The Most Stylish Haircuts For Men In 2020


With this haircut, in the movie Fury, Bret Pete appeared. After the film’s release, the undercut gained tremendous popularity in our country.

The head can be divided into zones. There is a temporal-lateral zone, a frontal zone, and a nape zone. You get an even, uniform layer when the hair is cut the usual way. There are no zones. Undercut, on the other hand, is the term for not bringing these zones together when the zone on top is longer than the hair on the side or vice versa.

It can come in many different shapes. If you want this hairstyle, explain to the master what you want to see. The side temporal area can be completely shaved. It can have a short layer.

Top Knot

It is characterized by shaved sides gathered in a ponytail or bun in the frontal, parietal zone. It suits the owners of a round and oval face. In some cases, it can be square. Not suitable for triangular, strongly elongated, heart-shaped. Men with very pointed chins. It is even more visually elongated it.

Men of many nations have worn this hairstyle since ancient times. It was a sign of strength and warfare. Today it is considered universal. Suitable for both classic and sportswear. Looks appropriate in any situation.

Important fact – it is suitable only for owners of thick, straight, healthy hair. Otherwise, you will have to add volume by styling and styling products. It will not always look good.
This option is for a perfect, symmetrical skull with no dents.


It takes its name from the Marquise of Pompadour. She wore a hairstyle in which all her hair was pulled up and back from her forehead and temples. It became popular with all the fashionistas and fashionistas of the time.
Elvis Presley gave it a new lease on life in the 1950s. It was he who made it famous.

Over time, the men’s haircut Pompadour changed. They began to make shorter temples, the back of the head. Now it is trendy. Its distinctive feature is the vertically raised bangs. It is called the “piece. It is a piece that gives volume and pompousness to the hairstyle.

Pompadour requires daily care, styling, and the use of styling. Without styling, it is impossible to style it. Use wax or pomade with solid fixation.

It suits almost everyone: Oval, triangle, round face. Visually stretches a square face.


When creating it, the sides are shaved relatively short. It combines blunt, chopped, straight bangs that delineate the forehead area. It suits the owners of sunken cheekbones and elongated, triangular faces. For those whose faces must be visually reduced. Not suitable for owners of chubby cheeks, square.

Caesar is laid on clay or paste. Here, matte stylings are suitable to create a mess and fix it chaotically.


The fashion trend of 2020. It’s a mutation of the Caesar haircut. The crop is varied. If the strands are the same length in Caesar, here they are of different sizes. The bangs are not so chopped and not so straight. There are variations with a long cut at the top when the whole volume goes forward to the forehead. Some models look like a transparent cap with no transition.

Man’S Rack

Initially, it was a men’s haircut. In the 1920s, women started to make it. Technically, the masculine brace differs from the feminine brace in the corners of the haircut. This is the place where the occipital temporal and lateral parts converge. In the women’s version, they connect, resulting in a soft shape.

There are many types of square braces – graduated, with a straight cut, double, bob, on a leg.
The classic version is with a straight cut. It is straight hair that does not fall below the shoulder line. It suits the owners of an oval, triangular, elongated, rectangular face. The classic variant does not serve those with a round face.

Graduated option for owners of thin, not thick enough hair. For curly hair.

Flat Top

In the early ’90s, the platform haircut was trendy. In the modern version, it was called Flat top.

It isn’t easy to execute. Not every barber can cut it correctly. The types of hair for which it is ideal are dense, thick, stiff hair that grows perpendicular. In this case, the shape is easy to set.

If you are not friendly with styling products and do not want to spend time styling, the platform is not for you. Styling products are suitable for pomade or wax, which is good for layering and stretching.

Suitable for owners of triangular, square, and oval faces. Not ideal for a round-faced look. It will make it even wider.

Faux Hawk

It got its popularity two years ago. In 2020, it will remain fashionable. It is a peculiar combination of the Mohawk and the Elvis Presley pompadour. The hair in the back will be longer than the forehead, and it all points upwards. The shape is reminiscent of a hawk’s beak. Hence the name Faux Hawk.
It suits almost everyone.

Requires a certain amount of skill in styling. You can’t wholly muss it up and fix it like you can with a cropped style. You have to lift everything, shape it, and only then will it look cool.


It’s a technique. It used to be the way the military used to get their hair cut. They used to shave off their sides and leave a little area on top. Then it all mutated into a fade. So what is it? It’s that transition on the sides. It’s smooth. It’s beautiful. It doesn’t affect the frontal area.

They create this smooth transition by changing the nozzles a little at a time—the color of the growth changes due to this.

That’s why you don’t have to say to a craftsman, “Make me a fade. You have to explain that you want to fade the sides and make the top this length.

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