The Original Gatsby Inspired Outfit: The Main Fashion Trends Of The 20s

Fashion trends of the 1920s are reflected in Gatsby style attire. At that time the whole principle of women’s clothing was changing rapidly, so women tried on men’s pants for the first time. The era was characterized by the beginning of emancipation and women’s struggle for equality. All this led to the fact that the hems of dresses were getting shorter, as well as shorter haircuts and hairstyles, making them easier to style. Instead of a hat – a headband, instead of underskirts – a pleated hem. The economy during the Civil War minimized outfits and made them look shorter.

A shot from The Great Gatsby perfectly reflects the fashion of that era.

Features Of The Turn Of The Century Style

Straight dresses with a low waist or suits. This style in some angles creates the impression of a lack of waist. Keep this in mind – not everyone will go with Gatsby-style outfits. The typical outfit is a length slightly above the knee. More than a mini at that time ladies could not afford – and it was already quite a bold step. The dress must have short sleeves, and it was worn long, above the elbow, tight-fitting gloves. With such a glove a lady of the Gatsby era held a long mouthpiece and blew smoke in rings.

Typical image of a girl from the 20s

The bottom of the dress was necessarily pleated or flared. The front of the evening dress of that era had a rather bold neckline. Often – completely naked back or shoulders. Particularly popular were dresses with thin straps, creating a style of the 20’s. The color scheme – calm, often pastel, no modern neon colors. The outfit should be made of luxurious fabric and create the impression of a beautiful life – silk, velvet, chiffon and exquisite lace are used. Also use fringe. In Gatsby’s time, mind-blowing dance parties were thrown – and in a dress with fluttering fringe, the ladies looked very sexy and attractive in the dance.

Setting off simple and laconic dresses, women of that time actively used luxurious and expensive accessories: fur boas, headbands with precious stones and feathers, elegant hats, long strings of pearls in several rows, various jewelry.

Fur boa – the must have in every girl’s closet of the 1920s

The purse was used more as a decorative accessory, setting off the dress and the whole outfit, rather than as a thing with a functional purpose. Often it looked like a small clutch or purse decorated with rhinestones, stones, on a chain or a long strap.

The shoes have a medium heel of 3 to 5 cm. Often, the shoes had a webbing. The colors could be different.

Stylish Hairstyles For Brave Ladies

Short hair is usually styled in sleek waves. Such hairstyles bear the amusing name of “acroscuers,” which means “hooks for hearts” in French. Meaning men’s hearts, of course. Here is the legendary hairstyle, when the curls on the temples are symmetrical and extremely accurate.

Permanente was also in vogue, and blondes, often in dazzlingly cool tones, were in vogue at the time. In general, hairstyles had a sleek look. Even the famous Hollywood wave, which now has a loose style, was smooth to the head at that time. This was because it fixed all sorts of means and devices for styling.

In the 20s of the 20th century, blondes became fashionable.

The “Cloche” hat, funny and small, was a lasting mark of the era. This hat was perfectly suited to laconic hairstyles. But if you do not want to impress the imagination of others or if hats do not suit you, an elegant headband decorated with stones and flowers will do. Floral headbands with feathers and rhinestones will also look great.

The bandage with feathers is a symbol of fashion of those years

The Makeup Of Luxurious Fashionistas

Adding make-up in the style of the 20s is a necessary touch, even if you’re not wearing a matching gown. If nowadays we try not to focus on the eyes and the lips at the same time, at that time it was a very common thing. Highlight the black eyes with a bright lipstick on the lips. In this case, the eyebrows should not be wide and straight, rather they should appear as a thin arc. Keep in mind that a small mouth was in fashion, so overly plump lips are obviously not in the style of Gatsby.

Fashionable 20s makeup – brightly colored eyes and lips

In the hairstyles of fashionable women of the 20’s was a deadly pale skin, giving its owners an aristocratic chic. Blush was not used – the lady must be pale, mysterious, weary and sophisticated. Take this point into account when choosing makeup for your Gatsby themed party. Of course, you should not lighten your face up to a state of dead pallor, but you should use a lighter foundation than usual to create the right image.

It is very critical to make the right eyebrows. Pay special attention to them, and they can “stretch” your whole image. The necessary thin arch of the eyebrows will be perfectly shaded by a graceful headband.

Eye makeup must be in the style of tuxedo eyes. It is necessary to “black out” the eyes rather thickly. And make sure to put mascara on the lower lashes.

Gatsby style eye makeup

For the lips, you need a wine or cherry shade of lipstick. Dark red will also do. The clear lines of the hairstyle imply a clear lip line, so rock a pencil. Keep in mind, the darker the lipstick, the more you are “in”. The most extravagant fashionistas can rock black lipstick – and they won’t make a mistake. The main thing is not to become becomethic. And don’t make your lips glossy – the tones should be matte, though bright. However, a bit of metal and glitter on the dress is quite appropriate.

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