The Most Fashionable Ways To Wear Bell Bottom Pants

Modern couture trends have shown that bell-bottom pants are slowly regaining popularity. The world of fashion revives the favourite outfit of our parents. It allows us to combine this model with the most unexpected variants of blouses, jackets, sweaters, shoes and accessories. Pants plackets are stylish and very effective. They can be made of any fabric and are appropriate in cold weather and summer. They can accentuate your height and slender figure, create a business-like or frivolous image, set the right accents and attract the attention of others.

Bell Bottom Pants History

Long pants, which widened from the knee, appeared in the navy at the beginning of the last century – they were part of the uniform of English sailors. Such pants were much more comfortable and effective than the classic models. When the sailor was in the water, these pants had side buckles so that he could quickly get out of them. Over time, sailors realized how advantageous flared pants looked and the huge impact this had on the general public. So they sewed wedges or pieces of lead into the bottom so that the pants would rise when walking as if they were on deck in a strong wind. “Cloche” was the name given to the pants.

Pants cloche moved into the everyday closet much later than the famous sailor suit. In the late 60’s all over the world began to develop a subculture of hippies – a movement of free people protesting against puritanical morality. Pencils, psychedelic colours, beads, unusual hairstyles and bell-bottoms became the visual symbols of the rebels. These models with pockets on the outside of the thigh were worn by men and women alike.

From the closet of hippies, the clash gradually made its way to the fashion catwalks and eventually to the closets of the inhabitants of almost the entire civilized world. After the hippie wave began to subside, the world underwent political and moral changes, and the clash was forgotten for a few years. During the early ’90s, wide-knee pants were associated with the “disco” look. However, these models moved exclusively to the women’s closet.

Trendy Flared Pants 2022

Couturiers offer to diversify fashionable flared pants with different variations:

  • Pants with a thigh-high placket
  • Knee-length pants
  • bell-bottom jeans
  • palazzo pants
  • loose sailor’s plaid
  • pants with minimal downward expansion
  • denim models
  • Cropped pants

Note that the most relevant is the maxi length. Pants should be floor-length, hiding even the tallest heel. If you are not a slim woman with a model’s height, you can only wear flared pants with a high waist or on the hips when paired with high-heeled shoes. Otherwise, you will look ridiculous, not stylish.

What Do You Wear Flared Pants With?

Flared pants can be part of a woman’s business suit. They will help you create a summer image, as well as a stylish youth image. The main thing is to choose a cut that suits your figure and the quality of your pants, to combine intelligently with the top, shoes and accessories.

  • A shirt and a long jacket are perfect for a business look.
  • The perfect pair of plaid is a blouse. Lace, silk or cotton, loose or tight fit, white, bright colours or pastel colours – it all depends on your mood and where you are dressing up.
  • A turtleneck with a spectacular scarf tied on top or a sweater is suitable for winter.
  • Owners of an athletic figure and a flat stomach can afford to go out in a shortened top if it is for a party, a walk in the summer city or staying on vacation.

Flared Jeans

The fashion for flared jeans was introduced by the scandalously famous Britney Spears, who dominated all TV screens in her super low-cut flared jeans. A pair of denim flared pants visually lengthens and slims the legs.

What to wear a pair of bell-bottom jeans?

  • First of all, with heels. Shoes can be anything in season, from sandals to boots, because long pants will cover most of them.
  • With jacket and blouse. Ideal for a workday or a walk.
  • With a feminine cut tunic.
  • With a blazer or a thin sweater in blue and white or black and white stripes. As if you were a real sailor!
  • With a unisex shirt. The cotton versions in blue or blue fabric and models in black and red checks will work perfectly.

Office Style

Pants are suitable if your dress code at work allows a certain freedom. Black bell bottom pants with a high waist, made of thick fabric, such as fleece or gabardine, will look stylish with a white blouse and black high-heeled shoes. A short haircut or a simple ponytail, a fitted jacket, discreet accessories and a minimum of strict jewelry – and your business image is ready. White and beige bellows will create a more feminine look, especially if your pants are made of a light, airy fabric.

For work, you are more suitable pants, flared from the hip. They look quite restrained, and they can even be made of denim. Complement the image with a light fitted T-shirt, a fur vest or a black jacket.

Casual Style

What kind of pinches is suitable for running errands, walking to the store and for a walk? First of all, jeans. It does not matter what shirt or sweater you wear on top as long as they are not bulky. Otherwise, your silhouette will become disharmonious and bulky. You can wear a pinned tunic at the waist with a thin belt, so it would not look baggy. Avoid platform shoes and wedge heels because they will weigh your leg in combination with the crêpe. Forget about sneakers, sneakers and loafers. Flared shoes are more elegant.

Slim girls with beautiful figures can afford pants in plaid and stripes. Geometric prints on flared pants can be very difficult to choose, so those with full or too-thin legs should be cautious.

Going Out

Flared pants will help to create the right romantic image or the image of a socialite. You will not remain unnoticed in flowing models made of silk, satin, corduroy or velvet, adorned with sequins, rhinestones, oriental prints and bright large prints. Add accessories and jewelry in the same style, and choose a more discreet top.

Do you want to create a more delicate or austere look for the evening? Opt for black silk or satin puffers and blue or beige cotton models. If it’s warm, wear a strappy top, which will give you a sexy look. You are ready to go out on a summer walk with a cute small handbag, a light chiffon scarf around the neck, and bright little jewelry.

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