The Latest Shades For Balayage For Blond Hair In 2022

This is a complex coloring with the effect of lightened strands. A lot of highlights are created. The technique appeared relatively recently but has already won the love of fashionistas. Balayage on blond hair allows you to refresh the color, making it brighter and more relieved. The most fashionable shades for toning look beautiful on blond hair.

Features Of Dyeing

There are different coloring techniques; it all depends on a woman’s preference and her hair type. In the classic version, a shade change of 2-3 tones is possible. A radical shift in color is possible. In this case, a bright shade is selected.

The main advantage of balayage is the preservation of one’s own color because the roots are not affected. The extensions gently go from the root zone to the ends. Looks very natural. Requires minimal care.

The difference between balayage and Airtouch

These are two different techniques. A blow dryer is used to create an Airtouch. A stream of air blows out short hairs cut off from the main volume. The rest of the strand is placed on foil and dyed. As a result, the dyed and untouched strands are mixed, resulting in a natural result, with no individual strands visible.

When Creating Balayage, Only A Brush And Foil Are Used. The Dyed Strands Stand Out From The Overall Background.

Technique Step By Step

The technique is quite simple and easy to do at home. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Select a scheme – divide the head into zones, and fix them with a clamp.
  2. Dilute the lightning composition.
  3. The coloring begins at the back of the head. Cut off a small strip of hair, no more than 5 cm wide. Pull it tight by holding the tip.
  4. With a brush, gently pull it up. Brush swiftly, sharply, from top to bottom, and apply the lightning composition. Apply it 2 to 3 cm back from the roots along the strands’ sides in a “V” shape.
  5. After applying the composition, move on to the other area. Over the painted area, you can put a film or cover it with foil to keep the result clean. The entire volume of hair should be treated this way.
  6. In the area near the face, it is worth working very carefully. Determine where the parting is, how a woman gathers her hair, and whether she wears a ponytail. All of this affects the design of the face.
  7. After the last strand, we time it – 30-35 minutes. It is essential to control the process – to look at the result.
  8. Rinse off lightning agent with stabilizing shampoo.
  9. Soak in a moisturizing mask for 15 minutes.
  10. If you want a correction of color, make toning. The chosen dye dilutes 1.5% oxidant and applies to wet hair.

Balayage On Dark Blond Hair

Dark blond can be warm or cool. Look at the base. What’s more to it? Grey or gold or red? Starting from your starting base, pick a shade for toning.

  • For excellent, all ash, platinum, pearl, and gray shades.
  • Warm can be emphasized by gold, beige, caramel, honey, and milk chocolate.

For Medium-Blond Hair

Girls with medium-blond hair suit beige, wheat, and sandy. They look natural and harmonious. The hairstyle will not look sloppy when the roots begin to grow back. If you want a bright transformation, you can use lighter dyes.

For Blonde Hair

Selecting the color for toning should also be done based on your color type. We choose a palette of gold, copper, and caramel blonde if it is warm. If it is cold, you should select platinum, ash, pearl blonde, purple, and silver blonde.

Views Of Balayage

There are many variations of this technique. Experienced colorists make their additions and perfect the method for each client. They can be divided by color and the width of the strokes.


Pepel bajaj is the most popular option. The tone is chosen according to the color of the eyes and skin. Suitable for owners of blue and gray eyes with fair skin. Ash highlights all the irregularities on the face. If there are flaws, they should be removed before coloring. Otherwise, all the kinks, wrinkles, and rashes will be in the palm of your hand.

How to get an ashy shade

To get it to lighten beautifully, you need a clear base. It’s a bright yellow. After lightening, you do toning. Ashes wash out quickly, so it needs to be maintained with toning masks and anti-yellow shampoo.

Pink balayage on blond hair

First, lightening, then tinting to pink. It is chosen depending on the shade you want. Pink is capricious. It washes off quickly. It would help if you used a toning mask and balm. Refuse to use styling appliances often – the heat destroys the pigment.

In the meantime, you should refrain from using styling devices often – heat destroys the pigment.

Pink dyes:

  • Ollin 10/26
  • Kapous 9.26 very light pink blondie
  • Bouticle 10/65 cool pink crystal
  • Lady in color pink blonde, available as 8.2
  • Live Color Ultra Brights by Schwarzkopf – shocking pink, tone number 93
  • Fiona #9.88 Rosewood

You can use tinted balms, but they wash out fast.


Caramel is for women with warm, yellowish olive skin. For owners of a warm color type. It overdresses with copper and gold highlights, making the warm color type even brighter. Light-skinned also suits caramel, but in calmer shades.

Cold Shades For Balayage Toning

This season, cool, ash, and silver colors are on trend. They look amazing on blondes. This palette suits girls with aristocratic looks. It is the Winter and Summer color types. Namely, light, cold skin, gray, blue, and gray-green eyes. Coloring with cold shades will make the image even more refined.

  1. Estel De Luxe 10/61 light blonde purple ash
  2. Estel De Luxe 9/1 Ash Blonde
  3. Estel High Blond De Luxe 161 purple-petal blonde ultra

Warm Tones For Tinting

The warm shades are wheat, caramel, copper, ginger, auburn, chocolate, and honey. They all belong to the natural palette. They are suitable for women of Autumn and Spring color types. They have soft skin – golden, olive, swarthy. Their eyes are green and brown.

This palette is used to create a sensual, romantic look. It looks equally good on young girls and ladies over 40.

These palettes are used to create a sensual, romantic look.


  1. Ollin 10/7 light blonde brown
  2. Ollin 9/00 deep blond
  3. Ollin 9/73 blonde brown-golden

How To Maintain Results

Care should include the use of a moisturizing mask and balayage. Shampoo for colored hair if there has been toning after bleaching. The color will gradually wash off, but it can be maintained with tinting shampoos. The purple shampoo will help to avoid yellowing.

Color care after coloring


  • Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner – moisturizes and restores hair structure;
  • Gliss Kur Hyaluron + filler series – strengthens the roots, gives extra shine;
  • Estel Curex Color Intense – a balm that enhances hair color and restores its structure after coloring.

Hair care after bleaching

Bleaching is a negative impact on the structure. For this reason, it is necessary to use additional cosmetic products. These can be:

  • Estel Otium Miracle – has an innovative formula that gives elasticity and elasticity.
  • Loreal Elseve-restores damaged tresses after bleaching. They become soft and shiny.
  • Schwarzkopf Blond Me: A holistic approach after depigmentation. It flawlessly rebuilds the damaged texture.

Schwarzkopf Blond Me – a holistic approach after depigmentation.

How often should hair be tinted?

The balayage technique allows you to forget touch-ups for 3-6 months. It all depends on the growth rate of your curls. Toning can be done once a month if, in addition to depigmentation, was dyed a new color.

Mid-Length Blond Hair

Fashion dictates its own rules. In the new season of 2021, natural colors are at the height of popularity, emphasizing the biological data of naturalness.

Coloring is at its peak of popularity.

Colorists suggest combining the coloration of babylights and balayage on medium blonde hair. Add wheat, caramel, and sandy highlights. The smooth transition from darkened roots to lighter color looks beautiful on the length to the shoulders, on a curl, cascade.

For A Russet Braid

Balayageon the russet bob looks great. Stretch with highlights helps to make the cut even more stylish. Brave it if you want to refresh the look and keep it natural. The hairstyle will visually become voluminous, lush, and shifting.


Long Blond Hair

Long hair always looks beautiful, feminine, and bright. To accentuate it, to add more style, lighten the strands near the face. Highlighting highlights along the length adds relief and volume, often lacking in long hair.

Short Hair

Short lengths require constant correction – the size grows to 3-4 centimeters in a couple of weeks. The roots become more noticeable. Balayage, for short, blond hair, can help. The root zone is not densely chalked. Therefore, the regrowth looks very natural.

Bangs Balayage On Blond Hair

Bangs’s hairstyles never go out of style. They are always popular and work for many people. If you’re planning on coloring, you don’t have to lighten or dye your bangs. You can leave them untouched or give them a few highlights.

There are some tips you can follow:

  • The strands falling from the forehead are chalked, except for the small ones near the face.
  • Overly short bangs, colorists advise not to tone them at all.
  • Long, oblique, asymmetrical bangs are emphasized lightly, with subtle highlights.

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