The Most Successful Ways To Wear Trendy Black Sandals

Fashion loves paradoxes and flashbacks, so it is not all the time possible to chase it. It’s just a matter of picking up the look because it’s already outdated. The modern woman therefore creates a basic closet, which is all the time stocked with relevant clothing items. With spectacular accessories, shoes and makeup, you can diversify your closet, ensuring your look is all the time elegant and timely.

Black sandals with leather jumpsuit and sweatshirt

So, open the closet of the modern fashionista and find those things that are useful, as they say, “for better or for worse:

  • The little black dress – relevant at all times.
  • Pants, cut to fit. Elegant pants create a rather feminine image, but at the same time give the right level of comfort.
  • A white blouse and a light-coloured shirt.
  • Classic jeans with a high waist.
  • Midi skirt to form feminine looks.
  • Strict coat and coats in basic shades.
  • Shoes. Dark and light sturdy heeled pumps, high boots and half boots, black heeled sandals, as well as white comfortable ballet flats.

Black sandals with a gray dress

If you can find these items in your closet, you can consider yourself dressed. Basic items should be of high quality. However, some fashionable tops, shorts and sundresses can belong to the democratic segment. This is so that it is painless for the budget to update them.

Today, fashion has leaped far ahead, and combining things by colour is no longer a trend. Therefore, the question of how to wear this or that thing remains relevant. For example, stylish black women’s sandals.

In order to stay on-trend and not to appear as a hardened conservative, what are the best ways to wear black sandals?

Black sandals with a black dress and jacket

Black stiletto sandals with a red suit

Black sandals with a green dress and black jacket

Classics Of The Summer

Want to get a foothold in the fashion wave? Then get quality sandals in black! They are beyond seasons and trends, so it is already safe to call them a classic. You can also identify certain types within the model range. Open summer sandals in black are appropriate for those days when your feet have already gained a slight tan. So far, your feet seduce only aristocratic complexions, play with the colour. After all, today beige sandals with a small heel are also trendy.

Summer classic look with black sandals

On A Thin Base

Black sandals with stiletto heels – an image of sexiness. Such shoes add aristocratism and even a certain chic to the image. Stiletto heel puts an emphasis on the beauty of a woman’s legs, on her gait, and therefore on the movement of her hips. Oh, how much sexiness lies in the way a woman moves in a stiletto! Many men lose their head at the sight of a woman in high heels. The material of sandals in this case can vary. Passion in the leather models, devoid of decor. Laconicity and beauty say it all without words. For a classic look, such shoes are a wise choice.

Black stiletto sandals with mint pants and blouse

Black suede sandals look less passionate, but are still beautiful and effective. They require more care, as they literally attract dust. There is a suitable choice of shoes not only for classics, but also for “casual” style. Platform sandals with woven tops and extra fasteners at the ankles are more comfortable.

Black suede sandals with black pants and striped top

Stiletto heel mixes are also popular. The design is very interesting and attractive. Brave fashionistas prefer options decorated with rhinestones, chains, and studs. There are several techniques of intertwining straps in such models, such as a closed patent sock. The only recommendation is not to combine shoes and clothes of different patterns, otherwise the picture will be garish.

Black stiletto sandals with jeans

Models With A Stable Heel

A thin weightless stiletto heel is certainly stylish, but black sandals with a stable heel are still much more comfortable. These shoes are practical. You can run in them, dance for hours and even wear them to work. Of course, the prospect of walking all day in sandals will not be pleasant, but, for example, tractor-soled sandals will not let fatigue appear too early.

Black thick-heeled sandals with denim skirt and jacket

Even older fashionistas choose black leather sandals or sabots with thick heels, realizing that they are comfortable, elegant footwear. With the optimal heel height, the back is not so tired, and varicose veins are not progressing. Also, leather sandals with a thick heel do not age, so any woman can afford them.

Black wedge sandals are suitable because of their modesty. Nowadays, models with rough ribbed soles, often with laces, are at the peak of fashion. Popular are gladiator sandals with low heels, as well as sandals with tractor soles, made with deliberate crudity. Such shoes look suitable with jeans.

Black thick-heeled sandals with denim shorts

Black thick-heeled sandals with a black dress

How To Style Black Sandals

Images with black sandals can be classified according to the style used.

  1. For example, a classic look can be made up of silk dresses and models in black. The sandals can be decorated with leather straps, patent leather rivets.
  2. The combination of a T-shirt and jeans is optimal for modern style. Barefoot shoes in this case equalize the posture. If you choose a denim tote-blouse, the shoes balance the image.
  3. The romantic image is inspired by the combination of a midi dress and black sandals. Minimalism is very important here. It is quite possible to try on sandals without a heel.
  4. The bold style is characterized by playing on the edge; the connection of a leather mini-skirt with leather sandals and a light blouse. The closeness of the blouse will balance the set and not make it vulgar.
  5. Business style allows for black laconic sandals with a stable heel. All the same, a thin stiletto heel in an look of a strict suit and shirt will not add weight to the owner.

A classic look with black sandals

Modern look with black sandals

Romantic look with black sandals

Bold look with black sandals

Business look with black sandals

Relationship Between Colors And Shapes

A beautiful and stylish look is serious work. For example, in some countries an open sock is considered lewd. In such a situation, black tights will come to the rescue. By the way, they look perfect with lacquered sandals on the platform.

In the fall, when it gets colder, you can use colour to add life to the image, for example, wear red sandals with black tights. And for an evening out you can complement your red sandals with high socks. Warm, cozy and incredibly relevant!

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