How To Wear Silk Dress And Not To Look Vulgar

This outfit is unparalleled: the fabric is incredibly pleasant to the touch, the play of light on the surface favorably emphasizes the color palette, modern variations of the cut can adorn any figure. Consider the type of body, your priority styles, favorite colors and examples of decoration when choosing a silk dress to complete your closet.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Silk Dress

Casual and evening dresses in silk, including those with a minimalist design, become the basis for rich looks. Even to uninitiated observers, the play of light on fabric and the high level of model workmanship are obvious signs of elite clothes. A piece of natural silk is a sign of inborn taste, a privileged upbringing and high position in society.

The natural component of the fabric is responsible for complete air exchange – on sweltering summer days the skin can breathe, the texture quickly absorbs moisture and dries out. Clothing should have a feeling of coolness and freedom. Natural silk is not electrifying, pleasant to the touch and feels like a second skin. Modern coloring technology allows you to print on the fabric any ornaments, which, with proper care, will not fade for many years.

But we should not forget about the disadvantages. First of all, it is the unpredictable nature of the fabric in terms of operation, storage and care. Certain categories of articles can only be kept in the closet in a folded form, many of them cannot be fixed on hangers with clothespins and standard hangers. Silk does not like moisture – after drying stains are formed. Dresses crease quickly, not all fabrics can be washed at home. You should pay special attention to the price tags – the price of branded goods can allow you to make a wise investment decision.

If you are not sure that you can avoid the formation of folds during the fashion show, which can ruin a carefully thought-out image, pay attention to the possibilities of reaped silk – its texture implies the initial uniform presence of small creases.

Current Models Of Silk Dresses

Silk evening dresses with thin straps will emphasize the beauty of the shoulders, they are quite open and sensual. This cut is typical for a night out, so stylists recommend pairing it with a lightweight cape. The lack of sleeves is suitable for a woman with a figure like the hourglass or rectangle, whereas if she has a shape like an inverted triangle or square, it is better to refrain from this type of dress. The straps visually increase the line of the shoulders, so you should be careful when wearing them.

The silk combo dress is a slightly modified version of the previous version, which refers to lingerie weekend wear. For girls with a flawless figure and innate sophisticated style, a bold solution embellished with lace inserts and braid is ideal. As the silk combination dress usually has a tight fit, it can only be worn by thin individuals.

In a looser silk shirt dress that resembles a man’s shirt, it is complemented by a stand-up collar and performed in medium length. This piece can be worn casually for leisure, office with a dress code, or as formal wear based on the fabric density.

The latest styles of silk dress shirts are offered in a restrained monochrome design and with a print. In the latter case, it is necessary to select accessories that will not detract from the key ornament.

Fashionable outfits can fully open the shoulders, have full or 3/4 sleeves. Designers offer dresses made of natural silk with long sleeves in a fitted, asymmetric, loose version. In them, the main accent is on the beauty of matter.

Silk dresses with lace are a staple of the evening, cocktail segment. The inserts can be in the decollete area, decorate the hem, and emphasize the back’s beauty. This is a lingerie outfit, looking luxurious framed by unobtrusive jewelry and a tiny handbag with a smooth texture. It is advisable to steer clear of white, beige, light pink, and soft blue solutions – these are too similar to the clothes in the closet, which are usually hidden.

How To Choose The Right Length?

Long silk dresses and sundresses are a win-win choice both in combination with high-heeled shoes, and in tandem with light summer sandals on a flat sole, ballet flats. The only restriction is that the shoes should not be sporty or crude, the more elegant and laconic in details, the better.

Silk midi dresses are gradually returning to the catwalks, the leading brands have already presented them in their collections. Typical of such a performance is minimalism in finishing – the borderline length implies a clear cut at a glance. Who is suitable for a midi? In the first place, tall girls with a lean physique, with a round, appetizing silhouette and a clearly defined waist.

The floor-length outfits with a high cut in front are admirable: peeping legs, flowing fabric and a smooth gait are charming at first sight. Two monochrome shades of fabric are joined at the waist in this style. A completely closed bodice and bare back make a lasting impression.

Models below the knees look beautiful with boots of finely wrought leather, pumps (glossy and matte). The second category of appropriate midi shoes is slightly aggressive boots with raised treads and ankle boots with a thick, stable heel – it is also important that the girl initially had a fragile silhouette.

Universal short silk dress cannot be kept within a particular style: it is sought after by rebellious women who prefer massive boots with men’s jackets, and ladies who adore strict classic jackets, and coquettes who love to show lace trim and a lovely neckline. A dress of this kind can be worn in a variety of ways according to the companion it is paired with: as a cocktail option, as a tool of seduction, as a graceful addition to a practical closet.

A silk dress, especially if it is made on the box type, unobtrusively hugs the figure, it can be made narrower or deliberately looser. This is a classic solution, inherent in elegant, austere images. Lovers of piquant accents will like the straight models, made from bright monochrome fabrics – purple, crimson, acid. Traditional business and evening colors in this segment are gray (closer to silver), black, cream, blue shades.

A dress with a fluffy skirt will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of a prom night. Some of the most popular models include ballroom styles that have a layered petticoat that supports a sunny skirt and a corset. Variations for young individuals are complemented by a large bow tied at the waist (the knot is on the front), and the shoulders can be left open or simply adorned with lace in a tone. At the peak of their popularity, balloon skirts are voluminous, their edges are noticeably turned inward.

If you want to choose a stylish outfit, equally at home in the office and in an informal setting, pay attention to the trapezoidal A-silhouette. Slim girls can afford a dress with an accentuated waist, full ladies will suit one-piece cut styles of this shape.

Dresses on the type of shirts are buttoned to the waist, if you wish, you can use a narrow strap. Adherents of laconic design will like products that have a round neckline without a collar, long sleeves on a narrow cuff. In some cases, the hem in the back is about 15-20 centimeters longer, the transition is slightly rounded. Closer to the style of casual dresses with a turn-down collar, flat chest pocket on the left, and shortened sleeves with lapels.

Flowing summer silk tunic dress is one of the hottest trends. Loose product length just above the knees works equally well in daytime and festive images. Modest individuals can complete the tunic with monochrome leggings, narrow shorts.

On hot days the light variations of lingerie style are more appropriate than ever – they look flirty, bold, relaxed. Stylists recommend wearing them with denim jackets, leather jackets, lace boleros, and jackets to make interesting looks.

Sundresses are presented in short and long dresses with elegant straps. Designers recommend turning to a trapezoidal cut, if there are figure flaws. Fitted styles with a gently falling hemline look sensual yet conform to decency standards simultaneously.

The “mermaid” model is commonly used for solemn occasions, as a rule, it is designed with an open shoulder line. Fabric is tightly woven around the figure, lays in fixed pleats, then expands from the middle of the hips or knee level. Such a flared skirt may be designed of solid fabric, the second visually makes the silhouette slimmer. The outfit will be suitable for girls with a well-proportioned physique.

The Chinese style for a silk dress is quite logical: this is the birthplace of the material, and for the first time garments made of expensive textile began to be made exactly there. The model is characterized by a simple cut, balanced by sleeves-wings, an oblique line of fasteners and rounded collar-stoy. Even in a shortened version is attractive with its closeness and chastity. Very popular authentic models with dragons and butterflies on a blue or deep red background, worthy of attention is their improved appearance – a silk dress with a zipper.

The fabric in question can be worn for Greek-inspired outfits with elaborate draperies. The flowing base helps to achieve a softened look, to get rid of the effect of sloppiness.

Fresh Color Palette

This season’s fashion relies on traditional colors: an expensive purchase made in the classics will be easier to match with the wardrobe’s basics. In terms of silk prints, floral motifs, animalistic subjects, geometric figures, and antique mosaic canvas are in fashion.

Polka dots are an irreplaceable variation – small, large, contrasting, bright, used in a variety of sizes at the same time. Circles and buttons serve as worthy participants in the composition here.

Beautiful women’s dresses with flowers look appropriate when creating a fragile, defenseless image. Small wildflowers today are difficult to fit into the framework of fashion trends, are better to give preference to a large realistic floral pattern. Looks very rich on this material noble flowers – peonies, roses, lilies, orchids.

Even the monochrome restraint of this elegant black silk dress cannot disguise the owner’s emotional depths. Classic style since the days of Chanel is at the peak of popularity, it helps to lift the silhouette, focuses attention on the slimness of the figure. Black silk carries a note of mystery and creates an aura of inaccessibility.

Gray silk products are striking for their nobility: they look laconic, but by no means simple. Such outfits do not always suit young people because of the peculiarity of the combination of expensive texture and discreet shade. Moreover, everyday models usually have a light silhouette without extra details, and evening models, on the contrary, look too statuesque.

A well-groomed girl with a bright appearance look stunning in a red silk dress. The outfit does not voice age restrictions, but implies that its owner has shiny hair and a harmonious figure. Properly present a bright, juicy shade will only enhance bold, self-confident nature. Men consider women in red passionate, able to voice their desires.

A noble burgundy silk dress shows a deep perception of the world, as people with a balanced character wear it. MARSALA will not tolerate frivolous performance, the cut of the product must emphasize the eye pleasing features of the figure. Typically, this shade is used for decorating cocktail and evening dresses.

A more modest blue silk dress can also become the center of attention of others – rich indigo is difficult to miss. Calm shades in the look are inherent to patient and responsible ladies, the palette helps to evoke the business mood.

To wear a blue silk dress and look stunning, you must have a flawless complexion: clean skin, elaborate makeup will contribute to the impression of serenity, contentment with your own life. The spectrum is quite dynamic, and if there are problem areas, you will have to resort to styles with stylized gathers, stiff inserts and camouflage accents.

White silk dress is associated primarily with a wedding dress. However, it can be worn in everyday life: without decorations, straight or fitted, with or without asymmetric flounces. The look is perfect for youth styles, combined with rough textures and deliberately brutal elements. Light-colored dresses are the basis of the business look for mature ladies with a trim figure.

The green model, seasoned in rich hues, is the choice of calm people with an inexhaustible source of inner energy.

How To Choose And What To Wear With A Silk Dress?

Closet elements such as this one are quite compatible: they do not require too many demands of surroundings, shoes, and accessories (unless it is an evening model). Stylists suggest using it as an outerwear:

  • Laconic vests in leather, denim;
  • denim jacket, leather leather jacket;
  • Jackets with a classic cut;
  • coat.

The optimal footwear for the warm season is shoes or neat sandals with high heels or a modest wedge heel. In the colder months it is better to wear graceful boots. Pay attention: the tone of tights should not stand out against the background of shoes.

When choosing accessories, you should consider the purpose of the dress: a festive setting implies the use of miniature clutches and precious glitter, business – bags with a rigid shape and restrained jewelry.

The search for the optimal model should be based on the characteristics of the physique. Silk can be matte and shiny, dense, shape-retaining and light, flowing. The rich assortment allows you to choose the right length and style for a particular figure.

If you need a silk dress in a plus size, avoid using glossy textures, instead choose products with a dense matte base. Ladies with a well-defined waistline ideal for flowing materials – such a decision emphasizes the femininity, softness of the image.

It is necessary to choose silk that will hold its shape for figures of “round” and “rectangular” types when there is no pronounced waist. Graceful belts and straps complete the look in this case. Drapery at the waist unloads the image, it is also recommended for unobtrusive masking of extra pounds. If you are worried about broad shoulders, it is better to avoid models with asymmetric top.

Renowned fashion houses offer a variety of neckline shapes: square, round, elongated oval, triangular, asymmetrical. Original variations with a scoop allow you to create a neckline with adjustable depth. The neckline decorate both the shelf and the back of the dress, in this case creating a self-sufficient evening wear. Modest women can leave an open area to the middle of the shoulder blades – this form is also acceptable to use in business looks. A deep neckline that reaches the waist line can only be worn by girls with perfect posture.

The trend positions are occupied by home silk kimono dresses in nude shades. Their characteristic décor is the “bat sleeves”.

Models with a laconic cut are ideal for everyday looks. In natural light the material looks very rich and self-sufficient, it is better not to overload it with additional details. Actual unobtrusive prints with blurred borders emphasize the informality of the image. Young people wear cropped clothing with neat sneakers and walking sneakers in tandem with tiny backpacks.

Business looks are advantageously complemented by a matte structure, and the strict cut and accented shape allow you to create a collected, purposeful image. Among cocktail dresses, variations with a tulip or bell skirt break records in popularity.

Famous fashion houses in almost every show include outfits made of flowing fabrics with a characteristic noble sheen. Silk dresses have remained popular for decades because they are unspeakably stylish, comfortable, and can emphasize a fine sense of style and social status.

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