The Most Fashionable Swimsuit Models 2023

The upcoming beach season of 2022 promises to be especially hot, colorful and exclusive. It is enough to look at the most relevant beach fashions, and it becomes clear that the summer season will be a real fashion event. Girls are already wondering what swimwear will be the most trendy in the new season. Let’s study the top trends.

Holter swimsuit with decor


Retro style has long conquered the hearts of fashionable women. In 2022 swimwear became even more closed, skillfully repeating the chaste beach looks of the 60s.

Striped swimsuit in retro style

Fashion designers have done their best to dress up laconic and simple models in a stylish and modern way. The main trends with which you can decorate separate swimwear 2022:

  • translucent inserts;
  • weave of braids;
  • open necklines;
  • lacing;
  • sequins;
  • appliqués on the background of bold prints.

High fit allows you to effectively emphasize the waistline and hide possible small flaws of the figure. This is ideal for full ladies with bouffant shapes who do not want to dress in revealing swimwear.

Vintage black and white swimsuit


Fashionable swimwear 2022 will captivate you with its originality. The trends of the upcoming season are particularly extravagant.

Holter is a spectacular bathing suit, complete with a special collar. It surrounds the neck and cleavage. Such bathing suits are made from monochrome fabric.

Leotard-holder with floral pattern

No other bright accents or auxiliary accessories are used. Holter itself is quite bright and unusual. Such a bathing suit will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Kai Lani, Frankies Bikinis, Beach Riot, Just Bones Boardwear, Tori Praver and Swimwear already presented interesting Holter variations to the fashionable public.

Holter with print

Holter with ethnic decor


The seductive and bold bikini has been one of the most fashionable and topical swimwear items for fashionistas around the globe for a long time. In 2022, owners of an ideal figure can wear the most daring and interesting models without being embarrassed. Trends of sexuality and provocative seduction are always in demand.

Sand colored bikini

Floral bikini

Sports Trend

Sports swimsuits or suits, skillfully imitating professional uniform, look very stylish. We have brand-new fashion collections and closed swimwear, as well as separate options for the beach and pool.

Sporty closed swimsuit

The main elements of such “equipment” are:

  • the use of only high quality materials and fittings;
  • The ergonomic shape allows you to swim comfortably;
  • The presence of a tight bodice;
  • The use of zippers, thick inserts, “professional” appliques;
  • It is preferable to choose juicy colors and unusual shades.

Sports bikini

Deep Cleavage

Fitted swimsuits 2022 designers made even sexier thanks to deep necklines. It should be understood that such models are not suitable for swimming, sports or beach games.

A garment of this caliber will be an excellent basis for a seductive image at the beach party. Swimsuit stylists suggest complementing the maxi-skirt with a light sandal and wide brimmed hat – a stylish outfit for a trip to the cafe.

Swimsuit with a deep cleavage

Tiny panties with a low waist go well with a big top. The bodice is decorated with sequins, lace, intertwined cords, fringe. It is better to avoid lace in such swimwear models. Such decor in combination with a deep decollete looks provocative and vulgar.

In addition to the deep cleavage, look for options with different necklines. The collections of Kai Lani, Aguaclara, Indah, Lee + Lani clearly demonstrate the trends of the coming year.

Miu Miu swimsuit

Monokini And Miniskirts

Swimsuits were decorated with small ruffles, imitating a bass or a small skirt last season. Designers freely experimented with shape and size, created asymmetrical models with removable skirts and stitched ornamental ruffles.

Holter with cuts

With such a flirty decoration, the monokini looks especially exquisite. One-piece bathing suits are distinguished by erotic cut-outs, which allow you to emphasize the seductiveness of the female body and get more tan.

Swimsuit with bright print

The key feature of the model – the back should always be bare. The rest of the style elements can be changed.

For example, for ladies with magnificent forms, stylists recommend choosing a swimsuit made of elastic, thick fabric with a minimal neckline. Slim tall girls can dress in a beach monokini, where the panties and bodice are connected by a narrow flat fabric, which distinguishes this model from the bikini.

Trikini And Bandeau

Bandeau and trikini leotards are two fresh trends in 2022. Due to its lack of straps, the first option is designed for emphasizing the beauty of a woman’s breasts. It is ideally suited for relaxing on the beach, it will allow the tan to develop as naturally as possible.

Trikini in a nautical theme

Trickinis will not allow you to achieve a flawless, even tan. They are, however, very sexy and stylish. Trendy black, white, and red models without complex prints or auxiliary decor.

Blue bikini with embroidery

Swimsuits With Tassels

Women’s swimsuits with fringes are relevant for several seasons. Now it is recommended to replace a slightly mundane element of decor with decorative tassels of thread. Such a decoration is very original regardless of the style or model.

Swimsuit with tassels

Win-win option – a monokini in ethnic design, a bikini with a few tassels and fused models with embroidery and a lot of decor. Feminine and romantic, daring and extravagant, bright and concise – models of swimsuits with tassels can be quite different. These collections from Silvia Ulson, Maaji and Hammock Aguaclara Beach Riot, Hammock, Indah, demonstrate decor.

Closed swimsuit in coral shade

Stripes And Ties

Swimsuits 2022 are attractive and feminine with many ties, straps, and clasps. Especially seductive are models with a large number of thin strips located on different parts of the body.

Body-hugging swimsuit with white pattern

Fashion designers experiment with color, shape, style, creating truly flirty and sexy compositions. Their collections feature the most striking trends and bold combinations, including Kaohs, Indah, OMG, Swimwear, Hammock, Swim, Miami Swimwear.

Dark green swimsuit

Given the variety of styles, prints and textures, any fashionista will be able to choose a spectacular model of swimwear on the beach. Any figure can be made attractive and enticing by a skillfully shaped beach image.

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