The Organza Skirt Goes From Catwalk To City Streets

Today, as well as a couple of seasons ago, puffed skirts made of tulle or organza are at the peak of popularity. At the recent Paris and Milan haute couture weeks there were a lot of such models on display. They were widely represented in the collections of the recognized masters, as well as in the collections of the rising stars of the fashion industry. From the catwalks this trend very quickly moved to the streets. Now a tutu skirt made of organza is an obligatory item in the closet of the urban fashionista.

Asymmetric organza skirt

What is the secret of the popularity of such a seemingly simple thing? Organza is thin and almost weightless, but it holds its shape perfectly. This quality is very appreciated by fashion designers, as it allows you to create voluminous and whimsical styles. Organza skirts are favored by lovers of stylish clothes because of their lightness and romance.

Beige organza skirt

Style Options

Tutu skirts came to the catwalk, then to the street from the ballet. Classic tutu skirt is made from several layers of tulle or tulle up to mid-shin. It is often used to create images of young and romantic heroines. The roles of Giselle, Sylph, Masha from the ballet “The Nutcracker” are traditionally performed in such costumes.

White organza skirt

Designers have presented these options: an extreme mini made of many layers of fabric, a sun-skirt, a two-layered tutu to the middle of the shin with a zipper. Fresh models with asymmetric bottoms, almost completely opening the legs in front and long as a train in the back. In addition, designers offered two-layered options, consisting of a straight cut bottom and a very voluminous, translucent upper. When the bottom layer of skirts is bright (blue, fuchsia, pink, neon-orange) and the top layer is a gentle white, it looks interesting. In the current collections of many youth brands there are models with inserts of matching or contrasting colours.

Black organza skirt

The most successful styles are those that fall just above or below the knee, they suit almost everyone.

Extreme mini can only be worn by very young girls with long legs. The fluffy maxi skirt looks strange, but it is a variant suitable for a catwalk or any unusual performance. If you are having trouble making a choice, pick a model with medium length and puffiness, then you will not look comically oversized.

Blue organza skirt

Who Will It Suit?

The tutu or, as it is also called, tutu skirt looks gorgeous on young girls and teenage girls. Adult women should not keep this item in their closet, as this style is associated with frivolity and playfulness. But toddlers of kindergarten age can buy or sew a lot of these skirts. These clothes are very popular among young fashionistas since they allow them to portray themselves as ballerinas or princesses.

Fashionable polka-dot organza skirt

Suppose young girls in tutus look cute and charming, all without exception. In that case, adult girls need to soberly assess the advantages and disadvantages of their figures before deciding to wear a multi-layered tutu. This style will not suit everyone. It is most often used by thin girls, emphasizing their slender legs and frail physique, creating a delicate and touching image.

Fancy mini organza skirt

Owners of an average constitution, not suffering from excessive weight, will also look very stylish in a puffy skirt. The silhouette, which forms this model, has an emphasized thin waist, and problem areas, such as too full and heavy hips, are successfully concealed. But puffy girls should definitely avoid such skirts – they will make their figures even heavier.

Layered organza skirt

What To Wear?

Since a tutu skirt made of organza or tulle creates volume underneath, the top, on the other hand, should be as restrained as possible. Suitable is a tight top, turtleneck, modest blouse or shirt, T-shirt. You can create a lot of interesting images, depending on what you combine the skirt with.

You are all set for a festive exit with a corset or silk top with an open back and wide ties around the neck, sandals and stilettos, and a clutch. Meeting relatives in an elegant and graceful manner requires a solid-coloured shirt of strict cut, pumps and a shoulder bag. An airy chiffon blouse, elegant jewelry, curls and light makeup is just right for a date or a romantic evening.

Organza dress

Striped organza skirt

An alternative image in a daring rock style is characterized by black T-shirts or tops with thin straps, a leather jacket thrown over the shoulders, a leather belt with rivets, smoky eyes in makeup, high-heeled shoes, and chains with large pendants. A t-shirt with a bright print and coloured sneakers is what teenage girls are wearing now. Bold, unusual and fresh! If you know how to combine things from your closet and how to complement them with accessories, you can create different interesting and relevant looks.

Pink organza skirt

Straight organza skirt

Organza Skirt With Your Own Hands

If a skirt of a suitable style and colour is not available in the store, it can be made yourself. To do this, it is enough to have minimal skills with a sewing machine. You will need:

  • sewing machine;
  • Organza – from 2.5 to 6 meters, depending on the length and opulence of the skirt;
  • elastic band – a length of one waist circumference;
  • oblique sash (not necessary if the edges of the fabric treated with a tight zigzag);
  • threads to match.

Cut out the bottom skirt. To do this, mark the desired length on the fabric and add 3 cm – this is the seam allowance. The width is equal to the waist circumference, multiplied by 3. If you need a more puffy bottom layer, multiply by 4 or 5. Work the edges zigzag. On the same principle, cut the top part.

Fluffy organza skirt

Blue organza skirt

If you want, you can combine several colours by making an insert of contrasting colours in several places. Work the edge with a slash. The next step is to sew the bottom and top parts together. Sew both parts to the elastic band, stretching it and evenly distributing the folds of the bottom and top skirt. Connect the sides and carefully sew them together. Skirt ready. It is not difficult to make a beautiful and useful thing with your own hands!

Organza skirt with rhinestones

Skirt with organza insert

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