The Rules And Types Of Makeup For Brown Eyes

The owners of brown eyes are very lucky because there are many ways to make the look more expressive and create an attractive image. It is worth taking a closer look at the features and rules of applying makeup and studying the step-by-step schemes.


For girls with brown eyes, it is difficult not to attract attention because rare interlocutors will not mark the mesmerizing look. Of course, everyone wants to perfect the look, and a few simple rules can help:

  1. The entire palette of beiges, browns, and grays are win-win shades for brown eyes. The listed tones will perfectly suit any outfit and help emphasize the look’s depth and expressiveness.
  2. Silver or light shades are suitable for refreshing your age. It is recommended to apply such shades on the upper eyelid. It is also possible to dilute the color scheme with green, marsh, or blue tones.
  3. Arrows are back in fashion, and girls with brown eyes should arm themselves with a dark pencil, as most of the lashes are naturally black. In this case, the shade of mascara can be anything from emerald to shiny grey.
  4. It is not recommended to bring the pencil under the lower eyelid. It is better to use shadows to increase the eyes’ size visually.
  5. The color of a pencil or eyebrow shadow should be chosen based on the shade of the hair. Then the image will be natural and expressive.
  6. Circles under the eyes can be masked with concealer. Then the face will look rested and fresh.

Often cosmetologists advise using to create a delicate image of pearly shadows, which are perfectly combined with any shade of brown eyes.


There are several options for makeup for brown eyes. It is worth considering the main ones.

Daytime Makeup

The peculiarity of brown eyes is the possibility of using blue eyeliner even for daytime makeup. The only condition – the rest of the makeup must be sustained in calm tones. Instructions:

  1. First, conceal the bruises under the eyes and other skin imperfections with a concealer.
  2. Next, the eyebrows are made more expressive by using shade gel or a pencil to match the color of the hair. It should be noted that without a beautiful “frame” of the eyebrows, a harmonious image cannot be achieved.
  3. The next step is to apply dusty pink shadows on the inner corner under the eyebrow, the crease of the eyelid, and the lower eyelid. It is essential that these parts turn out matte but not dark.
  4. Next, use a blue pencil to emphasize the upper mucosa. It is recommended to draw the line literally along the upper eyelid so as not to harm the eye. The central part of the eyelid is drawn in beige shades.

The last step is to color the lashes. They mostly use the standard black shade of mascara, painting each eyelash to keep it from sticking together.

Evening Makeup

To create an original look, you’ll need shimmery shadows. The scheme for applying makeup includes the following steps:

  1. First, use a black pencil to trace the growth line of the upper eyelashes, then carefully shade it.
  2. It is recommended to use a black pencil to draw the upper eyelashes’ growth line and then carefully shade it.
  3. Thin arrows are drawn with black eyeliner, and a little blue eyeliner with glitter is put on top to make the arrows brighter.
  4. The area under the lower lashes is decorated with dark gray shadows with shimmer. The eyebrows are decorated with matte light beige shadows to make the image more expressive.
  5. Darker shades of mascara are applied to the eyelashes.

If desired, the lower mucosa can be filed with a colored pencil, but it is not recommended to do it often. You should add some blush and sculpting products at the end of the look.

Natural Makeup

A woman can create a delicate casual look that will advantageously emphasize the beauty of brown eyes. Instructions:

  1. First, apply a small amount of matte green shadow to the entire upper eyelid with a slight movement.
  2. Then using a brush, it is necessary to flatten the dark green shadow in the crease. It is better to prefer matte shades, which look more advantageous in daytime makeup. You should keep your eyes open during the shading to easily see the shade.
  3. The next step involves applying a dark green shadow in the outer corner of the eye, followed by shading the borders.
  4. Then you should apply a greenish gray shadow in the area under the lower lashes. This will create a slight haze and emphasize the eyes’ color.
  5. If using shimmering or glittering eye shadow, it is recommended to gently spread it on the upper eyelid, applying it closer to the center. Then the glow will be subtle and not flashy.

In the end, you need to apply dark mascara and eyebrow gel. If you want, you can put it on your lips in a non-shouty shade.

Makeup for brown eyes is a wide field for experimenting with different shades and textures. So it’s worth trying other options to find your own.

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