The Stylish Trend For 2022 Is Wide Leg Pants For Women

Wide pants for women represent the desire of a modern successful woman for practicality. This piece of clothing allows you to always look stylish, feminine and sophisticated. At the same time, every fashionable woman feels comfortable and relaxed in these pants. If you want to achieve new heights in all spheres of life every day, only in pants of this style.

Feminine Cuts: What You Need To Know

Women’s wide pants are practical and comfortable. In any case, with their help, the look gives a note of femininity, elegance and sophistication. It is impossible to call fashionable wide pants a specific style. A radical maxi and a lot of shortened variants are in style. As always the classic length is in demand. Bananas, afghans, palazzo: wide pants can complement any type.

Another brand-new type of pants worth mentioning is the hakama. These are samurai pants, somewhat reminiscent of trousers. Until recently, this style could be seen only on exclusive shows. However, even today you can still see the original oriental colouring right in the street. The popularity of the hakama is growing every day.

Pants-skirts – an absurd symbiosis of two products that, it would seem, cannot be combined into one. Still, stylists recommend treating such a product like wide pants.

Genre Classic

Wide classic pants are the most feminine trend of 2022. Straight pants “classic” of this length shone on the fashion podiums:

  • Standard (at ankle level);
  • Extended versions (completely cover the heel);
  • Ultra short pants;
  • Length 7/8.

Classic serving is always appreciated and will never lose its relevance. Blouses and socks look stylish with classic pants that extend from the hip. It is worth taking care about the shoes. Stable heel is welcome. In the look will look appreciated with a jacket, a shortened jacket or vest.

High Seating

High pants fit is a bright trend for 2022. Pants with a high waist and wide pants will not suit everyone. You need to work on the image carefully, but in the end you can get a luxurious look.

A wide linen pant, women’s pants with an original fit, shown on the shows of Hermes, Elisabetta Franchi, and Ermanno Scervino. Wary of a fashion fiasco, it is better to move away from the casual format and not to experiment in a sporty style. Presented in a classic way, wide pants look advantageous.

Fashionable Plaid

Flared trousers have once again exploded onto the fashion scene. Expanded versions of jeans and pants can be found in the top collections of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world. Luxury flared pants adorned the runways of Elie Saab, Red Valentino, Roberto Cavali, Vivienne Tam.

“Variations with expansion” are many. The first models were tight, and the “legendary plaid” started below the knee. In the current collection, the bell-bottom starts almost from the hip. Because of this, the silhouette turns out unusual, voluminous.

The Culottes Are A Symbol Of Freedom And Women’S Protest

The culottes are rushing to the top of the fashion pedestal. Once the tennis player Lily Alvarez dared to wear the risky style at a social gathering, giving culottes a special rebellious charm.

Fashion designers desperately revive the hybrid of a skirt and pants, experimenting with fabrics, length and style of products. Giorgio Armani suggests wearing wide short pants made of rough fabrics in the new season. Products must “hold their shape”.

Blumarine embodies the philosophy of feminine sophistication. The special honor is given to flowing delicate fabrics, which will transform culottes beyond recognition. Romantic cut and elegance are welcome.


The oversize format has been extremely popular for several seasons in a row. Stylish coats, dresses, sweaters just conquered the fashion podiums. It’s time for the over-size pants.

A soft, androgynous look is complemented by emancipated slacks. Elegant wide pants with stripes allow experimenting with proportions and balance in the look. Chanel and Jason Wu especially skillfully emphasized the versatility of pants in the oversize format.

Stylists recommend checking out products made of soft suit fabric. No less trendy looks patchwork on wide trousers. Shorts “a couple of sizes bigger” look spectacular in a check.

Transparent Pants – Spicy And Stylish

Summer white wide pants are a classic, which is hard to surprise fashionistas. Fashion designers decided to move away from the white “resort” style and play with textures and transparent fabrics.

Immediately think of the sensual beauties in the harems of Asian sheiks, who often wore wide pants of translucent fabric. Such exoticism is also in fashion among modern European girls.

It will take courage to put on such summer pants, but the effect will be simply stunning. The most fashionable fabrics to create ephemeral outfits:

  1. Grid;
  2. Guipure;
  3. Lace;
  4. Chiffon;
  5. Silk.

Similar pants are not suitable for an everyday look, but the evening look will be a luxury. For upcoming fashion endeavors, it is worth looking at the creations of Alexis Mabille, Balmain, and Genny.

Leather Pants

All leather goods require a separate study. This noble material makes it possible to create stylish, respectable products that exude wealth, success and inner strength. Trussardi, Topshop Unique and a number of other fashion brands have already added luxurious leather to their collections.

Rich gloss and voluminous silhouettes are enhanced by bright colour solutions. In addition, leather wide pants are generously decorated. A special trend is ruffles and embroidery, as well as asymmetrical pants. It is sometimes unclear what to wear with such models. Fashion professionals recommend returning to the classics once again, choosing restrained and laconic products, and finishing the look with leather pants.


2017 will be remembered with bright colours. Undoubtedly, the fashion baton will also be taken by the fashion seasons of 2022.

Fashionistas are free to choose any color. These can be wide linen pants of “natural” colors, classic black pants, and low-key jeans in traditional dark blue. However, stylists suggest diluting the dull palette with more original tones, such as coral, mint, and lavender. All tones of the red palette are popular.

The main fashion patterns:

  • Geometry;
  • Abstraction;
  • Small Cage;
  • Large cage;
  • Animalistics.

Particular attention should be “predatory” colours: imitation snake or crocodile skin, leopard and tiger patterns, but the garish colours should not be abused.

How To Choose The Perfect Pants?

Sometimes even the simplest cut and style of pants is difficult to choose. First of all, you need to think about the following points:

  1. How many images are planned to build on the basis of pants;
  2. How often they will be used;
  3. With what in the closet they will combine best;
  4. Whether they fit your figure and colour type of appearance;
  5. Should there be decorative elements or a complex cut (stripes, pleats, embroidery, applique);
  6. How they correspond to fashion trends.

It is also worth considering the quality of the materials from which the pants were made. Flax, cotton, leather: natural and noble fabrics that always lend luster to products.

Girls who prefer classic elegant style will suit pants in the style of Marlene Dietrich, pants with stripes of contrasting colours, as well as classic models like “palazzo”. Daring experimenters with an active lifestyle will appreciate the Afghani or Hakama format. In any case there is a place for wide pants in every fashion closet.

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