The Pros And Cons Of Makeup With Sequins

Stylish makeup with glitter will make the image attractive, add brightness to it and help to win the attention of others. Not all girls understand how to use glitter correctly, so it is worth considering a few questions in detail.


Manufacturers produce a wide range of glitter, which can be divided into several groups according to the texture of the composition:

  1. Crumbly. A classic that presents small particles of plastic. Transparent adhesive compositions are used to fix the glitter on the skin.
  2. Pressed. They are distinguished by a dry and tightly packed consistency, which simplifies the use of glitter. Pressed glitter is considered a quality product that is economically consumed and does not leave behind dust.
  3. Creamy. An improved version of the previous glitters, which is quickly applied and fixed due to the creamy base.

There are also glitters of a gel-like texture – that’s what glitter is. The liquid consistency does not cause difficulties in the application of makeup. Therefore, this kind of glitter is popular among girls and women.

Pros And Cons

To begin with the advantages and disadvantages of makeup with sequins. The pros include:

  1. Availability. Today, manufacturers of makeup products offer a large selection of bright and simple light sequins. So you can choose a product to suit almost any image.
  2. Hypoallergenic. Due to their innovative composition, modern means with sequins will not cause irritation and other allergic reactions.
  3. Universality. Glitter suits any woman regardless of appearance type or hair color. Glitter will look harmonious on young girls as well as on adult women.
  4. Ease of use. Makeup with glitter will not require any special knowledge or skills. Learn how to apply glitter in just a couple of minutes.

The only drawback is the manufacturers’ use of microplastic, a non-biodegradable material harmful to nature. Therefore, adding glitter to the image is not recommended too often.

What Glitter Is For

Glitter is an opportunity to create a bright and unusual image in a couple of strokes. Glitter is often used for shaping:

  • evening makeup;
  • New Year’s Eve makeup;
  • Image for the photo shoot.

Makeup with sequins will emphasize all the advantages of their appearance and perfectly disguise the flaws of his glow.

The Best Ideas

Glitter can be used not only for the holidays. There are several options for simple and, at the same time, bright makeup.

Casual look

To achieve spectacular makeup, you need a minimal set of cosmetics. There is nothing complicated about the process:

  1. First, the tone of the face is smoothed with a base, which also hides visible flaws in the form of redness or skin irritation.
  2. Next, a transparent gel is used to emphasize the eyebrows, setting the direction of the hairs.
  3. After that, a transparent base is applied to the skin to ensure maximum adhesion of glitter with the dermis.
  4. The fourth step implies the application of glitter in a layer of small thickness. The glitters decorate the growth line of the lashes, thus emphasizing the eyes.

Everyday makeup with glitter is sure to attract attention. For the best effect, it is recommended to use glitter in gold or white color.

Minimalist makeup

The only three tools that will help to create an original image are eyeliner, mascara, and glitter. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  1. First, the face is washed thoroughly, removing excess grease and dust.
  2. Next, the base is applied to remove facial irregularities and hide skin irritation.
  3. The third step involves emphasizing the eyelashes. Here black mascara is used. One layer will be enough.
  4. After using the eyeliner, an arrow is drawn on the eyes. It is better to make it thin, so it does not weigh down the look and does not focus the attention of others.
  5. When the eyeliner dries, a small amount of glitter is applied to the arrow. The glitter should attract attention, so preference should be given to bright colors.

The final touch will be styling the eyebrows with a clear gel.

Image for the photo

In this case, the original dark makeup will do. The process of application:

  1. The first thing to do is to even out the tone of the face.
  2. Next, emphasize the eyebrows with colorless gel.
  3. Apply a layer of a base under the eyes to conceal bruises.
  4. Emphasize the lower eyelid with dark shadows, which are then thoroughly flattened with a brush.
  5. Glue glitter to the area near the corners of the eyes using transparent glitter fixation products.

When the fifth step is done, it is necessary to wait a couple of minutes so that the glitter will not fall off afterward. The final step will be the application of black mascara on the eyelashes. At the same time, it is necessary to paint both upper and lower hairs.

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