, such as salmon, is one of the basic foods of rejuvenating nutrition. Irreplaceable fatty acids: omega-3, 6, 9 are the best helpers for keeping women young and beautiful. Useful fats smooth and improve skin turgor, prevent premature wrinkles.

Regular consumption of red fish is effective against brain aging, strengthens the immune system, helps maintain skin elasticity and beautiful complexion.

According to European nutritionists, wild-caught cold-water salmon is the best food for beauty and youth.

Red fish contains a unique substance for youth and beauty – astaxanthin. It is an antioxidant that neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals and accelerates their elimination from the female body. Its effect is 70 times more effective than vitamins A, C and E.

Regular use makes the skin smooth and supple. The antioxidant easily penetrates cell membranes and protects cells from damage.

Coconut oil

Unrefined coconut oil is one of the basic products that prolong youth and beauty. It consists of 70% medium-chain triglycerides, which are quickly absorbed by the liver and converted into pure energy. One of the most important youth and beauty products for women who exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle.

With regular use of coconut oil, the skin begins to glow from the inside, it becomes firm and moisturized.

Coconut oil revitalizes, reduces weight and has a favorable effect on our general well-being. It is an excellent base for masks for hair, face and body skin. It helps with cellulite and premature wrinkles even when used externally.

Cocoa and dark chocolate

These healthy foods contain antioxidants and enzymes, substances that actively rejuvenate the skin and body from the inside. A small piece of high-quality, dark chocolate or a cup of cocoa stimulates the production of serotonin, which affects the appearance and well-being of women in the most favorable way.


The fragrant spice turmeric has long been considered the elixir of youth. It smoothes wrinkles, reduces age spots, and is an excellent fighter against cellulite.

It is a product for youth and longevity, which helps to reduce cravings for sweets and normalize weight.

Turmeric is added to daily dishes and also used externally to prepare facial masks. This oriental, spicy treatment cleanses, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.

It is useful to prepare drinks with turmeric, vegetable milk and black pepper. Regular use improves the outflow of bile, which is extremely important for the beauty and health of the skin, improves the complexion, normalizes weight.

Cholodets / rich broth

Cold or bone broth is an excellent source of collagen and amino acids, the essential ingredients for youthful skin. They are the basic “building blocks” for building new cells, youthfulness and beauty of skin, nails, strengthen bone tissues.

Important condition: broth or cold cuts should be boiled for a long time, at least 12 hours, to get a full amino-complex.

Broth can be cooked in large quantities and partially frozen. It is a healthy dish that provides a long feeling of satiety and prevents overeating.


Seasonal berries are one of the main sources of vital substances. The brighter the color of the berry, the more coloring pigments – antioxidants.

The most useful berries with purple rind: black currants, blueberries, blackberries.

They actively reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels. Due to the high content of polyphenols, they restore damaged cells from the inside and reduce wrinkles. For a younger face, berries are used externally in the form of masks.


Estrogen is the main hormone of youth and beauty in women. It rejuvenates from within. It is responsible for the emotional background as well as the firmness, youthfulness and radiance of the skin.

As a woman gets older, the concentration of estrogen in the body decreases and the first signs of aging appear.

Nutritionists urge you to include healthy fats, fiber, drinking water and natural substances that are similar in their effect to estrogen in your daily menu. These products will help to preserve the natural youthfulness and freshness of the skin. Recommended for women after 40 years of age.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds contain biologically active substances lignans, similar in their effect to estrogen – the hormone of female youth. It also contains vitamin E, healthy fats and polysaccharides that give a healthy appearance to the skin, hair and nails.

Flax is an excellent colon cleanser, normalizes weight, improves skin elasticity, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

For better digestion, it is recommended to grind the seeds in a coffee grinder and eat them within 15 minutes. After more time, the product oxidizes and loses its useful properties.


Sesame – like flax seeds, contains estrogen-like substances lignans, which keep women young and beautiful. It cleanses the body of toxic substances and products of their decay, and is an excellent satiety.

Often included in the list of foods in diets for rejuvenation. A leader in calcium content, which supports healthy nails, bones, and teeth.

It is recommended to roast the seeds before use; they can be added to salads, first and second courses, and smoothies. Unrefined black sesame is the most useful.


To cleanse and rejuvenate the body, it is recommended to eat legumes at least 2-3 times a week. Lentils contain a large amount of valuable phytoestrogen – isoflavone. What is useful for this substance:

  • helps maintain skin elasticity, eliminates dryness and flabbiness;
  • Slows down the aging of the body;
  • has a favorable effect on hair follicles.

Lentils are rich in resveratrol, which protects the body at the cellular level against damage and premature aging. The product is also valuable in vitamins A and E, the regular consumption of which guarantees youthfulness and feminine beauty.

Green fruits and vegetables

Green fruits and vegetables contain fiber and antioxidants, which are beneficial for the beauty of all women. Such products provide liveliness, good mood and slow down the aging process in a woman’s body.

Nutritionists recommend eating seasonal foods and not being afraid to try exotic fruits. The most useful are celery, green apples, lime, fennel, kiwi, spinach, dandelion leaves, and mint.


Clean, structured water is the best beauty drink. We are composed of more than 90% water, and it is one of the key products in the daily diet.

To calculate your daily intake of plain drinking water, use the formula: 30 ml times your body weight.

Coffee and alcoholic beverages dehydrate the body. Therefore, after each cup of espresso, nutritionists recommend drinking 200 ml of plain water to replenish the balance.

Nutritionists recommend to drink water warm: on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up at least 2 glasses to wake up and start the body.

For skin elasticity, youthfulness, and improved taste, sources of antioxidants and vitamin C are added to the water: lemon, oranges, and favorite berries.

No single product promises to preserve eternal youth. But a healthy, varied, seasonal diet is indicated for all the fair sex, regardless of their age.

The list of anti-aging products will vary, depending on the individual characteristics and needs of the body. The introduction of these products in the daily diet will help to gently restore the hormonal background and, as a consequence, to transform the appearance.

Conscious, intuitive food choices and the absence of rigid restrictions – the guarantors of youth, beauty and great mood for every woman.

Author of the article: Elena Antonova, pharmacist-analyst, drug consultant (Ukrainian National University of Pharmacy)

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