Three Piece Women Suit: Trendy Set To Create Different Stylish Looks

Closed three-piece suit has a traditional look. Thanks to the laconic austere cut the classic has always been the most relevant item in the business closet. However, the designers have given a new sound to the familiar set.

Features Of Three Piece Women Suit

A distinctive feature of the set is the presence of a short vest, which is put under the jacket. During the cold season, this costume element is a significant help to a fashionista. And during warm days it is quite possible to do without a jacket. An excellent option for a business closet are sets of blouse, vest, and skirt / pants.

A set of clothes fits seamlessly into different styles and situations. Because it is not necessary to wear all three elements of the suit at the same time. A popular solution is to combine a three-piece suit with a skirt and a stylish blouse.


The suit’s demand is quite justified. After all, stylists offer models of several styles, made from a variety of fabrics. Consider the most popular of them.

Classic business suit

Laconic clothes laconic cut allows you to create a variety of office images. (As in the photo) The women’s three-piece suit will be a nice complement to the blouses. Moreover, you can combine the set with a jacket, golf sweaters, and shirts. An elegantly tied tie will “confirm” the fashionista’s serious intentions.

Holiday Costume

It is rare that certain rules need to be followed when choosing outfits. Consequently, stylists offer guidance based on personal preferences, body features, and fashion trends. Common options are suits with cropped jackets and wide long or short skinny pants, miniskirts or even short shorts.

The easiest way to give a festive look is to use original materials and stylish combinations of fabrics. Three-piece suits made of velvet and silk are popular. Voluminous skirts of taffeta and layered models of chiffon are in trend.

Casual suit

Not all firms have a strict dress code. And a stylish option for the office closet will be clothes decorated with patch pockets, edging, even embroidery or inserts of other materials.

Stylish solution – the use of things in different styles. Fitted and oversize jackets are in style. When choosing pants, preference is given to skinny and slightly shortened models. Skirt sets with the pencil model also look both laconic and feminine.

Homemade costume

Stylists suggest women to look elegant at home as well. Suits of jersey, cotton, denim will allow you to sit comfortably on the couch or spend the evening with friends. Comfortable sets – wide pants, T-shirt and a long cardigan. The original solution – narrow pants, T-shirt and tunic. Monochromatic suits are available in muted colors (white and gray melange, blue, terracotta, olive).


Kits for sports or outdoor activities can include different things. The most popular are three-piece suits consisting of a jacket, sweatshirt and pants. Summer sets consisting of sports pants, a vest, and a T-shirt are appropriate for cool weather.

Products for winter are made from warm fleece. For hot days designers offer things made of thin knitwear. A women’s three-piece sports suit can be complemented by shorts and Bermudas.

A three-piece suit for a girl

When sewing children’s clothing, comfortable styles are used that don’t restrict movement. Straight cut jacket, pleated skirt, and tight-fitting vest – perfect for school. A stylish option for home clothing is a children’s suit – three channels of thick jersey decorated with prints. A popular set – sports pants, a T-shirt and a zippered sweatshirt.


A suit combining a laconic simple cut jacket, straight cut pants or a skirt is considered traditional. A popular style of the jacket is a double-breasted model with two or four buttons. Elegant and elegant suits with a shortened jacket cut on one or three buttons. Such clothes effectively emphasize the smooth curves of the female figure.

Designers also offer to “play” with the sleeve length. Jackets/jackets with traditional long sleeves look restrained and austere. Models with ¾ sleeves give a delicate and flirty look.

When choosing the bottom (pants, skirt), you can also consider the product restrained laconic form (straight cut) or more democratic (trousers-galifes, skirt-balon, “sun-flared” or “pencil”).


Naturally, natural materials (cotton, wool, linen) deserve attention when choosing textiles. Stylists use different fabrics to create unique images.


A universal choice is a women’s wool three-piece suit. For cool weather, stylists offer products made of thin yarn. And for a colder winter it is appropriate to wear thick wool suits with lining.


The textured wool fabric is distinguished by its small pile and twill weave threads. In sewing women’s suits, materials are used in both restrained, calm shades and bright hues. A more embossed texture characterizes ladies tweed, and its composition may include artificial fibers or synthetics.

The material is traditionally used to make informal, casual clothing. Stylists suggest combining tweed clothes with clothes made of corduroy, flannel and denim.


Cashmere is a thin and soft material created from the down of mountain goats. The lightweight, hypoallergenic fabric is durable and hard-wearing. Most often cashmere is blended with other fibers, which makes winter suits more affordable without losing their positive qualities.


The characteristic feature of cotton fabric is a dense pile, decorated on the front side with thin ribs. Advantages of the material: strength, elasticity, durability, it is pleasant to the touch. The original fabric can be combined perfectly with other materials and is commonly used for sewing casual wear at home.


A fine merino yarn is used to create the fabric. The use of a special type of yarn weave results in a cloth with sharp, small ribs.

Modern fabrics, in addition to wool, may have other different fibers (cotton, viscose silk, synthetics, stretch).


When choosing a palette, you are primarily guided by the style of your clothes. The business closet usually consists of neutral shades (gray, navy blue, dark gray, beige). Products made of fabrics with thin light stripes are allowed.

In everyday life, you can use a richer color palette. The reference point for choosing a shade can be fashion trends or colors suitable for your color type, complexion, age.

Fashionistas who are more mature should pay attention to muted colors or clothing with a small print. Young fashionistas can safely experiment. Trendy suits in Scottish red and green checks, black and white checks, and stripes.

How To Choose Three Piece Womens Suit

When choosing clothing, it is important to always take into account the type of figure. Slim young fashionable women can wear clothes of any cut, both classic and original designer models. You can choose suits with straight pants for a business wardrobe. Tapered, slightly shorter pants are in trend. Fashion is characterized by pencil skirts or straight models with an above-the-waistline. Neutral colors and bright or pastel shades are effective.

Clothing made from textured, thick fabrics is not recommended for women with dense builds. Furthermore, unnecessary volume figures visually add superimposed elements, such as pockets and folds. The classic cut, made from thin woolen fabrics, should be preferred. The color palette is muted and monochrome.

What To Wear With It

Complement the office closet with simple items in neutral colors. Good choice – free feminine blouses with V-necks and ties. For blouses, pale pink, milky white, fuzzy blue shades are optimal. A close-fitting shirt in a single color or with thin vertical stripes is suitable. Such things will help to stretch the silhouette visually.

Casual casual suits in casual style will harmoniously complement plaid shirts. Summer linen three-piece suits can be combined with tops or sleeveless blouses.

When choosing shoes it is imperative to consider not only the feeling, but also the style of the closet. In summer, a classic business suit will complement the elegant shoes with a stable heel.

For the off-season, we will make boots, boots with high cuffs. For everyday use, wedge shoes are quite suitable. The original street style suggests choosing shoes with fluted soles.

Laconic classics are slowly returning to the catwalks. Designers suggest wearing midi skirts, non-standard jackets, and camisoles (elongated models).

The original novelty is to tie a wide belt like a sash on top of the jacket. And it should be of the same material as the suit.

An interesting topical option is a vest, worn on the bare body. As a result, the product can have an original cut – as a corset without straps.

The winter trend for women’s suits is a muted original palette – eggplant, dark green and marsala. For warmer days designers offer clothes in fashionable light shades: dusty pink, blurred blue, coral.

Helpful Tips

A compromise when choosing an office closet is a set of jacket, pants and skirt. Using such a set will allow you to make the most comfortable images.

Obligatorily take into account the peculiarities of the complexion of the fashionable woman. If a slim girl looks organic in a loose men’s suit, then full ladies should usually choose fitted clothes.

Jackets shortened or hemmed up to mid-thighs visually “stretch” silhouette and give a slender figure.

Attention should be paid to products made from expensive fabrics. Such clothes will last for several years and will help to create spectacular respectable images.

The wider the pants, the longer they should be. As a rule, the shoe heel should completely cover the pants.

Clothing should always match the image. A well-chosen three-piece business suit for women will give them confidence. It is wrong to believe that the three should be kept in the office closet. Among the everyday and wedding images, the original outfit has long since taken its place.

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