The Most Beautiful Ways To Tie A Scarf, Shawl Or Stole On The Head

To look stylish and fashionable, women spend a lot of time and effort on combining clothing and accessories in their look. But the most indispensable thing in the closet of any girl is always a scarf. You can add a highlight to an image by tying a beautifully patterned scarf around your neck, decorating a dress, wearing a lightweight scarf as a belt, or weaving a colourful scarf into the hair or tying it on your head.


Stylish scarf


A beautifully tied scarf on the head

Scarves help not only to keep you warm during winter colds, but also to protect you from the sun and summer colds. Today scarves, headbands, shawls and scarves are at the top of their popularity, they are the main accessories for shaping the style of modern fashionable women.

It would seem that a scarf is a trivial piece of fabric. But the creative approach makes it a really bright and unusual element of the image.

In order for a scarf tied on the head to look really beautiful, you need to know its types that are suitable for this:

  • Snood. The snood, which has recently come into fashion, is also called a scarf-collar, cap-scarf or round scarf. A very stylish fall accessory that can be thrown over your head like a hood.
  • Palatine. It is a long and thin scarf made of cotton, cashmere or wool. Usually tied around the neck, but on the head looks very feminine and beautiful.
  • The headscarf. This scarf is definitely in the closet of absolutely any woman. Always used as a bright spot to complete the image.


White snood







The Cute Bandit

Easy and simple ways to tie scarves will always be the most popular with sports and fighting young ladies.

Method #1. Take a rectangular scarf of soft fabric and fold it in half. You will have a thin strip, with which you should wrap your head. Tie the ends under the hair.

Method #2. Fold the length of the scarf or shawl behind the head. Straighten the fabric, and the equal ends lift to the forehead, having crossed them between each other twice. Then put the ends down and cross them behind your head. Return to the front and tie a knot, tucking the ends of the garment inside.

Method #3. This method is called the “figure of eight”. Here you need to use a decorative buckle that will give the scarf a figure-of-eight shape. To do this, place the product on the neck and lift it so that it is under your hair. Insert the ends of the scarf into the buckle, tighten them and bring them back under the hair, straighten the folds.


Scarf on the head


Cute head scarf


Light scarf on the head

Scarves in these cases can be used to not only give the girl a special charm, but also hold the hair in place, creating a hairstyle.

Pirate Charm

To conquer the seashores, you don’t have to plunder them in a huge ship. Your charm and a beautifully tied scarf on your head are enough!

Take a light rectangular shawl and fold it in a triangle. Put it on your head with its wide side against your forehead. Put the ends together and tie a knot in the center.

This method is very similar to the first one, but the emphasis is on the knot on the side. Fold the handkerchief into a triangle and place it with the wide side facing up on the forehead. Now tie a big or small knot.


The Pirate Image


Pirate charm

These headbands will always look adorable on beach vacations or costume parties.

Asian Beauty

Lovers of oriental images wear turbans of bright scarves.

Method #1: Place the scarf on your forehead, completely covering your head. The ends should be brought back, crossed, and pointing forward. Tie a double knot on your forehead. You can also move the scarf slightly to the side and tie the ends into a bow.

Method 2: A twisted turban will decorate thick hair. Make a slanted parting, separating the hair. Find the middle of the scarf. Wrap the left side of your hair around one part of the scarf, and the right side around the other. Lift both halves of your hair, straightening and crossing the ends of the scarf, and place them on your forehead.

Method #3. Take your hair in a bun and fix it with a barrette or an elastic band. Take a medium length scarf and fold it in half. Place it on the back of your head and lift the ends up, tie a knot.


Oriental Image

Any girl can feel like a princess of the East now, tying the scarf this way.

Forever Classic

Of course, not all girls and women like fashionable ways of tying scarves. For such young ladies, the following suggestions are presented.

Method #1: Completely straighten the handkerchief. Take its opposite ends and fold them in turns to the center so that you get a strip 4-6 cm wide. Hold the ends, put the resulting strip on your head, its central part should lie along the line of hair growth above the forehead area. Connect both ends of the strip on the back of the head under the hair, and tie a tight knot. To complete the look, throw the ends of the scarf over your shoulder.

Method No. 2: Fold the handkerchief diagonally and lay it over your head so that the ends hang down over your chest. Pull them back and tie the ends in a knot around your neck.

Method #3. Fold the handkerchief so that one end is longer than the other. Put it on your head, the fold should be at the level of your eyebrows. Tie a knot at the back of your head.


Classic look


A classic look with a scarf

The most common ways of tying will always be very popular, because they are much more practical than the fashionable ones.

Ah, The Stole!

The tippet is designed for cold seasons. Easily used as a shoulder and head cape, as a scarf and as a hooded scarf.

Method #1: Place the stole over your head and wrap the ends of the scarf around your neck. Tuck one of the ends over your shoulders. A suitable decoration will be a brooch, which will add a certain conservatism to the image.

Method #2: The hood method. Slip the stole over the head so that there is a free space between the scarf and the head. The long end wraps around your waist and is secured with a strap.

Method #3. Just as casually slip the scarf over your head, wrap it around your neck, twist the ends into a spiral at the side and fasten it.



When choosing how to tie a scarf, always keep in mind your appearance. Hair should not be covered completely by a scarf on people with round faces, it should be thrown casually around the face and framed with a few curls. Redheads are better not to wear scarves and shawls of red and pink shades. This is because the colour of the hair and the colour of the product will merge, but dark colours will suit perfectly.


A beautiful handkerchief with folk patterns


A beautifully tied headscarf

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