The Comfort And Style Of Banana Jeans

On the catwalks of fashion houses, there are often jeans in different styles, including banana jeans, which look similar to the fruit of the same name. They’re oval cut, hip width and have a tapered edge. This model first appeared in the ’40s in the United States. Initially, they were popular among men, but then women fell in love with them for their versatility. The modern version of these jeans is considered a must-have in the closet of all fashionistas. Suitable for creating casual, romantic, business, and even cocktail looks.

Jeans with patches

Banana jeans with fringe

The uniqueness of the model is that they fit almost all types of shapes. They will help hide the following flaws:

  • narrow hips;
  • full belly;
  • wide waist;
  • leg curvature;
  • small stature.

The voluminous top of the pants will give the necessary elegance to girls with narrow hips. Owners of large hips, however, should not select bananas that are overly tight or voluminous. They will help hide O- and X-shaped legs, as well as a small tummy. Short girls are recommended to wear banana jeans with high heels. But if you prefer flat-soled shoes, you should choose jeans with a high waist.

Banana jeans

Grunge banana jeans

Banana Jeans Looks

The fashionable woman will never have to worry about what to wear banana jeans with since they fit almost any style. As a universal top option for jeans with this style, knitted pullovers or long sleeves with a large pattern, blouses and shirts are considered. For a complete look, pick up a colourful or plaid vest. banana jeans can also be worn with sweatshirts, “bat” or collar-hoof, and a narrow blouse or shirt can balance the voluminous bottom. A cropped top will complete the image if you have a slim figure.

If you decide to combine banana jeans with a long T-shirt or T-shirt, it is better to tuck it into jeans.

A pair of dark jeans look great with a top in a lighter shade. For example, a white T-shirt with an interesting print or sequins. And completing the outfit with an elegant jacket or jacket, you can go to the cinema, on an excursion or a walk around the city.

90’s style banana jeans

On the other hand, light banana jeans should be styled with colourful tops. To create a casual look, pair them with bandeau tops, fur jackets, knitted cardigans and polo shirts, and for a sporty look – with a hoodie or sweatshirt. Banana jeans can also be combined with tops in tiger or leopard colours, creating a sexy and sophisticated image. But it is better not to combine this jeans model with wide sweaters or sweatshirts, which can make the figure more voluminous.

Banana jeans in an unusual cut

In winter, you can wear denim banana jeans with a fur coat or mantle. In springtime, they can be worn with leather, biker, army jacket, a short cardigan or a jacket. A shortened coat, an English jacket or a fur vest will also go well with jeans. You can pick up a “car lady” jacket to emphasize the silhouette and a thin waist.

To create the most relevant image, you will need the right accessories. For example, a chain dangling from the waistband of pants will give the appearance of youthful style and modernity. You can also pick up large pendants.

Summer banana jeans

Banana Jeans Models

Denim pants come in a variety of styles. A high waist and pleats characterize the classic version of banana jeans at the waist, which creates volume on the hips. Most pants do not reach the length of the ankles. The top of banana jeans may have an elastic band, button, zipper, lace-up, belt with a buckle or a bow. But despite their general shape, they have distinctive features that make them unique.

Puffed pants

One of the most popular banana jeans are pants with a pinched waistband. They are suitable for casual and business styles, which differ from many other styles. Rivets, buttons and other metal accessories are used to decorate jeans. A leather or suede top looks stylish with banana jeans with guards. Increasingly popular are draped denim in indigo and all shades of gray. You can match them with accessories in golden colours.

Banana jeans with a shabby effect

Jeans with high or low waist

This season, every fashionista has jeans with a cuffed waist. They can be dark blue or blue jeans with lapels or cuffs at the bottom. They can be combined with fitted shirts, long t-shirts and jackets. Owners of slim figures can wear such jeans with short shirts or tops. To complete the outfit, wear massive jewelry and wide-brimmed hats.

Such pants should fully open the foot. As for footwear, shoes with stiletto heels or thick heels, sandals or sandals. Sneakers and shoes without a platform with banana jeans can afford only slender girls of high stature.

Jeans with a high waist can be decorated with pockets, belts, stones, tracery inserts, original edging, appliques and prints. Combining informal banana jeans with the minimalist style is best, so avoid overdoing it with strasses and stones. It is best to use a top with rich decor. This season, you can often find summer pants with floral motifs or ever-popular plaid.

Banana jeans with an undersized waist are less common than models with a high fit. These pants’ hips achieve volume thanks to a special cut. At the same time, there are no folds on the waistband.

With zippers underneath

Banana jeans often have zippers at the bottom of the pants. They allow you to adjust the width of the pants at the ankle. In addition, by unzipping the zipper, you can visually balance the volume of the hips. A pair of such jeans go well with a feminine or rocker style. Voluminous blouses or shirts can complement them.

Ripped banana jeans

The Style Of The ’80S And ’90S.

Retro style is making a comeback in all closet items, including banana jeans. In the 80s, jeans were popular with thigh-highs and knee-skinny pants, and the current style combines the features of trousers, waistbands and classics.

Cropped banana jeans

In the ’90s, ripped jeans with fringes, scuffs, and colourful stains became popular. In the XXI century, girls still wear shabby jeans, but bright prints and lace trim have replaced multicoloured stains. Ethnic patterns on jeans are also popular. Even movie and showbiz stars prefer “folklore” ornaments and prints.

Vintage banana jeans

Jackets, coarse shoes, and dark glasses complement the street style of the ’80s. And to create a feminine look, you can pick up a loose chiffon or silk blouse, a tunic or an elongated shirt.

Embroidered Jeans

What Kind Of Shoes Go With Banana Jeans

The advantage of banana jeans is the ability to combine them with a variety of shoes. These can be both wedge shoes and sneakers. You can also wear banana jeans with woven sandals or sandals. And under ankle-length pants, the most appropriate fit would be ankle boots and stiletto shoes. Each type of shoes has its own advantages. For example, shoes with heels will improve your gait.

Under the banana jeans, you can wear military or sports-style shoes, slippers, and ballet flats. The colour of the shoes can be combined with the clothing chosen as the top of the image.

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