The Tote Bag: Sophistication And Style

The tote bag is the most successful invention of designers, which is very popular among women. This bag has a large capacity, rectangular, square or trapezoidal shape, and has one compartment without a zipper and two handles. Originally, the tote bag was designed for travel, trips out of town or business trips. Modern, stylish ladies take the Tote bag for shopping or a weekend getaway.

Celine tote bag

Tote bag with chain on the belt

The traditional tote has leather handles and a leather dense bottom, made in black or brown.

Classic handbags for women are versatile and can be worn with both winter and summer clothing. Nowadays, it is indeed uncomfortable to walk around with a bag without a zipper, so designers have tried to diversify the range of tote bags. They added zippers, and in the middle – buttons on the magnet, decorative buttons.

Black and white tote bag

GUCCI tote bag

Trend 2022

The undisputed leader among 2022 bags is the tote bag. It is the elegant, practical and convenient keeper of women’s belongings and secrets. It is suitable for all occasions and creates the image of a stylish businesswoman.

Toe bag made of combination leather

Brown tote bag

Classic models of tote bags by Michael Kors, Gucci, Sophie Hulme, Victoria Beckham, Mulberry, and Lanvin are perfect for business style and add charm to an urban look. Balenciaga, Fendi, and Saint Laurent believe that a zipper or magnet adds functionality and practicality to a tote bag.

Red tote bag

Leather tote bag

Extravagant, daring fashionistas often choose bags made of reptile leather or with animal colours. In the new season, Tamara Mellon, Pierre Hardi, Nancy Gonzales, Fendi, Cristian Louboutin, Loeve, and Valentino tried to surprise fashionistas with unusual ideas. They experimented with cuts and colours of accessories.

Summer tote bag

How To Choose The Right Tote Bag And What To Wear It With?

If you need a bag for work, it should be sturdy, high quality and roomy. It must hold many things, from makeup bags to important papers and documents.

Louis Vuitton tote bag

Max Mara tote bag

Pay attention to the presence of additional pockets where you can put your phone, keys and other items of prime necessity. If you have to carry a tablet or netbook to work every day, you also need a separate pocket for them. And you don’t have to choose a black or brown colour bag. You can dilute your business image with a bag in pastel tones or a screaming bright colour (e.g., red, purple, green) to make an ordinary office outfit look interesting and not boring.

Tote Mini Bag with Flowers

Tote bag with zipper

In everyday life, choose large or medium-sized tote bags for walking or shopping. Many modern women’s tote bags have an additional long leather handle or handle on a massive chain. A bag with such a handle can be worn over the shoulder and blended successfully with a sporty image. Opt for a model with bright colours if you want to emphasize it. The rest of the image should have discreet colours to harmonize with the fashion accessory.

Striped tote bag

Tote bag with a buckle

Tote bags can be combined even with casual style. For example, to a blue sweater and white jeans, a beige handbag would be ideal. To create a feminine image, preference should be given to classic options.

Tote bag with a long strap

Sports style tote bag

5 Reasons To Buy A Tote Bag

  1. Versatility. The tote bag is so versatile and roomy that it is used in everyday life. You can be sure that all the necessary personal items will fit into this stylish handbag, and still, there is room for something unexpected. After all, the word “tote” itself means “to carry” in English. And consequently, this bag will carry everything you need and even more.
  2. Size. Tote bags, like clothes, have a size range: S, M, and L (small, medium and large, respectively). Choose a bag depending on your preferences and height. Choosing a bag, take into account the peculiarities of your figure. Women with wide hips should avoid long handles on the tote bag, which enlarge and enlarge the hips. Wide bags with bright prints choose for the “apple” type figure. A bright accent in your image will distract attention from your waist.
  3. Material. Classic options are usually sewn from leather. Modern models are often dense fabric (jute, canvas, cotton). Cotton (Longchamp) and denim (Backyard) handbags look original with an everyday image and occupy the leading positions on the fashion podiums. Fabric tote bags can be sewn by yourself from old jeans or a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or pita. You’ll get an original model that only you will have.
  4. The main accessory. It is a tote bag that can add zest to almost any image: sports, romantic or casual (urban). It is a full-fledged fashion bag (fashion bag). And it does not matter what you wear today: jeans, a dress or a business suit. A tote bag will make your image complete, laconic, interesting and stylish.
  5. The right gift. You do not need to puzzle over the choice of the right gift for your mother, sister, girlfriend or girlfriend. A tote bag will find its use in any woman’s closet. It will be indispensable for creating a stylish image. And you will have no problems choosing a gift.

Following the above tips, pick the perfect tote bag. It should please and inspire you. It will always be comfortable and convenient.

Green tote bag

Yellow tote bag

Snakeskin tote bag

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