This Polka Dot Skirt Is Simple Yet Sophisticated

Yves Saint Laurent “brought” clothes decorated with polka dots of different sizes to the fashion world. And since then, the polka-dot skirt has become an exquisite addition to a woman’s closet on weekdays and holidays. In many fashion houses, polka dots are becoming a favourite decoration of textiles in the current season. This simple print makes it easy to create various images: casual, business and holiday.

How To Choose A Color Scheme And Style

Polka dots fabrics cannot be denied in a variety of colours. Popular colours: white, black, red, and blue. Designers do not hold back their imagination and offer skirts of different styles and original combinations of prints, shades, and textures. Models of different cuts and lengths perfectly fit casual closets and holiday attire.

Classic Colors And Original Shades

The choice of the right tone and size of the print creates an unforgettable image. It is important to ensure that the size of the polka dots does not visually make the silhouette bulky. As a large ornament visually adds volume, it is better to pay attention to the things with small polka dots. Such a print draws attention away from the hips or a protruding tummy. The optimal choice is a dark skirt with light polka dots. These things are universal because they are perfect for ladies of any complexion.

Skirts with a large print will emphasize a slender silhouette of fashionistas with an ideal physique. Thin girls can also safely buy clothes for the closet with a large size polka dots.

Skirts in white and black colours will fit perfectly into any image. These things can be safely mixed with the top of any shade. The summer set will decorate a white skirt with polka dots in black, complemented by a top (green, blue, and orange shades). Bright contrasting images will suit the rest at sea and in nature. The black polka-dot skirt looks restrained, so it is suitable for creating a business style. It can be combined with white or black blouses. And if the outfit with a black blouse or sweater has a more austere look, the monochrome white top will give a festive image.

White or black circles on a blue textile background look extraordinary. Things with small polka dots will suit a blue top, and silver accessories will decorate the set. White polka dots on a red background can already be attributed to the bright classics. And the image with a white blouse will look beautiful in the work closet. The main thing is to choose things with the right cut. A dark red pencil skirt with small white polka dots will give a business image a light touch of sensuality.

Bright, relaxed girls will suit yellow skirts with a small white or black print. Such things will always attract attention and help create a spectacular image. It is necessary to ensure that the image does not look ridiculous, so the skirt with white polka dots is combined with a light-coloured top, and the black print will perfectly emphasize the black blouses and tops.

Skirts Of Various Cuts

The long loose skirt of light-flowing fabric will complement the romantic image. Such items have already firmly established themselves in the collections of famous designers and stylish fashionistas. A lA long skirt (flared, tight or with a zipper) beautifully emphasizes women’s beauty and grace, visually drawing the silhouette. A set of shoes with low heels or flat soles is chosen for long skirts.

A sophisticated beach set looks beautiful: a chiffon light blue maxi skirt combined with a loose cropped knitted top with dropped shoulders. Complete the image with a hat with a wide brim and sandals or flat-sole sandals. A dark blue gode skirt with large white polka dots and a short black top with lace will make the festive image luxurious and stylish.

Pencil skirts in polka dots midi length are very in demand both in everyday images, and in the business closet. Narrow red model with black polka dots will make any woman bright and give an image of extravagance. A brown straight skirt in small beige polka dots will bring softness to the office closet. Midi length items gently hide figure flaws and draw attention to slender female legs.

A polka-dot sun skirt or mini is indispensable on a summer day in the city or on vacation. Girls with slender legs will suit things in any colour with polka dots of different sizes. Short skirts make the image sexy and naughty and are combined with the top of different shades and silhouettes. The look can be monochrome or consist of bright contrasting shades.

Interesting Images With A Polka-Dot Skirt

Combining a polka-dot skirt with a monochrome top is a traditional and win-win variant. However, designers suggest moving away from stereotypes. Extraordinary outfits are striped black and white top and white polka-dot skirt. Those who love creativity boldly wear T-shirts with bright prints (inscriptions, pictures of animals or abstract paintings) and black and white polka-dot skirts. In order not to shock the audience, it is desirable to choose a dim multi-coloured top. Otherwise, you will get a dissonance with the polka dots.

If you prefer skirts with small polka dots, a harmonious three-colour closet is worth looking at. And the background of the bottom will be the main colour. Ideal option: a midi skirt of “sun” style of light beige colour with brown polka dots and pale olive blouse. Shoes with stiletto heels or elegant platform sandals and wide bracelets will give a stylish look complete stylish look. The classics can wear the skirt of a polka-dot fabric monochrome top of similar shades (black and white bottom, gray top). To add a mood and brightness to the look, you can wear shoes and accessories (a thin strap of dark red colour). In order not to overload the day’s image, shoes are chosen in black or dark gray. And red shoes will decorate the closet for a holiday party.

White skirts with black polka dots practically do not limit the imagination of a fashionista. Such things can be safely combined with the top of any shade. Fluffy polka-dot skirts and lace or translucent tops will create festive looks, which will elegantly complement the stiletto shoes or elegant pumps.

Red polka dot skirts will always attract the attention of others. To make the image harmonious, choose a monochrome top. A knitted mini-skirt with a bass and a tight blue top with ¾ sleeves will create an image of an energetic and relaxed fashionista and perfectly suit girls with an ideal figure. High-heeled shoes will emphasize the beauty of graceful women’s legs.

There is a place for a polka dot skirt in the closet of a socialite and a young student. This unpretentious print gives things a refined sophistication or makes clothes catchy and dressy. Thanks to the numerous combinations of colours, textures and silhouettes, polka dot skirts will always be in demand and relevant.

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